List of Peerages Inherited by Women
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List of Peerages Inherited by Women

In the peerages of the British Isles, most titles have traditionally been created for men and with remainder to male heirs. However, some titles are created with special remainders to allow women to inherit them. Some of the oldest English baronies were created by writ and pass to female heirs when a peer dies with daughters and no sons, while some titles are created with a man's family in mind, if he is without sons and unlikely to produce any. The following is a list of women who have inherited titles with the British peerages.

14th century

Date inherited Date of death
or other loss of title
Title Name Other titles
by marriage
Preceded in title by Succeeded in title by
21 October 1314 19 October 1356 2nd Baroness Geneville Joan de Geneville (Mortimer) Countess of March Geoffrey de Geneville, grandfather Roger Mortimer, son
6 June 1333 10 December 1363 4th Countess of Ulster Elizabeth de Burgh (Plantagenet) Duchess of Clarence William de Burgh, father Philippa, daughter
4 August 1338 24 March 1399 2nd Countess of Norfolk Margaret of Norfolk Baroness Segrave
by first marriage
Baroness Manny
by second marriage
Duchess of Norfolk
by creation
Thomas of Brotherton, father Thomas Mowbray, grandson
31 May 1349 29 September 1349 3rd Baroness Wake of Liddell Margaret Wake (Comyn) Countess of Kent Thomas Wake, brother John, son
26 December 1352 7 August 1385 4th Countess of Kent
5th Baroness Wake of Liddell
Joan Plantagenet (Montacute) (Holland) Countess of Salisbury
Princess of Wales
John Plantagenet, brother Thomas Holland, son
10 December 1363 5 January 1382 5th Countess of Ulster Philippa of Clarence Countess of March Elizabeth de Burgh, mother Roger Mortimer, son
1372 3 April 1384 2nd Baroness Manny Anne Hastings Countess of Pembroke Walter de Manny, father John Hastings, son

15th century

Date inherited Date of death
or other loss of title
Title Name Other titles
by marriage
Preceded in title by Succeeded in title by
1437 de facto
1458 Countess of Lennox Isabella Duchess of Albany Donnchadh, father Extinct
3 November 1428 1462 5th Countess of Salisbury Alice (Montacute) Neville Thomas Montacute, father Richard Neville, son
11 June 1446 3 January 1448 15th Countess of Warwick Anne de Beauchamp Henry de Beauchamp, father Anne Neville and Richard Neville, aunt and uncle
3 January 1448 20 September 1492 16th Countess of Warwick Anne (de Beauchamp) Neville Countess of Salisbury Anne de Beauchamp, niece Edward Plantagenet, grandson
1450 1468 8th Baroness Ferrers of Chartley Anne Ferrers (Devereux) William de Ferrers, father Walter Devereux, husband

John Devereux, son
30 December 1460 12 May 1529 7th Baroness Harington Cecily Bonville (Grey) (Stafford) Marchioness of Dorset
by first marriage
Countess of Wiltshire
by second marriage
William Bonville, father Thomas Grey, son
18 February 1461 2nd Baroness Bonville William Bonville, great-grandfather
14 January 1476 19 November 1481 8th Countess of Norfolk Anne de Mowbray (Plantagenet) Duchess of York
Duchess of Norfolk
John Mowbray, father Extinct
Baroness Mowbray
Baroness Segrave
John Howard, cousin
16 July 1491 27 August 1507 3rd Baroness Herbert Elizabeth (Herbert) Somerset William Herbert, father Henry Somerset, son

16th century

Date inherited Date of death
or other loss of title
Title Name Other titles Preceded in title by Succeeded in title by
1513 1539
died 27 May 1541
8th or 2nd Countess of Salisbury Margaret Pole Edward Plantagenet, brother Forfeit
1526 19 September 1580 12 Baroness Willoughby de Eresby Catherine Willoughby (Brandon) (Bertie) Duchess of Suffolk William Willoughby, father Peregrine Bertie, son
13 March 1540 17 April 1543
died 28 January 1571
7th Baroness Bourchier Anne Bourchier (Parr) Henry Bourchier, father Walter Devereux, cousin
14 April 1587 1 May 1591 16th Baroness de Ros Elizabeth (Manners) Cecil Edward Manners, father William Cecil, son

