List of Governors of Bengal
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List of Governors of Bengal

From 1760, a governor represented the British East India Company in which had been granted the right to establish a trading post by the Nawabs of Bengal. Robert Clive (1765-1767) was the second governor of Bengal, and established dual government in Bengal from 1765 to 1772.

Below is a list of the governors of Bengal during the British Raj:

Chief agents, 1681-1684

Name Took office Left office
William Hedges 1681 1684
John Beard 1684 1684

Presidents, 1684-1694

Name Took office Left office
William Gyfford 1684 1685
Job Charnock 1685 1693
Francis Ellis 1693 1693
Charles Eyre 1693 1694

Chief Agents, 1694-1700

Name Took office Left office
Charles Eyre 1694 1698
'John Beard 1698 1699
Charles Eyre 1699 1700

Presidents, 1700-1758

Name Took office Left office
Charles Eyre 1700 1701
John Beard 1701 1705
Edward Littleton 1705 1705
'Ruled by a council' 1705 1710
Anthony Weltden 1710 1711
John Russell 1711 1713
Robert Hedges 1713 1718
Samuel Flake 1718 1723
John Deane 1723 1726
Henry Frankland 1726 1728
Edward Stephenson 1728 1728
John Deane 1728 1732
John Stackhouse 1732 1739
Thomas Broddyll 1739 1746
John Forster 1746 1748
William Barwell 1748 1749
Adam Dawson 1749 1752
William Fytche 1752 1752
Roger Drake 1752 1756

Under the leadership of Robert Clive, British troops and their local allies defeated the nawab on 23 June 1757 at the Battle of Plassey. The nawab was assassinated in Murshidabad, and the British installed their own replacement. Clive became governor.

Governors (1758-1773), Governor Generals of Bengal (1773-1833), Governor Generals of India (1833-1858)

Under the Charter Act 1853 the Governor General of India was relieved of his concurrent duties as Governor of Bengal and empowered to appoint a lieutenant-governor from 1854.

Lieutenant-Governors, 1854-1912

In 1911, the British reunited east and west Bengal to form a single province under a governor.

Governors of Bengal Province, 1912-1947

Post-independence (1947 onwards)

In 1947, the British Raj came to an end, and the new countries of India and Pakistan were created. Bengal was partitioned into two in anticipation of this in 1946, and following independence West Bengal joined India, and East Bengal (renamed as East Pakistan in 1956) joined Pakistan only to secede later in 1972 as Bangladesh.

For a continuation of governors of West Bengal, see list of Governors of West Bengal, and for East Bengal, see East Bengal, East Pakistan, and finally, list of Presidents of Bangladesh.

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