List of Game Middleware
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List of Game Middleware

Middleware for games is a piece of software that is integrated into a game engine to handle some specialized aspect it, such as physics, graphics or networking.


  • Autodesk Gameware - from Autodesk, includes Scaleform GFx, Kynapse, Beast and HumanIK
  • SpeedTree - vegetation programming and modelling software products
  • Nvidia GameWorks - visual FX, physics, particle and fluid simulations
  • xaitment - customizable and modular game AI software for navigation mesh generation, pathfinding, character behavioral modeling and more
  • Bink Video - video file format, video compression tools and playback library from RAD Game Tools.
  • Simplygon - automated 3D content optimization for a variety of assets as vegetation, buildings, scene views...

AI: Pathfinding, collisions

  • AiLive - a suite of game AI middleware
  • Mercuna - 3D navigation middleware

Physics & Animation


Real-Time Rendering

  • trueSKY - real-time sky & weather renderer by Simul Software.

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