17th century

Date inherited Date of death
or other loss of title
Title Name Other titles
by marriage
Preceded in title by Succeeded in title by
30 October 1605
claimed 1628
22 March 1676 14th Baroness de Clifford Anne Clifford (Sackville) (Herbert) Countess of Dorset
by first marriage
Countess of Pembroke and Montgomery
by second marriage
George Clifford, father Nicholas Tufton, grandson
14 October 1618 17 September 1637 2nd Baroness Clifton Katherine Clifton (Stewart) (Hamilton) Countess of March
Duchess of Lennox
by first marriage
Countess of Abercorn
by second marriage
Gervase Clifton, father James Stewart, son
1632 October 1649 19th Baroness de Ros Katherine (Manners) Villiers (MacDonnell) Duchess of Buckingham
by first marriage
Countess of Antrim
Marchioness of Antrim
by second marriage
Francis Manners, father George Villiers, son
1651 24 May 1654 13th Baroness Furnivall Alethea (Talbot) Howard Countess of Arundel Gilbert Talbot, father Henry Howard, son
12 September 1651 1698
died 17 October 1716
3rd Duchess of Hamilton Anne Hamilton (Douglas) William Hamilton, uncle James Hamilton, son
22 November 1651 11 March 1661 3rd Countess of Buccleuch Mary Scott Countess of Tarras Francis Scott, father Anne Scott, sister
11 September 1653 5 June 1698 2nd Countess of Dysart
2nd Baroness Huntingtower
Elizabeth (Murray) (Tollemache) Maitland Duchess of Lauderdale William Murray, father Lionel Tollemache, son
11 March 1661 6 February 1732 4th Countess of Buccleuch Anne Scott Duchess of Buccleuch
by creation
Mary Scott, sister Francis Scott, grandson
25 March 1667 23 April 1686 6th Baroness Wentworth Henrietta Wentworth Thomas Wentworth, grandfather Anne Lovelace, aunt
July 1679 11 March 1705 3rd Countess of Wemyss Margaret Wemyss (Mackenzie) Lady Burntisland
by first marriage
Countess of Cromartie
by second marriage
David Wemyss, father David Wemyss, son
28 July 1685 7 February 1723 2nd Countess of Arlington Isabella (Bennet) FitzRoy (Hanmer) Duchess of Grafton Henry Bennet, father Charles FitzRoy, son
23 April 1686 1697 7th Baroness Wentworth Anne Lovelace Baroness Lovelace Henrietta Wentworth, niece Martha Johnson, granddaughter
19 June 1697 17 November 1705 7th Baroness Mordaunt Mary Howard Duchess of Norfolk Henry Mordaunt, father Charles Mordaunt, cousin
confirmed 1702
1745 7th Baroness Wentworth Martha Johnson Anne Lovelace, grandmother Edward Noel, first cousin twice removed

