List of Crossings of the Hackensack River
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List of Crossings of the Hackensack River

Bridges at the lower end of the Hackensack River in a historic photo. The Lower Hack Lift is just upstream of the clustered Wittpenn, Harsimus Branch Lift, and PATH Lift (foreground), collectively known as the Triple Bridges[1][2] or Tri Hack.[3] They are part of the Hackensack River Vertical Lift Bridges Historic District[4] (NJSHPO #3971[5]).

The Hackensack River courses southward for approximately 50 miles (80 km)[6] through Rockland County in New York and Bergen and Hudson counties in northeastern New Jersey, forming the border of the latter two for part of its length. Its source, as identified by the U.S. Geological Survey (Hydrological code 02030103901),[7] is in New City, New York. The river empties into Newark Bay between Kearny Point (South Kearny) and Droyer's Point (Jersey City).

The area was settled by Bergen Dutch who established regular water crossings at Douwe's Ferry[8] and Little Ferry.[9] The first bridge crossing of the Hackensack was at Demarest Landing (now Old Bridge Road), built in 1724, which was replaced by that at New Bridge Landing in 1745.[10] The first railroad crossing was completed by the NJRR in 1834, and was soon followed by many others. By the early 1900s conflicts between rail and maritime traffic led to calls for changes in regulations giving priority to trains.[11]

At one time, Van Buskirk Island, created in 1804, was the head of navigation, but diminished freshwater flow in the Hackensack has been altered by construction of dams,[12] namely the Oradell (1923), the DeForest (1952), and the Tappan (1972).[13] The river is now tidally influenced to the island.[14] The Hackensack has only been channelized to Milepoint 3.5 at the Riverbend in Hudson County.[12][15] The accumulation of silt has diminished the depth, and thus navigability, of the Lower Hackensack.[16] which at one time was a major waterway for towboats and river barges in the Port of New York and New Jersey.[17]

Since 1999, the bridge at Milepoint 16.3 is the most upstream bridge required by the Code of Federal Regulations to open on request,[18] though no requests have made since 1994.[19] The Lower Hackensack remains partially in use for commercial maritime traffic, notably for coal deliveries to the Hudson Generating Station.[20] and sewage sludge for treatment at a facility on the bay.[21] Downstream of the power plant, vehicular moveable bridges (at MP 1.8 and MP 3.1) are required at all times to open on demand.[22] and rail crossings to open on 1-hour notice.[18] As of 2012 there were plans to replace the Wittpenn Bridge, a vehicular bridge at MP 3.1, with a new vertical lift bridge[23] and the Portal Bridge, a rail swing bridge at MP 5.0, with a through arch bridge.[24]

The New Jersey Turnpike in the Meadowlands


Mile Crossing Image Carried/Carries Location Coordinates Notes
HD Draw (defunct) HD Draw (Newark & NY RR) 01.JPG Newark and New York Railroad (CNJ) Jersey City & Kearny Point 40°43?07?N 74°06?14?W / 40.718709°N 74.103985°W / 40.718709; -74.103985 (HD Draw)
1.7 Newark Plank Road (defunct) NewarkPlankRdLincolnHwyKearnyPoint.tif PS 40°43?36?N 74°05?57?W / 40.7268°N 74.0992°W / 40.7268; -74.0992 (Newark Plank Road)
1.8 Lincoln Highway Hackensack River Bridge

(Shawn Carson and Robert Nguyen Memorial Bridge)

Lincoln Highway Lift Br fr Duncan Av jeh.jpg No image.svgTruck plate.svg
US 1-9.svg U.S. Route 1-9 Truck
milepoint 1.72
Lincoln Highway
East Coast Greenway
40°43?38?N 74°05?55?W / 40.727324°N 74.098728°W / 40.727324; -74.098728 (Lincoln Highway) [25]
Pulaski Skyway Pulaski Skyway over Hackensack River.jpg US 1-9.svg U.S. Route 1/9 40°44?06?N 74°05?42?W / 40.735064°N 74.09493°W / 40.735064; -74.09493 (Pulaski Skyway)
PATH Lift Bridge PATH Lift Bridge Hackensack River.jpg PRR and H&M
Jersey City & Kearny Meadows 40°44?24?N 74°04?59?W / 40.740108°N 74.083048°W / 40.740108; -74.083048 (PATH Lift Bridge)
Harsimus Branch Lift
aka Hack Freight Railroad Bridge
Newark Av freight bridge from PATH jeh.jpg PRR
Conrail (North Jersey Shared Assets)


