List of Rivers of Mississippi
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List of Rivers of Mississippi

The list of rivers in Mississippi includes any rivers that flow through part of the State of Mississippi. The major rivers in Mississippi are the Mississippi River, Pearl River, Pascagoula River and the Tombigbee River, along with their main tributaries: the Tallahatchie River, Yazoo River, Big Black River, Leaf River, and the Chickasawhay River. However, other tributaries vary in size, with some also draining rather sizable areas of Mississippi (Also see list below: Alphabetically).

The various rivers, with their tributaries, can be organized by drainage basin, as shown in the related maps below.

By drainage basin

This list is arranged by drainage basin, with respective tributaries indented under each larger stream's name. All rivers in Mississippi eventually flow into the Gulf of Mexico.

Tombigbee River basin
Pascagoula Drainage Basin
Pearl Drainage Basin
Mississippi River


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