List of Parliamentary Constituencies in West Glamorgan
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List of Parliamentary Constituencies in West Glamorgan

The Preserved county of West Glamorgan is divided into five parliamentary constituencies - two borough constituencies and three county constituencies.


The current boundaries have been effective since the 2007 National Assembly for Wales election and the 2010 United Kingdom general election.[1] The only change from the previous scheme was a minute realignment of the boundary between Gower and Neath far too small to show on the map.

Constituency Electorate Majority Member of Parliament Nearest opposition Map reference above
Aberavon 50,747 10,490   Stephen Kinnock ?   Charlotte Lang + 1
Gower 61,762 1,837   Tonia Antoniazzi ?   Francesca O'Brien + 2
Neath 56,416 5,637   Christina Rees ?   Jon Burns + 3
Swansea East 58,450 7,970   Carolyn Harris ?   Denise Howard + 4
Swansea West 57,078 8,116   Geraint Davies ?   James Price + 5

Changes proposed for 2022

As part of the Sixth Periodic Review of Westminster constituencies the Boundary Commission for Wales proposed changes to almost all the existing Welsh Westminster constituencies, giving their proposals official names in either English or Wales and offering an alternative in the other language.<ref>Final Recommendations 2018 Boundary Commission for Wales]<ref>

Historical representation by party (whole of Glamorgan)

A cell marked -> (with a different colour background to the preceding cell) indicates that the previous MP continued to sit under a new party name.

1832 to 1885

  Conservative   Liberal   Peelite   Radical   Whig

1885 to 1918

  Conservative   Independent Labour   Labour   Liberal   Liberal-Labour   Liberal Unionist

1918 to 1950

  Coalition Liberal (1918-22) / National Liberal (1922-23)   Coalition National Democratic & Labour   Conservative   Independent Labour Party   Labour   Liberal   National Government   National Labour   National Liberal (1931-68)

1950 to 1983

  Conservative   Labour   Social Democratic   Speaker

1moved to Gwent 1983


  Conservative   Labour   Liberal Democrats

1 partly in Gwent 1997-

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