List of Pennsylvania State Historical Markers in Montgomery County
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List of Pennsylvania State Historical Markers in Montgomery County
Location of Montgomery County in Pennsylvania

This is a list of the Pennsylvania state historical markers in Montgomery County.

This is intended to be a complete list of the official state historical markers placed in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC). The locations of the historical markers, as well as the latitude and longitude coordinates as provided by the PHMC's database, are included below when available. There are 60 historical markers located in Montgomery County.[1]

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Historical markers

Marker title Image Date dedicated Location Marker type Topics
Abington Presbyterian Church Abington Presby PA.jpg May 24, 1992 Old York & Susquehanna Sts., Abington
40°06?51?N 75°07?19?W / 40.11418°N 75.1219°W / 40.11418; -75.1219 (Abington Presbyterian Church)
City Religion
Ashbridge Memorial Park Idk sometime in 1700 Near Shipley Roadside Civil War and Some Girl Named Rebecca Emily
Augustus Lutheran Church Augustussouthside.JPG September 3, 1947 Main St. (old U.S. 422) in Trappe
40°12?04?N 75°28?52?W / 40.20115°N 75.4812°W / 40.20115; -75.4812 (Augustus Lutheran Church)
Roadside Religion
Baldwin School BALDWIN SCHOOL, MONTGOMERY COUNTY.jpg April 11, 2000 701 Montgomery Ave., Bryn Mawr Roadside Buildings, Education, Railroads
Bert Bell Bert Bell... - NARA - 200160.jpg November 22, 1997 224-226 Haverford Ave., Narbeth
40°00?19?N 75°15?40?W / 40.00537°N 75.26103°W / 40.00537; -75.26103 (Bert Bell)
City Football, Sports
Beth Sholom Synagogue Bethsholom.JPG September 21, 2008 8231 Old York Rd., Elkins Park
40°04?54?N 75°07?36?W / 40.0818°N 75.1268°W / 40.0818; -75.1268 (Beth Sholom Synagogue)
City Buildings, Religion
Betzwood Motion Picture Studio TransparentPlaceholder.png June 3, 2003 Near Route 363 and Route 422 expressway, Norristown City Business & Industry, Invention, Motion Pictures & Television
Bryn Athyn Cathedral Bryn Athyn Cathedral.jpg September 10, 1947 Pa. 232 in Bryn Athyn at Cathedral Roadside Religion
Bryn Mawr Summer School for Women Workers in Industry TransparentPlaceholder.png October 13, 2001 Bryn Mawr Campus, Corner of Morris Road and Yarrow Streets
40°01?27?N 75°18?50?W / 40.0241°N 75.31388°W / 40.0241; -75.31388 (Bryn Mawr Summer School for Women Workers in Industry)
Roadside African American, Civil Rights, Education, Ethnic & Immigration, Labor, Women
Camp William Penn Twenty-sixth United States Colored Volunteer Infantry, massed. Camp William Penn, Pennsylvania., ca. 1897 - ca. 1897 - NARA - 533126.tif May 15, 1999 7322 Sycamore Ave., LaMott
40°03?59?N 75°08?32?W / 40.06635°N 75.1423°W / 40.06635; -75.1423 (Camp William Penn)
Roadside African American, Civil War, Military
Charles Thomson CharlesThomson.jpg September 10, 1947 SR 3034 (Morris Ave. at Harriton Rd.), NE, of Bryn Mawr (Missing) Roadside Ethnic & Immigration, Government & Politics, Government & Politics 18th Century
Crooked Billet CROOKED BILLET MONUMENT, MONTGOMERY COUNTY, PA.jpg May 1, 1965 Meadowbrook Ave. at Crooked Billet Elem. School in Hatboro Roadside American Revolution, Military, Inns & Taverns
Cyrus H. K. Curtis (1850-1933) Cyrus Hermann Kotzschmar Curtis 53c52f3406 o.jpg November 7, 2005 1250 W Church Rd., Wyncote (SR73)
40°05?13?N 75°08?58?W / 40.08693°N 75.14942°W / 40.08693; -75.14942 (Cyrus H. K. Curtis)
Roadside Entrepreneurs, Environment, Publishing
Early Grist Mill TransparentPlaceholder.png May 2, 1955 Pa. 320 at Gulph Mills (Missing) City Buildings, Business & Industry, Mills