18th century

Date inherited Date of death
or other loss of title
Title Name Other titles
by marriage
Preceded in title by Succeeded in title by
1714 26 June 1718 4th Baroness Strange Henrietta Stanley Countess of Anglesey
by first marriage
Baroness Ashburnham
by second marriage
William Stanley, father Henrietta Ashburnham, daughter
1717 19 August 1758 14th Countess of Erroll Mary Hay (Falconer) Charles Hay, brother James Hay, great-nephew
25 December 1717 13 March 1741 15th Baroness Ferrers of Chartley Elizabeth (Shirley) Compton Countess of Northampton Robert Shirley, grandfather Abeyant (later Charlotte Townshend, daughter)
26 June 1718 1732 5th Baroness Strange Henrietta Ashburnham Henrietta Stanley, mother James Stanley, great-uncle
16 June 1722 24 October 1733 2nd Duchess of Marlborough Henrietta Godolphin Countess of Godolphin John Churchill, father Charles Spencer, nephew
29 January 1737 5 December 1756 2nd Countess of Orkney Anne (Douglas-Hamilton) O'Brien Countess Inchiquin George Douglas-Hamilton, father Mary O'Brien, daughter
5 June 1740 10 January 1797 2nd Marchioness Grey Jemima (Campbell) Yorke Countess of Hardwicke Henry Grey, grandfather Extinct
4th Baroness Lucas Amabel Hume-Campbell, daughter
14 September 1749 1752 2nd Viscountess Cobham Hester (Grenville) Temple Countess Temple
by creation
Richard Temple, brother Richard Grenville-Temple, son
1749 3 September 1770 16th Baroness Ferrers of Chartley Charlotte (Compton) Townshend Viscountess Townshend Elizabeth Compton, mother
abeyant 1741-1749
George Townshend, son
3 October 1754 7th Baroness Compton James Compton, father
7 February 1750 5 December 1776 2nd Baroness Percy Elizabeth (Seymour) Percy Duchess of Northumberland Algernon Seymour, father Hugh Percy, son
15 December 1753 8 December 1754 6th Baroness Clifford Charlotte (Boyle) Cavendish Marchioness of Hartington Richard Boyle William Cavendish, son
5 December 1756 10 May 1791 3rd Countess of Orkney Mary O'Brien Countess Inchiquin Anne O'Brien, mother Mary FitzMaurice, daughter
8 January 1764 13 October 1805 8th Baroness Strange Charlotte Murray Duchess of Atholl James Murray, father John Murray, son
1766 29 January 1839 19th Countess of Sutherland Elizabeth (Sutherland) Leveson-Gower Marchioness of Stafford
Duchess of Sutherland
William Sutherland, father George Sutherland-Leveson-Gower, son
27 April 1782 14 March 1793 2nd Baroness Dynevor Cecil de Cardonnel William Talbot, 1st Earl Talbot, father George Talbot Rice, son
16 May 1778 27 January 1784 de jure 12th Baroness Darcy de Knayth
9th Baroness Conyers
Amelia (Darcy) Osborne Marchioness of Carmarthen Robert Darcy, father George Osborne, son
28 April 1786 8 January 1840 6th Countess of Loudoun Flora Mure-Campbell Marchioness of Hastings James Mure-Campbell, father George Rawdon-Hastings, son
2 October 1789 11 April 1808 16th Baroness Botreaux
15th Baroness Hungerford
13th Baroness de Moleyns
13th Baroness Hastings de Hastings
12th Baroness Hastings de Hungerford
Elizabeth (Hastings) Rawdon Countess of Moira Francis Hastings, brother Francis Rawdon-Hastings, son
10 May 1791 30 December 1831 4th Countess of Orkney Mary (O'Brien) FitzMaurice Mary O'Brien, mother Thomas FitzMaurice, grandson

19th century

Date inherited Date of death
or other loss of title
Title Name Other titles
by marriage
Preceded in title by Succeeded in title by
1806 9 January 1831 21st Baroness de Ros Charlotte (Boyle Walsingham) FitzGerald-de Ros abeyant 1687-1806 (previously George Villiers, cousin) Henry FitzGerald-de Ros, son
29 October 1810 18 November 1858 20th Baroness Grey de Ruthyn Barbara Rawdon-Hastings Marchioness of Hastings Henry Yelverton, father Henry Rawdon-Hastings, son
17 June 1813 12 April 1823 2nd Baroness Barham Diana Noel Charles Middleton, father Charles Noel, son
25 February 1816 2 January 1831 9th Viscountess Massereene Harriet Skeffington Viscountess Ferrard Chichester Skeffington, father John Skeffington, son
9 March 1821 22 September 1840 7th Countess of Dysart Louisa Tollemache Manners Wilbraham Tollemache, brother Lionel Tollemache, grandson
10 March 1823 11 November 1867 2nd Baroness Keith Margaret Elphinstone de Flahault Comtesse de Flahault George Elphinstone, father Extinct
1837 7th Lady Nairne
not recognised
William Nairne, cousin Emily Petty-Fitzmaurice, daughter
14 February 1835 22 January 1855 2nd Baroness Basset Frances Basset Francis Basset, father Extinct
1856 16 May 1860 11th Baroness Wentworth Anne Isabella Byron Baroness Byron Thomas Noel, uncle
abeyant 1815–1856
Byron Noel-King, grandson
1868 23 January 1874 10th Countess of Loudoun Edith Rawdon-Hastings Henry Rawdon-Hastings, brother Charles Clifton, son
1888 17 November 1926 13th Baroness Conyers Marcia Pelham Countess of Yarborough Sackville Lane-Fox, father
abeyant 1895-1896
Sackville Pelham, son
1903 7th Baroness Fauconberg Joan Neville
abeyant 1490–1903
26 March 1889 17 October 1944 11th Lady Kinloss Mary Morgan-Grenville Richard Temple-Grenville, father Mary Freeman-Grenville, granddaughter
1896 31 August 1971 11th Baroness Beaumont Mona (Stapleton) Fitzalan-Howard Baroness Howard of Glossop Miles Stapleton, father
abeyant 1888-1892
Miles Stapleton-Fitzalan-Howard, son

