List of Next-generation Library Catalogs
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List of Next-generation Library Catalogs

This is a list of library catalogs.


Open source


The "notes" section distinguishes between:

  • Centrally-hosted websites, and
  • Web-based sites, referring to applications that may be installed on a web server (usually requiring MySQL or another database and PHP, Perl, Python, or some other language for web applications)
Software Developer First public release Latest stable version Cost (USD) Open source Written in Index/search engine Database License Notes
Invenio CERN 2002 2018-06-07 (3.0.0) Free Yes Python Own MySQL GPL web-based
Koha Koha Community 2000-01 2020-02-21 (19.11.03) Free Yes Perl Zebra MySQL GPL web-based
PMB PMB development team 2002 2018-04-30 (5.0.5) Free Yes PHP Own MySQL GPL web-based
NewGenLib Verus Solutions 2005-03 2015-05-15 (3.1.2) Free Yes Java Lucene, Solr PostgreSQL GPL web-based
WordPress Scriblio Casey Bisson 2006-02 2014-10-30 (3.3)[1] Free Yes PHP MySQL default; Sphinx[2] and ElasticSearch[3] are pluggable options MySQL GPL web-based
WorldCat Online Computer Library Center 2006 Free No centrally-hosted website
Evergreen Georgia Public Library Service (GPLS) 2006-09 2018-10-03 (3.2.0) Free Yes Perl, C, XUL Own PostgreSQL GPL web-based
VuFind Villanova University 2010-06-15 2018-10-10 (5.0.1) Free Yes PHP Lucene, Solr MySQL GPL web-based
Drupal SOPAC John Blyberg 2009-05 2009-09-25 (6.x-2.0) Free Yes PHP Drupal MySQL, other SQL GPL web-based
Drupal OPAC Drupal community 2012-12 2015-01-06 (7.x-2.3) Free Yes PHP Drupal; Solr avail. MySQL, other SQL GPL web-based
Blacklight University of Virginia Library, Stanford University Libraries, and Project Blacklight team 2009 2018-01-30 (6.14.1) Free Yes Ruby Apache Solr Apache License web-based
Folio Open Library Foundation 2016-09-27 2020-02-25 (Q4 2019, Edelweiss) Free Yes Java, JavaScript Apache License 2.0 web-based


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