Early Tavern General Wayne Inn PA.jpg September 14, 1972 General Wayne Inn, 625 Montgomery Ave., Narbeth Roadside Business & Industry, George Washington, Inns & Taverns, William Penn
Edward Hector TransparentPlaceholder.png September 19, 1967 Intersection SR 3016 & 3013 (Fayette & Hector Sts.), Conshohocken
40°04?24?N 75°18?24?W / 40.07328°N 75.30668°W / 40.07328; -75.30668 (Edward Hector)
Roadside African American, American Revolution, Military
Falkner Swamp Reformed Church FALKNER SWAMP REFORMED CHURCH, MONTGOMERY CTY, PA.jpg October 9, 1960 Swamp Pike (county highway, Limerick to Gilbertsville), .5 mile SE of New Hanover
40°17?46?N 75°34?48?W / 40.2961°N 75.58013°W / 40.2961; -75.58013 (Falkner Swamp Reformed Church)
Roadside Buildings, Ethnic & Immigration, Religion
First Iron Bridge TransparentPlaceholder.png May 21, 1953 SE corner, High & York Sts., Pottstown
40°14?45?N 75°39?09?W / 40.24588°N 75.65263°W / 40.24588; -75.65263 (First Iron Bridge)
City Bridges, Iron, Railroads, Transportation
Frank N.D. Buchman TransparentPlaceholder.png October 19, 1991 772 Main St. (Pa. 29), Pennsburg Roadside Professions & Vocations, Religion
Frederick A. C. Muhlenberg (1750-1801) Fred Muhlenberg House.JPG April 12, 2008 151 W Main St., Trappe Roadside Government & Politics, Government & Politics 18th Century, Religion
Gen. Andrew Porter TransparentPlaceholder.png March 11, 1949 W. Main & Selma Sts., Norristown
40°07?21?N 75°21?38?W / 40.12258°N 75.36063°W / 40.12258; -75.36063 (Gen. Andrew Porter)
Roadside American Revolution, Military
Graeme Park Graeme Park.jpg n/a At site, SR 2038 (County Line Road), 1 mile NW of Pa. 611, Hatboro (Missing) Roadside Environment, Government & Politics 18th Century
Gulph Mills Encampment TransparentPlaceholder.png May 2, 1955 Pa. 320 near intersection SR 3030 at Gulph Mills (Missing) City American Revolution, Military
Gulph Mills Village Gulph Mill 1922.JPG November 9, 1982 Intersection Pa. 320 & SR 3039 (Gulph Rd.), Gulph Mills
40°03?47?N 75°20?29?W / 40.06293°N 75.34125°W / 40.06293; -75.34125 (Gulph Mills Village)
City Buildings, Houses & Homesteads, Inns & Taverns
Harold F. Pitcairn PitcairnPA-5.JPG April 29, 1972 Buck & Paper Mill Rds., Bryn Athyn
40°07?55?N 75°03?30?W / 40.132°N 75.05835°W / 40.132; -75.05835 (Harold F. Pitcairn)
Roadside Invention, Medicine & Science, Professions & Vocations, Transportation
Harriton Harriton House 1919.JPG June 12, 1963 SR 3034 (Morris Ave. at Harriton Rd.), NE of Bryn Mawr City Government & Politics, Government & Politics 18th Century, Houses & Homesteads
Hope Lodge Hope Lodge (Whitemarsh Township, Pennsylvania).jpg February 16, 1966 At site, Old Bethlehem Pike (SR 2018), Fort Washington
40°07?30?N 75°13?03?W / 40.12495°N 75.21753°W / 40.12495; -75.21753 (Hope Lodge)
Roadside Buildings, Houses & Homesteads
James A. Bland James Bland's 3 Great Songs.jpg September 26, 1961 Pa. 23 (Conshohocken State Rd.), Bala Cynwyd City African American, Music & Theater, Performers
John Dickinson John Dickinson portrait.jpg September 23, 2001 Montgomery Avenue & Meetinghouse Lane, Merion (MISSING) Roadside American Revolution, Government & Politics 18th Century, Military
John F. Hartranft JFHartranft.jpg May 6, 1947 Sanatoga Rd., SW of Fagleysville
40°16?17?N 75°34?24?W / 40.27137°N 75.57325°W / 40.27137; -75.57325 (John F. Hartranft)
Roadside Civil War, Government & Politics, Government & Politics 19th Century, Governors, Military
John F. Hartranft JFHartranft.jpg September 4, 1947 SR 4031 (High St., old U.S. 422), Sanatoga (Missing) Roadside Civil War, Government & Politics, Government & Politics 19th Century, Governors, Military
