List of Pennsylvania State Historical Markers in Mifflin County
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List of Pennsylvania State Historical Markers in Mifflin County
Location of Mifflin County in Pennsylvania

This is a list of the Pennsylvania state historical markers in Mifflin County.

This is intended to be a complete list of the official state historical markers placed in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC). The locations of the historical markers, as well as the latitude and longitude coordinates as provided by the PHMC's database, are included below when available. There are 12 historical markers located in Mifflin County.[1]

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Historical markers

Marker title Image Date dedicated Location Marker type Topics
Chief Logan TransparentPlaceholder.png March 31, 1947 SR 1005 (old U.S. 322), .5 mile N of Reedsville
40°40?32?N 77°36?00?W / 40.67548°N 77.60004°W / 40.67548; -77.60004 (Chief Logan)
Roadside Native American
Fort Granville Fort Granville 1916 Marker.jpg March 27, 1947 1200 W. 4th St. (U.S. 22 & 522), Lewistown
40°35?18?N 77°36?06?W / 40.58839°N 77.6016°W / 40.58839; -77.6016 (Fort Granville)
Roadside Forts, French & Indian War, Military
Fort Granville - PLAQUE Fort Granville 1916 Marker.jpg May 1, 1916 1200 W. 4th St. (US 22 & 522), Lewistown
40°35?18?N 77°36?06?W / 40.58837°N 77.60164°W / 40.58837; -77.60164 (Fort Granville - PLAQUE)
Plaque Forts, French & Indian War, Military, Native American
Freedom Forge TransparentPlaceholder.png March 31, 1947 SR 1005 (old U.S. 322) at Burnham
40°37?45?N 77°34?02?W / 40.62918°N 77.56736°W / 40.62918; -77.56736 (Freedom Forge)
Roadside Business & Industry, Iron, Steel
Joseph T. Rothrock Joseph T Rothrock.jpg April 1, 1947 U.S. 22 & 522 at McVeytown
40°29?58?N 77°44?26?W / 40.49956°N 77.74042°W / 40.49956; -77.74042 (Joseph T. Rothrock)
Roadside Environment, Professions & Vocations
Juniata Iron TransparentPlaceholder.png August 21, 1947 U.S. 22 & 522 at Strodes Mills, 4.9 miles SW of Lewistown
40°32?54?N 77°40?38?W / 40.5482°N 77.67725°W / 40.5482; -77.67725 (Juniata Iron)
Roadside Business & Industry, Coal, Iron
Lewistown Station TransparentPlaceholder.png October 19, 1996 Jct. Pa. 103 & Helen St., S end of Lewistown
Roadside Business & Industry, Railroads, Transportation
McCoy Home McCoy House Lewistown PA Apr 10.JPG March 27, 1967 17 N. Main St., Lewistown
40°35?53?N 77°34?30?W / 40.59805°N 77.57505°W / 40.59805; -77.57505 (McCoy Home)
City Military, Military Post-Civil War
Mifflin County Mifflin County Courthouse and War Memorial Apr 10.JPG September 19, 1981 Old Courthouse, Monument Square, Market & Main Sts., Lewistown
40°35?51?N 77°34?30?W / 40.59761°N 77.57488°W / 40.59761; -77.57488 (Mifflin County)
City Canals, Government & Politics, Government & Politics 18th Century, Governors, Iron
Old Arch Bridge TransparentPlaceholder.png March 28, 1947 Bus. 22, just E of Lewistown
40°35?05?N 77°33?27?W / 40.58467°N 77.55741°W / 40.58467; -77.55741 (Old Arch Bridge)
Roadside Bridges, Transportation
Three Locks TransparentPlaceholder.png April 1, 1947 US 22/522 near Strodes Run Rd./Middle Rd., at Strodes Mills, 4.6 miles SW of Lewistown
40°33?05?N 77°40?22?W / 40.55132°N 77.67265°W / 40.55132; -77.67265 (Three Locks)
Roadside Canals, Navigation, Transportation
Travel History TransparentPlaceholder.png March 28, 1947 US 22/322 westbound at Bus. 22 exit, near Lewistown
Roadside Bridges, Canals, Navigation, Roads, Transportation

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