20th century

Date inherited Date of death
or other loss of title
Title Name Other titles
by marriage
Preceded in title by Succeeded in title by
1903 29 April 1929 16th Baroness Darcy de Knayth Violet Herbert Countess of Powis Sackville Lane-Fox, father
abeyant 1490-1903
Mervyn Herbert, son
28 August 1906 18 June 1917 14th Baroness Wentworth Ada King-Milbanke Ralph King-Milbanke, father Anne Blunt, aunt
29 April 1907 4 May 1939 25th Baroness de Ros Mary (FitzGerald-de Ros) Dawson Countess of Dartrey Dudley FitzGerald-de Ros, father Una Ross, daughter
abeyant 1939–1943
1908 28 August 1945 12th Lady Herries of Terregles Gwendolen Fitzalan-Howard Duchess of Norfolk Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, father Bernard Fitzalan-Howard, son
12 January 1912 26 February 1959 2nd Duchess of Fife HH Princess Alexandra of Fife HRH Princess Arthur of Connaught Alexander Duff, father James Carnegie, nephew
25 March 1913 24 December 1936 2nd Viscountess Wolseley Frances Garnet Wolseley Garnet Joseph Wolseley, father Extinct
21 January 1914 18 August 1926 2nd Baroness Strathcona and Mount Royal Margaret Howard Donald Alexander Smith, father Donald Sterling Palmer Howard, son
14 November 1914 9 October 1944 2nd Countess Roberts Aileen Roberts Frederick Roberts, father Ada Lewin, sister
12 November 1915 30 September 1969 12th Countess of Seafield Nina Studley-Herbert James Ogilvie-Grant, father Ian Ogilvie-Grant, son
18 June 1917 15 December 1917 15th Baroness Wentworth Anne Blunt Ada King-Milbanke, niece Judith Blunt-Lytton, daughter
15 December 1917 8 August 1957 16th Baroness Wentworth Judith Blunt-Lytton Anne Blunt, mother Noel Lytton, son
3 July 1918 20 July 1958 2nd Viscountess Rhondda Margaret Mackworth David Alfred Thomas, father Extinct
17 May 1920 24 February 1960 12th Countess of Loudoun Edith Abney-Hastings Charles Clifton, uncle Barbara Abney-Hastings, daughter
7 March 1921 23rd Baroness Botreaux
20th Baroness Hastings
Charles Rawdon-Hastings, uncle
abeyant 1920-1921
7th Baroness Stanley Ferdinando Stanley
abeyant 1594-1921
23 February 1921 12 December 1974 14th Baroness Strange Elizabeth Philipps Viscountess St Davids Jestyn Philipps, son
22nd Baroness Hungerford
21st Baroness de Moleyns
Charles Clifton, uncle
abeyant 1920-1921
20 March 1925 9 February 1966 2nd Baroness Ravensdale Irene Curzon, 2nd Baroness Ravensdale Baroness Ravensdale of Kedleston
created for life
George Curzon, father Nicholas Mosley, nephew
1935 2 June 1975 10th Countess of Dysart Wenefryde Scott William Tollemache, uncle Rosamund Greaves, daughter
24 January 1941 16 May 1978 23rd Countess of Erroll Diana Hay (Moncreiffe) Josslyn Hay, father Merlin Hay, son
March 1943 24 February 2008 18th Baroness Darcy de Knayth Davina Ingrams Mervyn Herbert, father Caspar Ingrams, son
1943 9 October 1956 26th Baroness de Ros Una Dawson Ross Mary Dawson, mother Georgiana Maxwell, granddaughter
abeyant 1956–1958
17 October 1944 30 September 2012 12th Lady Kinloss Mary Freeman-Grenville Mary Morgan-Grenville, grandmother Teresa Freeman-Grenville, daughter
9 October 1944 1955 3rd Countess Roberts Ada Lewin Aileen Roberts, sister Extinct
16 April 1956 17 April 1982 11th Lady Ruthven of Freeland Bridget (Hore-Ruthven) (Howard) Monckton Countess of Carlisle
by first marriage