40°44?26?N 74°04?55?W / 40.740475°N 74.082034°W / 40.740475; -74.082034 (Harsimus Branch Lift)
3.1 Wittpenn Bridge Wittpenn Bridge.jpg original alignment of the Newark Turnpike
Circle sign 7.svg NJ 7
40°44?25?N 74°04?52?W / 40.740313°N 74.081138°W / 40.740313; -74.081138 (Wittpenn Bridge)
Wittpenn Bridge Replacement
(under construction)
Wittpenn Replacement Bridge 20140819.jpg 40°44?28?N 74°04?53?W / 40.741064°N 74.081266°W / 40.741064; -74.081266 (Wittpenn Bridge Replacement)
New Jersey Railroad
NJRR PRR alignment at Hackensack River (Kearny).tiff PRR 40°44?28?N 74°04?53?W / 40.741064°N 74.081266°W / 40.741064; -74.081266 (New Jersey Railroad)
3.4 Lower Hack Lift Lower Hack Lift Bridge 1979.jpg DL&W
Morris and Essex Lines (NJT)
Riverbend 40°44?36?N 74°04?37?W / 40.7432°N 74.0770°W / 40.7432; -74.0770 (Lower Hack Lift)
5.0 Portal Bridge Portal Bridge.jpg PRR
Northeast Corridor
Amtrak and NJT
Secaucus Junction & Kearny Meadows 40°45?13?N 74°05?41?W / 40.75361°N 74.09472°W / 40.75361; -74.09472 (Portal Bridge)
Portal Bridge South (planned) Gateway Project
Portal Bridge North (planned) Gateway Project
Lewandowski Hackensack River Bridge Turntable bridge and turnpike curving away.jpg New Jersey Turnpike (Eastern Spur)
I-95.svg Interstate 95
Snake Hill & Kearny Meadows 40°45?36?N 74°05?41?W / 40.760098°N 74.094594°W / 40.760098; -74.094594 (Lewandowski Hackensack River Bridge)
DB Draw (unused) DB Drawbridge over the Hackensack.jpg New York and Greenwood Lake Railroad (Erie)
Boonton Line (NJT)
40°45?30?N 74°05?36?W / 40.75831°N 74.093355°W / 40.75831; -74.093355 (DB Draw)
6.9 Upper Hack Lift Upperhacklift.jpg DL&W Boonton Line (1959-1963)
Erie/NJ Transit Main Line (NJT)
Port Jervis Line (MNCR)
MP 4.95
Harmon Cove & Kingsland 40°46?41?N 74°05?24?W / 40.778015°N 74.089906°W / 40.778015; -74.089906 (Upper Hack Lift / Former Lackawanna Swing Bridge) NJT #129
Lackawanna Swing Bridge (defunct) Lackawanna Bridge Remnants 20090827.jpg DL&W
7.7 HX Draw
aka The Jacknife
HX Jacknife Draw Bridge 20090424.jpg Bergen County Line (NJT)
Pascack Valley Line (NJT)
Meadowlands Rail Line (NJT)
Port Jervis Line (MNCR)
former Erie Main LineMP 5.48
Harmon Cove & Meadowlands Sports Complex 40°47?17?N 74°04?55?W / 40.788078°N 74.081869°W / 40.788078; -74.081869 (HX Draw) NJT #
Route 3 East Rt 3 E bridge over Hackensack R jeh.jpg Circle sign 3.svg NJ 3 Secaucus & Meadowlands Sports Complex 40°47?55?N 74°04?08?W / 40.798745°N 74.068978°W / 40.798745; -74.068978 (Route 3 East)
Route 3 West
(Medgar Evers Bridge)
Hackensack008.JPG Circle sign 3.svg NJ 3 40°48?02?N 74°04?01?W / 40.800678°N 74.067058°W / 40.800678; -74.067058 (Route 3 West)
