List of Civil Awards and Decorations
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List of Civil Awards and Decorations

This list of civil awards and decorations is a partial index to articles about notable civil awards and decorations. It excludes Law enforcement awards and honors and ecclesiastical decorations, which are covered by separate lists. See Category:Civil awards and decorations by country for a more complete list by country.


Country Award Venue / sponsor Notes
Europe AE-COPSD European Police Cross of Honor (Croix d'Honneur du Policier Européen) European Association of Bodies and Public Organizations of Security and Defense Valor or Meritorious Service[1]
United States Barnard Medal for Meritorious Service to Science Columbia University Meritorious service to science[2]
United States Freedom Medal Church of Scientology Bringing greater freedom to mankind[3]
United States Freedom Medal of Valor Church of Scientology Humanitarian work of a larger global scale[4]
Albania National Flag Order President of Albania Extraordinary contributions for the sublimation of the Albanian nation and Albania[5]
International Order for the International Merit of Blood International Federation of Blood Donor Organizations Personalities who made a special contribution to promote the regular, anonymous, voluntary, non-remunerated gift of blood in the world[6]
Zambia Order of the Eagle of Zambia Zambia Grand Commander, Grand Officer, Officer and Member[7]
Philippines Outstanding Manilan Award City of Manila Business, communications, diplomacy, finance, public service and spiritual leadership[8]
North Korea People's Prize People's Prize Awarding Commission Best achievements in creative fields[9]
Sweden Right Livelihood Award Right Livelihood Award Foundation Practical and exemplary solutions to the most urgent challenges facing the world today[10]
United States Roger W. Jones Award for Executive Leadership American University School of Public Affairs U.S. Federal government executive leadership[11][12]

Fire service awards and honors

Country Award Notes
United States Arthur B. Guise Medal Awarded by the Society of Fire Protection Engineers for eminent achievement in the advancement of the science and technology of fire protection engineering[13]
Australia Australian Fire Service Medal Distinguished service[14]
United Kingdom Colonial Fire Brigades Long Service Medal Long service in the fire services of the colonies and overseas territories of the United Kingdom[15][16][17][18]
United Kingdom Fire Brigade Long Service and Good Conduct Medal Long service[19]
Canada Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal Long service[20]
Soviet Union Medal "For Courage in a Fire" Deeds of courage and of leadership while fighting fires[21][22]
New Zealand New Zealand Fire Brigades Long Service and Good Conduct Medal Long service[23]
United Kingdom Queen's Fire Service Medal Distinguished service or gallantry[24]

Honorary citizens

Polar exploration

Country Award Venue / sponsor Notes
United States Arctic "A" Device United States Armed Forces Service within the Arctic Circle
Norway Antarctic Medal Sixth Norwegian Antarctic Expedition
United States Antarctica Service Medal United States Armed Forces Service in Antarctica
Australia Australian Antarctic Medal Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions
United States Coast Guard Arctic Service Medal United States Coast Guard Service within the Arctic Circle
United States Jeannette Medal Jeannette expedition 1879-1881 attempt to reach the North Pole
Norway Maudheim medal Norwegian-British-Swedish Antarctic Expedition
United Kingdom Polar Medal Monarchy of the United Kingdom Extreme human endeavour against the appalling weather and conditions that exist in the Arctic and Antarctic
United States United States Antarctic Expedition Medal United States Antarctic Service Expedition

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