List of Aircraft of the French Air Force During World War II
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List of Aircraft of the French Air Force During World War II

Aircraft of the French Air Force and Naval Aviation during the Battle of France in 1940 and aircraft of the Free French Air Force (FAFL).

The list is not complete and includes obsolete aircraft used for training as well as prototype and pre-production aircraft.

List is in alphabetical order by manufacturer or designer.

Aircraft of the Battle of France, 1940

Amiot 143 used as medium bombers in Battle of France


ANF Les Mureaux


  • Arsenal VG-33 light wooden-built fighter for rapid production, only few built and used.




  • Bloch MB 151 fighter of the Bloch MB 150 fighter series. These were used as fighters during the battle of France.
    MB.81 transport
  • MB.131 reconnaissance/bomber
  • MB.150 series fighters
  • MB.162 long-range heavy bomber
  • MB.174 reconnaissance
  • MB.175 bomber
  • MB.200 bomber
  • MB.210 bomber
  • MB.220 transport


  • Breguet 690 ground attack aircraft series introduced into Armee de la Air (French Air force) in 1939. Only available in small numbers in Battle of France.
    Bre.XIX biplane light bomber
  • Bre.270 observation
  • Bre.482 heavy bomber, single complete prototype destroyed in German air-raid in 1942
  • Bre.521 "Bizerte" - flying-boat
  • Bre.691 twin engine light ground attack bomber
  • Bre.693 Bre.691 with different engines
  • Bre.695 Bre.693 with larger engines


  • CAMS 37 ship-borne flying boat
  • CAMS 55 maritime reconnaissance flying boat

Caproni (Italian)

Caudron 710 Series aircraft or Caudron Cyclone. C714 variant Used as a fighter by Polish pilots during Battle of France


Curtiss (American)

de Havilland (British)

Dewoitine 520 fighter used during Battle of France. Used afterwards frequently as well by Vichy French Air Force



Farman F. 222 which was the main production variant of the Farman F. 220 aircraft series which served as a bomber with France during the Battle of France. Largest French bomber of the interwar period and so classified as a heavy bomber(reminder this is the interwar period and this should not be compared to other heavy bombers developed during World War II).





  • FK.58 fighter, about 13 pressed into action in May 1940


  • Latécoère 298 French Torpedo bomber(main purpose). Also used for maritime reconnaissance and for dive-bombing on land(in desperation) and at sea. Most sucessful French maritime military aircraft.
    Laté.298 torpedo bomber float plane
  • Laté.299 reconnaissance/torpedo bomber landplane
  • Laté.302 long range flying boat
  • Laté.381 long range flying boat
  • Laté.523 long range flying boat
  • Laté.570 bomber
  • Laté.611 long range flying boat
  • Laté.631 long range flying boat
Levasseur PL.10 Carrier Bourne reconnaissance aircraft. Later developed into better Levasseur PL.10 1 variant and Levasseur PL.107 Carrier torpedo bomber variant


  • PL.10 torpedo bomber
  • PL.101 torpedo bomber
  • PL.14 torpedo bomber floatplane
  • PL.15 torpedo bomber floatplane
Lioré-et-Olivier LeO 451 medium bomber used in battle of France

Lioré et Olivier



Martin 167 Aka Martin Maryland bought from US by France to fill a shortage of modern bombers. Used by France in Battle of France

SFCA Maillet

Martin (American)


  • Morane-Saulnier 230 primary elementary trainer of the French airforce around World War II.
    Mauboussin M.123 trainer


  • MS.225 fighter
  • MS.230 trainer
  • Morane - Saulnier MS 406 primary French fighter during Battle of France. One of only two French military designs to exceed 1,000 aircraft in production other being Potez 630
    MS.315 trainer
  • MS.406 fighter

Nardi (Italian)


North American (American)

Potez 633 light bomber of the multirole Potez 630 series. This series was the most produced French military aircraft series before world war II more than 1,300 made. Potez 630 series is multirole with different variants of the series fulfilling different roles. For example Potez 630 and 631 act as heavy fighters(which was the original purpose of the series) andd Potez 633 acts as a light bomber whereas Potez 637 does reconnaissance.






Vought (American)

  • V.156 carrier-borne dive bomber


Aircraft of the Free French Air Forces, 1940-1945

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