List of Mayors of Norwalk, Connecticut
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List of Mayors of Norwalk, Connecticut

The Mayor of Norwalk, Connecticut is the chief executive of the government of Norwalk, Connecticut, as stipulated by the Charter of the City of Norwalk. The current mayor of Norwalk, is Harry Rilling, a Democrat.

Mayors prior to 1913

Elections were held on the first Monday in October annually up to 1913.

Mayors of the city of Norwalk from 1913 to the present

The city was consolidated on June 6, 1913. Elections for mayor are held every two years, in odd numbered years. The former city of South Norwalk became the new Norwalk's Second Taxing District.

Name Start
Political Party
Francis Irwin Burnell[1][2] 1913 1915 Republican
Carl Axel Harstrom[1][2] 1915 1917 Republican
Jeremiah Donovan[1][2] 1917 1921 Democratic
Calvin Barton[1][2] 1921 1923 Republican
Thomas Robins[1][2] 1923 1927 Republican
Anson F. Keeler[1][2] 1927 1931 Republican
Harold L. Nash[1][2] 1931 1933 Republican
Charles C. Swartz[1][2] 1933 1935 Democratic
Frank T. Stack[1][2] 1935 1943 Democratic
Robert B. Oliver[1][2] 1943 1945 Republican
Edward J. Kelley[1][2] 1945 1947 Democratic
Irving Freese[1][2] 1947 1951 Socialist
1951 1955 Independent Party
of Norwalk
George Brunjes[1][2] 1955 1957 Democratic
Irving Freese[1][2] 1957 1959 Independent Party
of Norwalk
John Shostak[1][2] 1959 1961 Republican
Frank J. Cooke[1][2] 1961 1965 Republican
Frank Zullo[1][2] 1965 1971 Democratic
Donald J. Irwin[1][2] 1971 1975 Democratic
Jennie Cave[1][2] 1975 1977 Independent Party
of Connecticut
William A. Collins[1][2] 1977 1981 Democratic
Thomas C. O'Connor[1][2] 1981 1983 Republican
William A. Collins[1][2] 1983 1987 Democratic
Frank Esposito[1][2] 1987 2001 Republican
Alex Knopp[1][2] 2001 2005 Democratic
Richard A. Moccia[1][2] 2005 2013 Republican
Harry Rilling 2013 present Democratic

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