Paterson Plank Road (defunct) Western pier fr Trolley Pk jeh.jpg Jersey City, Hoboken and Rutherford Electric Railway
Public Service
Secaucus North End &
Meadowlands Sports Complex
40°48?21?N 74°03?39?W / 40.80586°N 74.0608°W / 40.80586; -74.0608 (Paterson Plank Road)
New Jersey Turnpike (Western Spur) NJT x Hackensack R fr Bergen Bv Park Av Ridgefield jeh.jpg I-95.svg Interstate 95 Carlstadt & Ridgefield Park 40°49?23?N 74°02?04?W / 40.823179°N 74.034358°W / 40.823179; -74.034358 (New Jersey Turnpike (Western Spur))
Bergen Turnpike
(aka Hackensack Plank Road) (defunct)
Public Service
Bergen County 124.svg CR 124
Ridgefield Park & Little Ferry 40°50?55?N 74°01?49?W / 40.8485°N 74.0303°W / 40.8485; -74.0303 (Bergen Turnpike)
14.0 Route 46 Hackensack River Bridge
(aka S46 Bridge & Winant Avenue Bridge)
Route46HackensackRiverBridge.jpg US 46.svg U.S. Route 46 40°51?04?N 74°01?45?W / 40.8511°N 74.0293°W / 40.8511; -74.0293 (Route 46 Hackensack River Bridge)
Interstate 80 Interstate 80 Bridge 20070709.jpg I-80.svg Interstate 80 Bogota & Hackensack 40°52?02?N 74°02?08?W / 40.867104°N 74.035601°W / 40.867104; -74.035601 (Interstate 80)
16.3 Court Street Bridge
(Harold J. Dillard Memorial Bridge)
CourtStreetBridgeHackensck River1.JPG Court Street - West Fort Lee Road 40°52?44?N 74°02?22?W / 40.8790°N 74.0395°W / 40.8790; -74.0395 (Court Street Bridge)
16.2 New York, Susquehanna and Western Railway NYS&W Bridge 20070709.jpg NYS&W[27] 40°52?52?N 74°02?15?W / 40.881163°N 74.037393°W / 40.881163; -74.037393 (New York, Susquehanna and Western Railway)
Midtown Bridge
aka Salem Street Bridge
(Ryan Memorial Bridge)[28]
Midtown aka Salem St Bridge Hackensack River 02.JPG Bergen County 56.svg West Main Street
originally carried PS and predecessor streetcars lines
40°52?57?N 74°02?10?W / 40.882509°N 74.036116°W / 40.882509; -74.036116 (Midtown Bridge)
Anderson Street Bridge
aka Cedar Lane Bridge
Cedar Lane Bridge 20070702.jpg East Anderson Street - Cedar Lane Teaneck & Hackensack 40°53?31?N 74°02?11?W / 40.891975°N 74.036288°W / 40.891975; -74.036288 (Cedar Lane Bridge)
Fairleigh Dickinson University Footbridge Fairleigh Dickinson University Footbridge 20070702.jpg 40°53?56?N 74°01?54?W / 40.898812°N 74.031638°W / 40.898812; -74.031638 (Fairleigh Dickinson University Footbridge)
Route 4 Route 4 Bridge 20070702.jpg Circle sign 4.svg NJ 4 40°54?09?N 74°01?48?W / 40.902582°N 74.030021°W / 40.902582; -74.030021 (Route 4)
Swing Bridge at New Bridge Landing
Built 1889. to replace earlier 1744 sliding drawbridge.

