List of Uruguayan Writers
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List of Uruguayan Writers

A list of notable Uruguayan writers:

Name Period Writings Other Places
Delmira Agustini 1886-1914 poet
Enrique Amorim 1900-1960 novelist, writer
Dino Armas born 1941 playwright theater director
Ana Barrios Camponovo born 1961 writer, illustrator actress Montevideo, Spain
Mario Benedetti 1920-2009 journalist, novelist, poet
Marcia Collazo born 1959 novelist, poet lawyer, teacher
Helena Corbellini born 1959 novelist, poet professor
Ismael Cortinas 1884-1940 journalist, playwright politics
Eduardo Acevedo Díaz 1851-1921 writer, journalist politician
Emilio Frugoni 1880-1969 poet, essayist, journalist politician, lawyer
Eduardo Galeano 1940-2015 journalist, writer, novelist
Malí Guzmán born 1961 playwright, journalist, scenographer, writer
Alicia Haber born 1946 historian, art critic, curator, teacher Montevideo
Felisberto Hernández 1902-1964 writer pianist
Ernesto Herrera 1889-1917 playwright, short story, journalist
Julio Herrera y Reissig 1875-1910 poet, playwright, essayist
Juana de Ibarbourou 1892-1979 poet
Circe Maia born 1932 poet translator Montevideo - Tacuarembó
Jorge Majfud born 1969 novelist, essayist architect, prof. of mathematics and art Tacuarembó - elsewhere
Leo Maslíah born 1954 novelist, poet, short story, playwright musician, singer Montevideo - Buenos Aires
Tomás de Mattos born 1947 writer librarian Tacuarembó
Jesús Moraes born 1955 short story Artigas
Alvaro Ojeda born 1958 writer, journalist, novelist, poet reviewer
Juan Carlos Onetti 1909-1994 novelist, short story
Emilio Oribe 1893-1975 poet, essayist philosopher, doctor
Danilo Pallares Echeverría ?-present writer musician Flores
Manuel Pérez y Curis 1884-1920 poet Montevideo
Cristina Peri Rossi born 1941 novelist, poet, short story translator
Carmen Posadas born 1953 books for children, writes for film & TV Montevideo
Fanny Puyesky 1939-2010 books, columns, plays lawyer Montevideo
Horacio Quiroga 1878-1937 playwright, poet, short story Salto, Buenos Aires
Ana Ribeiro born 1955 historical essays, novels professor Montevideo
José Enrique Rodó 1872-1917 essayist Montevideo
Mauricio Rosencof born 1933 playwright, poet, journalist Florida
Florencio Sánchez 1875-1910 playwright, journalist politician Montevideo
Beatriz Santos Arrascaeta born 1947 writer activist, educator Montevideo
Daniel Vidart born 1920 anthropologist, historian Paysandú
Constancio C. Vigil 1876-1954 writer publisher Rocha, Buenos Aires
Giselda Zani 1909-1975 poet, short story writer art critic
Juan Zorrilla de San Martín 1855-1931 epic poet politician Montevideo
Roy Berocay born 1955 journalist author Montevideo

List of Uruguayan poets

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