List of Geological Phenomena
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List of Geological Phenomena

A geological phenomenon is a phenomenon which is explained by or sheds light on the science of geology.

Examples of geological phenomena are:

  1. Mineralogic phenomena
  2. Lithologic phenomena
    1. Rock types
      1. Igneous rock
        • Igneous formation processes
      2. Sedimentary rock
      3. Metamorphic rock
  3. Endogenic phenomena
    1. Plate tectonics
      1. Continental drift
      2. Earthquake
      3. Oceanic trench
    2. Phenomena associated with igneous activity
      1. Geysers and hot springs
      2. Bradyseism
      3. Volcanic eruption
    3. Earth's magnetic field
  4. Exogenic phenomena
    1. Slope phenomena
      1. Slump
      2. Landslide
    2. Weathering phenomena
      1. Erosion
    3. Glacial and peri-glacial phenomena
      1. Glaciation
      2. Moraines
      3. Hanging valleys
    4. Atmospheric phenomena
    5. Impact phenomena
      1. Impact crater
  5. Coupled endogenic-exogenic phenomena
    1. Orogeny
    2. Drainage development
      1. Stream capture

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