Keith House KEITH HOUSE, MONTGOMERY COUNTY.jpg 1947 At Graeme Park, County Line Rd., 1 mile NW of Pa. 611, Hatboro
40°13?07?N 75°09?02?W / 40.21854°N 75.15049°W / 40.21854; -75.15049 (Keith House)
Roadside Government & Politics, Government & Politics 18th Century, Houses & Homesteads
Lafayette Lafayette 1825.png October 7, 1980 801 Ridge Pike, Barren Hill, E of Conshohocken
40°46?56?N 75°14?59?W / 40.7823°N 75.24968°W / 40.7823; -75.24968 (Lafayette)
Roadside American Revolution, Military
Lucretia C. Mott Lucretiamott2.jpg May 1, 1974 Pa. 611 N of Cheltenham Ave., Elkins Park
40°03?52?N 75°08?08?W / 40.06442°N 75.13548°W / 40.06442; -75.13548 (Lucretia C. Mott)
Roadside Civil Rights, Government & Politics, Government & Politics 19th Century, Religion, Underground Railroad, Women
Merion Friends Meeting Merion Friends Meeting House, 615 Montgomery Avenue (changed from Montgomery Avenue & Meetinghouse Lane), Merion Station (Montgomery County, Pennsylvania).jpg September 15, 1967 651 Montgomery Ave., Narberth
40°00?33?N 75°15?15?W / 40.0093°N 75.25418°W / 40.0093; -75.25418 (Merion Friends Meeting)
City Buildings, Ethnic & Immigration, Religion, William Penn
Mill Grove Mill Grove, House, Pawling Road, Audubon (Montgomery County, Pennsylvania).jpg October 9, 1970 Entrance to Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary, Audubon & Pawlings Rds. (SR 4041 & 4004), Audubon
40°07?24?N 75°26?13?W / 40.12337°N 75.43708°W / 40.12337; -75.43708 (Mill Grove)
Roadside Artists, Buildings, Environment, Mansions & Manors, Writers
Muhlenberg Home MUHLENBERG HOME, TRAPPE, MONTGOMERY CTY, PA.jpg October 3, 1963 E. 7th Ave., .3 mile from Main St. (old U.S. 422), Trappe (Missing)
40°11?47?N 75°28?12?W / 40.1963°N 75.46987°W / 40.1963; -75.46987 (Muhlenberg Home)
Roadside Education, Government & Politics, Government & Politics 18th Century
Muhlenberg House Muhlenberg House 2.JPG April 28, 1960 201 Main St. (old U.S. 422), Trappe City American Revolution, Religion
New Goschenhoppen Reformed Church NEW GOSHENHOPPEN REFORMED CHURCH, EAST GREENVILLE, MONTGOMERY COUNTY, PA.jpg August 26, 1952 SR 1042 (Church Rd.), W of East Greenville Roadside Buildings, Religion
New Hanover Lutheran Church NEW HANOVER LUTHERAN CHURCH, MONTGOMERY CTY.jpg September 8, 1950 Swamp Pike (county highway), at Lutheran Rd., near Gilbertsville Golf Course, .2 mile SE of New Hanover
40°17?53?N 75°34?54?W / 40.29793°N 75.58173°W / 40.29793; -75.58173 (New Hanover Lutheran Church)
Roadside Buildings, Ethnic & Immigration, Religion
Pennsylvania School of Horticulture for Women, The PENNSYLVANIA SCHOOL FOR HORTICULTURE FOR WOMEN, MONTGOMERY COUNTY, PA.jpg September 20, 2002 580 Meetinghouse Road, Ambler Roadside Agriculture, Education, Military, Women
Pennypacker's Mill & Mansion PENNYPACKER'S MILL AND MANSION, MONTGOMERY.jpg September 24, 1946 At site, Skippack Pike (PA 73) and Haldeman Rd., Schwenksville
40°15?10?N 75°27?31?W / 40.25267°N 75.45862°W / 40.25267; -75.45862 (Pennypacker's Mill & Mansion)
Roadside George Washington, Government & Politics, Government & Politics 18th Century, Governors
Perkiomen Bridge Perkiomen PA Bridge 1799.jpg September 4, 1947 E Main St. / Ridge Pike (SR 4031 / old U.S. 422) at bridge, E end of Collegeville
40°11?03?N 75°26?50?W / 40.18428°N 75.44717°W / 40.18428; -75.44717 (Perkiomen Bridge)
Roadside Bridges, Transportation
Philo T. Farnsworth (1906-1971) Philo T Farnsworth.jpg September 15, 2006 1260 E Mermaid Lane, Wyndmoor
40°04?59?N 75°10?55?W / 40.08318°N 75.18202°W / 40.08318; -75.18202 (Philo T. Farnsworth)
City Business & Industry, Invention
Plymouth Friends Meetinghouse PlymouthMeetinghouseMontgomeryCountyPennsylvania.jpg May 15, 1955 Germantown Pike (old U.S. 422) & Butler Pike at Plymouth Meeting
