List of Mayors of Trondheim
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List of Mayors of Trondheim

Mayors of Trondheim, the head of the city council of Trondheim, Norway.

Until 1963, the list contains the old Municipality of Trondheim, and since 1963 the enlarged municipality with the same name after the merger of the municipalities of Trondheim, Strinda, Leinstrand, Tiller and Byneset.

Name Party Period Notes
Jacob Roll 1837-1838
Balthazar Schnitler 1838
Jacob Roll 1838-1839
Balthazar Schnitler 1840-1841
Jens Nicolai Jenssen 1842
Samuel Severin Bætzmann 1843-1844
Frederik Moltke Bugge 1845
Hans Peter Jenssen, Sr. 1845-1846
Jens Nicolai Jenssen 1847-1848
Frederik Moltke Bugge 1849-1850
Samuel Severin Bætzmann 1851-1856
Johan Christian Grabow 1857
Fredrik Georg Lerche 1858
Hans Georg Colbjørnsen Meldahl 1859
Christian Petersen 1860
Einar Gram 1861
Ove Guldberg Høegh, Jr. 1862
Fritz Lorck 1863-1864
Aage Schavland 1865
Ove Christian Roll 1866
Fritz Lorck 1867-1868
Carl Arnoldus Müller 1869
Fritz Lorck 1870
Carl Arnoldus Müller 1871
Christian Worm Sommerschield Hirsch 1872-1873
Johannes Musæus Nissen 1873-1877
Christian Hulbert Hielm 1878
Christian Worm Sommerschield Hirsch 1879-1882
Jens Ludvig Paul Flor 1883-1884
Karl Ludvig Tørrisen Bugge 1885
Christian Hulbert Hielm 1886
Johan Bergh 1887
Marius Frimann Dahl Bøckman 1888
Bernhard Konrad Bergersen 1889-1890
Ingebrigt Buaas 1891-1892
Sverre Olafssøn Klingenberg 1893-1894
Carl Nielsen 1895
Christian Knudtzon Schaanning 1896
Bernhard Konrad Bergersen 1897-1898
Andreas Berg Conservative 1899-1901
Hans Jørgen Bauck Conservative 1902-1904
Christian Thaulow Conservative 1905-1907
Andreas Berg Conservative 1908-1910
Odd Sverressøn Klingenberg Conservative 1911-1916
Ole Konrad Ribsskog Labour 1917-1919
Einar Dahl Conservative 1920-1921
Francis Kjeldsberg Conservative 1922-1922
Kristian Bryn Liberal Left 1923-1925
Andreas Moe Conservative 1926-1930
Johan Cappelen Liberal Left 1931-1934
Ivar Skjånes Labour 1935-1940
Olav Bergan National Unification 1940-1943 Installed by Nazi Germany
Sverre Colbjørnsen Stokstad National Unification 1943-1945 Installed by Nazi Germany
Ivar Skjånes Labour 1945-1952
John Aae Labour 1952-1958
Olav Gjærevoll Labour 1958-1963
Odd Sagør Labour 1963-1970
Kåre Tønne Labour 1970-1975
Axel Buch Conservative 1976-1979
Olav Gjærevoll Labour 1980-1981
Anne Kathrine Parow Labour 1982-1984
Per Berge Labour 1985-1989
Marvin Wiseth Conservative 1990-1998
Anne Kathrine Slungård Conservative 1998-2003
Liv Sandven Christian Democrat 2001-2002 Acting
Rita Ottervik Labour 2003-


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