Viscountess Monckton of Brenchley
by second marriage
Walter Hore-Ruthven, father Charles Howard, son
1958 21 April 1983 27th Baroness de Ros Georgiana Maxwell Una Ross, grandmother
abeyant 1956-1958
Peter Maxwell, son
24 February 1960 1 November 2002 13th Countess of Loudoun Barbara (Huddleston) Abney-Hastings Edith Abney-Hastings, mother Michael Abney-Hastings, son
1 February 1963 9 December 2019 24th Countess of Sutherland Elizabeth Sutherland George Sutherland-Leveson-Gower, uncle Alistair Charles St. Clair Sutherland, eldest son  
26 May 1966 21 September 1974 11th Countess of Kintore Ethel Sydney Keith-Falconer Viscountess Stonehaven Arthur George Keith-Falconer, brother James Ian Baird, son
22 July 1969 4 May 1974 10th Baroness Wharton Elisabeth Kemeys-Tynte John Kemeys-Tynte, brother Myrtle Robertson, daughter
abeyant 1974–1990
1970 25 December 2012 27th Baroness Dacre Rachel Douglas-Home Thomas Brand, father
abeyant 1965-1970
James Douglas-Home, son
22 April 1971 1990 2nd Baroness Portal of Hungerford Rosemary Portal Charles Portal, father Extinct
31 January 1975 25 November 2014 14th Lady Herries of Terregles Anne Cowdrey Baroness Cowdrey of Tonbridge Bernard Fitzalan-Howard, father Mary Mumford, sister
21 April 1975   31st Countess of Mar Margaret (Lane) of Mar James of Mar, father  
1982 11 March 2005 16th Baroness Strange Cherry Drummond of Megginch John Drummond, father Adam Drummond, son
29 March 1983 28th Baroness Willoughby de Eresby Nancy Jane Marie Heathcote-Drummond-Willoughby James Heathcote-Drummond-Willoughby, father  
1975 2003 11th Countess of Dysart Rosamund Greaves Wenefryde Scott, mother Katherine Grant, sister
27 August 1979 13 June 2017 2nd Countess Mountbatten of Burma Patricia Knatchbull Baroness Brabourne Louis Mountbatten, father Norton Knatchbull, son
31 August 1979   21st Lady Saltoun Flora Fraser Alexander Fraser, father  
19 Dec. 1985 8th Baroness Braye Mary Penelope Verney-Cave[1]
1990 15 May 2000 11th Baroness Wharton Myrtle Robertson Elisabeth Kemeys-Tynte, mother
abeyant 1974–1990
Myles Robertson, son
30 June 1995 16th Baroness Berners Pamela Vivien Kirkham Vera Ruby Williams, mother
abeyant 1992-1995
May 1999 11th Baroness Arlington Jennifer Nelson Forwood John FitzRoy, uncle
abeyant 1936-1999

21st century

Date inherited Date of death
or other loss of title
Title Name Other titles Preceded in title by Succeeded in title by
17 December 2003 8 November 2011 12th Countess of Dysart Katherine Grant Rosamund Greaves, sister John Grant, son
25 June 2004 10th Baroness Howard de Walden Mary Hazel Caridwen Czernin John Osmael Scott-Ellis, father
abeyant 1999-2004
17 May 2012 2 March 2013 9th Baroness Fauconberg
15th Baroness Conyers
Diana Miller Countess of Mértola Sackville George Pelham, father
abeyant 1948-2012
titles abeyant
30 September 2012 13th Lady Kinloss Teresa Freeman-Grenville Mary Freeman-Grenville, mother
8 May 2014 29th Baroness Dacre Emily Douglas-Home James Douglas-Home, father
25 November 2014 7 April 2017 15th Lady Herries of Terregles Mary Mumford Anne Cowdrey, sister Jane Kerr, sister
7 April 2017 16th Lady Herries of Terregles Jane Kerr Marchioness of Lothian Mary Mumford, sister
2019 9th Lady Balfour of Burleigh Victoria Bruce-Winkler Robert Bruce, father

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