List of Atheists (surnames H to K)
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List of Atheists Surnames H to K
Name Dates Known as / for Who Reference
Kamal Haasan FICCI event.jpg Kamal Hassan 1954– Actor, Director, Lyricist, Producer, screenwriter, playback singer, Leading Tamil Film Actor "I Dont need a God who doesn't feed a hungry child today, But promises you a heaven tomorrow." [1]
Boris van der Ham kenniseconomie monitor 2010.jpg Boris Van der Ham 1973– Dutch humanist, actor, writer and politician Known humanist In his time as a Member of Parliament, Mr. Van der Ham has drafted the bill that abolished the ban on blasphemy in the Dutch law. As president of the Dutch Humanist Association he worked on two documentaries[2] on ex-muslims, and co-wrote a book on former Dutch muslims who are now called 'new freethinkers'. He is treasure of Humanists International.
Guy Harrison Author "If a beautiful sunflower is somehow supposed to be evidence of the Christian god, then what is a parasitic worm that eats children's eyeballs evidence of?" From the book, "50 Simple Questions for Every Christian"[3]
AmberHeardTIFFSept10.jpg Amber Heard 1986– Actress and model At the age of 16, her best friend died in a car crash and Heard, who was raised Catholic, subsequently declared herself an atheist.[4]
Christopher Hitchens crop.jpg Christopher Hitchens 1949-2011 Author/Activist
George Holyoake 1817–1906 English Secularist Coined terms "Secularism" and "Jingoism"[5] Last person in England to be imprisoned for being an atheist [6]
George Hrab at TAM London.JPG George Hrab 1971– Musician, podcaster Independent recording artist, host of Geologic Podcast "George Hrab is an atheist in the Christmas City, a performer more famous globally than in his hometown and his "day job" is drumming for a funk band." [7]
Jamie Hyneman 2010.jpg Jamie Hyneman 1956– Special-Effects Expert, Television Personality Co-star of the Discovery's Mythbusters "[A]ctually I'm pretty adamant about, you know, the whole God thing and it seems that skeptics are by and large atheists or something approaching that, which I strongly identify with. So it turned out to be a good thing and I have become enthusiastically part of it."[8]
EddieIzzard.jpg Eddie Izzard 1962– Performer, Stand-Up Comedian Best known for stand-up set Dress to Kill, his starring role in the television series The Riches and many motion pictures such as Ocean's Twelve, Mystery Men, and Across the Universe. [9]
Penn Jillette 1955– Magician "Believing there is no God gives me more room for belief in family, people, love, truth, beauty, sex, Jell-O and all the other things I can prove and that make this life the best life I will ever have"[10]
Kerry King 1964– Musician Lead/Rhythm Guitarist of Slayer "I'm an atheist but I don't fuck with people believing in it."[11]
Stanley Kubrick - WB promo.jpg Stanley Kubrick 1928-1999 Film director, screenwriter, producer, cinematographer and editor Renowned American director whose films include 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange and The Shining "The whole idea of god is absurd. If anything, 2001 shows that what some people call "god" is simply an acceptable term for their ignorance. What they don't understand, they call "god"... Everything we know about the universe reveals that there is no god. I chose to do Dr. [Arthur C.] Clarke's story as a film because it highlights a critical factor necessary for human evolution; that is, beyond our present condition. This film is a rejection of the notion that there is a god; isn't that obvious?"[12]

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