Swingbridge NewBridge1889 New.jpg

Main Street (no cars) New Bridge Landing
River Edge, Teaneck, New Milford
40°54?46?N 74°01?56?W / 40.912816°N 74.032221°W / 40.912816; -74.032221 (Swing Bridge at New Bridge Landing)
New Bridge Road New Bridge 20070702.jpg New Milford & River Edge 40°54?54?N 74°01?50?W / 40.914907°N 74.030521°W / 40.914907; -74.030521 (New Bridge Road)
River Edge Avenue Bridge River Edge Bridge 20070702.jpg 40°56?06?N 74°01?43?W / 40.934914°N 74.028541°W / 40.934914; -74.028541 (River Edge Avenue Bridge)
New Milford Avenue Bridge
(Merschrod Memorial Bridge)
New Milford Avenue Bridge 20070703.jpg New Milford 40°56?46?N 74°01?35?W / 40.946163°N 74.026505°W / 40.946163; -74.026505 (New Milford Avenue Bridge)
Elm Street Bridge
part of the New Milford Plant of the Hackensack Water Company
ElmStreetBridge(HackensackRiver).tif Phoenix column Pratt pony truss New Milford & Oradell 40°56?49?N 74°1?30?W / 40.94694°N 74.02500°W / 40.94694; -74.02500 [29][30][31]
Oradell Avenue Bridge Oradell Ave Bridge 20070703.jpg Oradell 40°57?14?N 74°01?44?W / 40.953909°N 74.028933°W / 40.953909; -74.028933 (Oradell Avenue Bridge)
Oradell Reservoir Dam Oradell 40°57?22?N 74°01?44?W / 40.956129°N 74.029001°W / 40.956129; -74.029001 (Oradell Reservoir Dam)
Old Hook Road Bridge County 502.svg CR 502 Emerson, Harrington Park & Closter 40°58?37?N 73°59?03?W / 40.976889°N 73.984235°W / 40.976889; -73.984235 (Old Hook Road Bridge)
Harriot Avenue Bridge River Vale & Harrington Park 40°59?06?N 73°59?30?W / 40.984976°N 73.991579°W / 40.984976; -73.991579 (Harriot Avenue Bridge)
Westwood Avenue Bridge River Vale & Old Tappan
New Jersey
40°59?57?N 73°59?21?W / 40.999274°N 73.989304°W / 40.999274; -73.989304 (Westwood Avenue Bridge)
Old Tappan Road 41°00?44?N 74°00?31?W / 41.012293°N 74.008504°W / 41.012293; -74.008504 (Old Tappan Road)
Lake Tappan Dam footbridge 41°01?06?N 74°00?04?W / 41.0183°N 74.0011°W / 41.0183; -74.0011 (Lake Tappan Dam)
Poplar Road - Washington Avenue 41°01?07?N 73°59?59?W / 41.01855°N 73.99978°W / 41.01855; -73.99978 (Poplar Road / Washington Avenue)
Veterans Memorial Drive Rockland County 20.svg CR 20 New York State
Pearl River
41°02?39?N 73°59?17?W / 41.044145°N 73.98807°W / 41.044145; -73.98807 (Veterans Memorial Drive)
Convent Road Rockland County 26.svg CR 26 Pearl River & Blauvelt 41°03?16?N 73°58?56?W / 41.054534°N 73.982284°W / 41.054534; -73.982284 (Convent Road)
Blauvelt Road 41°03?38?N 73°59?09?W / 41.060537°N 73.985845°W / 41.060537; -73.985845 (Blauvelt Road)
Palisades Interstate Parkway Palisades Interstate Pkwy.svg 41°03?57?N 73°58?44?W / 41.065892°N 73.978937°W / 41.065892; -73.978937 (Palisades Interstate Parkway)
Fifth Avenue 41°04?13?N 73°58?32?W / 41.07024°N 73.97554°W / 41.07024; -73.97554 (Fifth Avenue)
Western Highway Rockland County 15.svg CR 15 West Nyack 41°05?10?N 73°57?47?W / 41.086237°N 73.962923°W / 41.086237; -73.962923 (Western Highway)
River Subdivision (CSX) West Shore Railroad (NYC)
River Line (Conrail)
41°05?12?N 73°57?44?W / 41.086712°N 73.962341°W / 41.086712; -73.962341 (River Subdivision (CSX))
New York State Route 59 NY 59 NY-59 41°05?40?N 73°57?40?W / 41.094388°N 73.961045°W / 41.094388; -73.961045 (New York State Route 59)
New York Thruway NYS Thruway Sign.svg I-287.svg I-87.svg West Nyack & Bardonia 41°06?03?N 73°57?56?W / 41.100925°N 73.965501°W / 41.100925; -73.965501 (New York Thruway)
Old Mill Road Bardonia 41°06?20?N 73°58?00?W / 41.105468°N 73.966711°W / 41.105468; -73.966711 (Old Mill Road)
Lake DeForest Dam 41°06?22?N 73°58?01?W / 41.10621°N 73.966806°W / 41.10621; -73.966806 (Lake Deforest Dam)
Congers Road Causeway Rockland County 80.svg CR 80 across Lake DeForest New City & Congers 41°09?21?N 73°57?30?W / 41.1558°N 73.9584°W / 41.1558; -73.9584 (Congers Road)
Ridge Road Rockland County 23.svg CR 23 New City 41°09?36?N 73°57?53?W / 41.1599°N 73.9648°W / 41.1599; -73.9648 (Ridge Road)
New York State Route 304 NY-304.svg NY-304 41°09?48?N 73°58?05?W / 41.1632°N 73.9681°W / 41.1632; -73.9681 (New York State Route 304)
Haverstraw Road Old Route 304 41°10?17?N 73°58?11?W / 41.17134°N 73.96984°W / 41.17134; -73.96984 (Haverstraw Road)


1974 view of Lincoln Highway and Pulaski Skyway

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