List of Platform Game Series
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List of Platform Game Series
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This article gives a list of platform game series, i.e. video games of the "platform" genre. There are both 2D and 3D variants of such games, with the latter becoming more prevalent from the 32/64-bit era and up to the present.

2D sidescroller/platformer

Platformer or sidescrolling game series that originated in 2D.

2.5D sidescroller/platformers

A mix of 2D gameplay/3D style gameplay. See 2.5D.

3D platformers

Platformer series that were born in 3D.

2D sidescroller/platformer to 3D platformer game series

Game series that were born as a 2D sidescroller/platformer in the first game and evolved into 3D at some point in their sequels.


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