40°06?10?N 75°16?44?W / 40.10272°N 75.27882°W / 40.10272; -75.27882 (Plymouth Friends Meetinghouse)
Roadside African American, American Revolution, Buildings, George Washington, Religion
Porter Home TransparentPlaceholder.png September 3, 1947 U.S. 422 at Norristown (Missing) Roadside American Revolution, Government & Politics 19th Century, Military
Pottsgrove Manor Pottsgrove Manor.JPG September 25, 2000 At site, 100 W. King St., Pottstown
40°14?52?N 75°39?36?W / 40.24788°N 75.65995°W / 40.24788; -75.65995 (Pottsgrove Manor)
Roadside Buildings, Business & Industry, Iron, Mansions & Manors
Rittenhouse Farm TransparentPlaceholder.png September 3, 1947 Pa. 363 E of Eagleville, intersection SR 3009 (Ridge Pike) & 3002 (Trooper Rd.), Norristown
40°08?31?N 75°23?21?W / 40.14187°N 75.38915°W / 40.14187; -75.38915 (Rittenhouse Farm)
Roadside Medicine & Science, Professions & Vocations
Rittenhouse Farm TransparentPlaceholder.png March 14, 1949 Germantown Pike (former U.S. 422) at Valley Forge Medical Ctr., 6 miles SE of Collegeville (Missing) Roadside Medicine & Science, Professions & Vocations
Selma SELMA, NORRISTOWN, MONTGOMERY COUNTY.jpg March 15, 1949 1301 W. Airy St., Norristown
40°07?24?N 75°21?36?W / 40.12328°N 75.36°W / 40.12328; -75.36 (Selma)
Roadside American Revolution, Military
St. Paul's Episcopal Church St Pauls Elkins Park PA.jpg October 1, 1992 Old York Rd. (PA 611) at Asbourne Rd., Elkins Park
40°04?17?N 75°08?00?W / 40.07148°N 75.13347°W / 40.07148; -75.13347 (St. Paul's Episcopal Church)
Roadside Buildings, Civil War, Religion
St. Peter's Church TransparentPlaceholder.png November 9, 1963 Church Rd., off Germantown Pike (old U.S. 422) 5 miles E of Norristown
40°04?58?N 75°15?03?W / 40.08287°N 75.25095°W / 40.08287; -75.25095 (St. Peter's Church)
Roadside American Revolution, Buildings, Religion
Thomas Rowland & Sons Shovel Works Rowland House, Cheltenham PA 04.JPG October 21, 2006 300 Ashbourne Rd., Cheltenham Roadside Business & Industry, Mills
Timothy Matlack Timothy Matlack.jpg June 4, 1969 Pawlings Rd. (SR 4004) near Audubon Rd. (SR 4041) at Audubon
40°07?19?N 75°26?23?W / 40.122°N 75.43975°W / 40.122; -75.43975 (Timothy Matlack)
Roadside American Revolution, Government & Politics, Government & Politics 18th Century, Religion
Village of La Mott TransparentPlaceholder.png June 1973 PA 309 (Cheltenham Ave.) just NW of Pa. 611 Roadside African American, Cities & Towns, Civil War, Military, William Penn
Wall House (The Ivy) Wall house rear.JPG November 21, 1982 Wall Park Dr. & Church Rd., Elkins Park Roadside Houses & Homesteads, Religion, William Penn
Whitemarsh Battle of whitemarsh map.jpg December 22, 1947 SR 2027 (Pennsylvania Ave.) just E of Pa. 309, SE of Fort Washington
40°07?27?N 75°11?33?W / 40.12425°N 75.19247°W / 40.12425; -75.19247 (Whitemarsh)
Roadside American Revolution, George Washington, Houses & Homesteads, Military
William B. T. Trego (1858-1909) William T Trego studio 1893.png September 20, 2008 509 E Montgomery Ave., North Wales
40°12?48?N 75°16?29?W / 40.21345°N 75.2748°W / 40.21345; -75.2748 (William B. T. Trego)
City Artists, Military
Winfield S. Hancock WScottHancock.jpg September 11, 1947 Pa. 309 S of Montgomeryville Roadside Civil War, Military
Woodrow Wilson President Woodrow Wilson portrait December 2 1912.jpg November 1, 1958 New Gulph Rd. at entrance to college, near Caversham Rd., Bryn Mawr
40°01?42?N 75°18?45?W / 40.0282°N 75.31242°W / 40.0282; -75.31242 (Woodrow Wilson)
City Education, Government & Politics, Government & Politics 19th Century, Government & Politics 20th Century

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