List of Social Fraternities and Sororities
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List of Social Fraternities and Sororities

Social or general fraternities and sororities, in the North American fraternity system, are those that do not promote a particular profession (as professional fraternities are) or discipline (such as service fraternities and sororities). Instead, their primary purposes are often stated as the development of character, literary or leadership ability, or a more simple social purpose. Some organizations in this list have a specific major listed as a traditional emphasis. These organizations are social organizations which cater to students in those majors. Other organizations listed have a traditional emphasis in a specific religion or ethnic background, such as Christian fraternities and sororities. Despite this emphasis, most organizations have non-discrimination membership policies.

Fraternity is usually understood to mean a social organization composed only of men, and sorority one of women, although many women's organizations and co-ed organizations also refer to themselves as fraternities. For the purposes of this article, national also includes international organizations, and local refers to organizations that are composed of only one chapter. This list of North American fraternities and sororities is not exhaustive and does not include local organizations that do not have Wikipedia articles.


Organization Symbol Greek or Latin crest writing[1] Founded Affiliation Traditional emphasis
Acacia (Chapters) AKAKIA ?

(Human Service)

1904 NIC Masonic (Masonic membership no longer required)
Adelphikos [sic] [sic]


1913 Local, Grove City College Christian
Alpha Chi Alpha Fidelis et Suavis

(Loyal and sweet)

1919 Local, Dartmouth College Traditional
Alpha Chi Rho (Chapters) ?

(Be Men)

1895 NIC Traditional
Alpha Delta Leadership, Brotherhood, Service 2007 Service
Alpha Delta Gamma (Chapters) ? [sic]

(Known by friends)

1924 NIC Jesuit
Alpha Delta Phi (Chapters) MANUS MULTAE COR UNUM

(many hands one heart)

1832 NIC Originally a secret literary society, now traditional
Alpha Epsilon Pi (Chapters) ? 1913 NIC Jewish
Alpha Gamma Omega ? 1927 Unaffiliated national Christian
Alpha Gamma Rho (Chapters) ? [sic] 1904 NIC Agricultural
Alpha Kappa Lambda (Chapters) ? [sic]

(Truth and the Word)

1914 NIC Traditional
Alpha Phi Alpha (Chapters) ? ? 1906 NIC, NPHC African-American
Alpha Phi Delta FACIAMUS (We Do) 1914 NIC Italian-American

(The cause is hidden, the results well-known)

1845 NIC Originally a sophomore society, now traditional
Alpha Tau Omega (Chapters) 1865 NIC Founded on Christian principles, now traditional
Beta Chi Theta (Chapters) ? ? 1999 NIC, NAPA South Asian
Beta Epsilon Gamma Gamma Alpha Rho Sigma ? 1923 Local, Loyola University New Orleans Jesuit
Beta Sigma Phi (Chapters) Vita Scientia Amicitia 1931[2] Unaffiliated national Christian
Beta Sigma Psi (Chapters) PER ASPERA AD ASTRA

(through adversity to the stars)

1925 NIC Christian
Beta Theta Pi (Chapters) 1839 NIC Traditional
Beta Upsilon Chi 1985 NIC Christian
Bones Gate BG 1901 Local, Dartmouth College Traditional
Chi Gamma Epsilon 1905 (1987) Local, Dartmouth College Traditional
Chi Heorot ?H 1897 Local, Dartmouth College Traditional
Chi Phi (Chapters) 1824 NIC Traditional
Chi Psi (Chapters) 1841 NIC Traditional
Delphic of Gamma Sigma Tau [sic]


1871 Unaffiliated national Multicultural, originally literary society, traditional/social
Delta Chi (Chapters) LEGES


1890 NIC Originally a law fraternity, now traditional
Delta Psi 1850 Local, University of Vermont (currently inactive) Originally secret literary society, now traditional
Delta Epsilon Psi 1998 NIC South Asian
Delta Kappa Epsilon (Chapters) ? ?´ [sic]

(Brothers From The Heart, Forever)

1844 NIC Originally secret society, now traditional
Delta Lambda Phi 1986 NIC Gay, bisexual, progressive
Delta Rho Upsilon 1929 Local, Carroll University Local/traditional
Delta Omega Epsilon 1985 Unaffiliated national Traditional and multicultural
Delta Phi (Chapters) 1827 NIC Originally secret society, now traditional
Delta Phi Omega (Chapters) 1998 Unaffiliated national South Asian
Delta Sigma Phi (Chapters) 1899 NIC Traditional/social
Delta Tau Delta (Chapters) 1858 NIC Originally literary society, now traditional
Delta Theta Sigma ? [sic] 1906 Unaffiliated national Agricultural
Delta Upsilon (Chapters) ?

(Justice, our foundation)

1834 NIC Traditional
FarmHouse (Chapters) FH 1905 NIC Originally agricultural, traditional
Gamma Zeta Alpha (Chapters) 1987 NALFO Latino
Iota Nu Delta ?

(eternal brotherhood)

1994 NIC South Asian
Iota Phi Theta 1963 NIC, NPHC African-American
Kappa Alpha Order DIEU ES LES DAMES

(God and the ladies)

1865 NIC Traditional/social
Kappa Alpha Society (Chapters) 1825 NIC Originally literary society, traditional/social
Kappa Alpha Psi (Chapters) [sic]



for the true belief in philanthropy)

1911 NIC, NPHC African-American
Kappa Delta Phi (Chapters)

(Kappa Delta Phi)

1900 NIC Traditional
Kappa Delta Rho (Chapters) Honor Super Omnia

(Above all honor)

1905 NIC Traditional
Kappa Kappa Kappa 1842 Local, Dartmouth College Traditional
Kappa Sigma (Chapters) 1869 Unaffiliated international Traditional
Lambda Alpha Upsilon (Chapters) Venceremos Porque Nacimos Para Triunfar

(We will overcome because we are born to triumph)

1985 NALFO Latino
Lambda Chi Alpha (Chapters) PER CRUSCEM CRESCENS


(Crescent in the Cross

Every man a man)

1909 Unaffiliated international Traditional
Lambda Iota Society 1836 Local, University of Vermont Originally secret literary society, traditional
Lambda Phi Epsilon (Chapters)

(Leaders Among Men)

1981 NIC, NAPA Asian
Lambda Sigma Upsilon (Chapters) Latinos Siempre Unidos

(Latinos Always United)

1979 NALFO, NIC Latino
Lambda Theta Phi (Chapters) 1975 NALFO, NIC Latino
Lambda Upsilon Lambda (Chapters) La Unidad Para Siempre

(The Unity Forever)

1982 NALFO Latino
Nu Alpha Kappa (Chapters) 1988 NIC Latino
Nu Sigma Beta 1937 CIPFI Puerto Rican

(One honest integrous leadership )

1987 NIC Originally Latino, now multicultural
Omega Phi Gamma


(?ound by Honor

Rise above All)

(Latin phrase written in Greek characters)

1995 Unaffiliated national Asian, multicultural
Omega Psi Phi (Chapters) 1911 NPHC African-American
Phi Beta Sigma (Chapters) 1914 NIC, NPHC African-American
Phi Delta Alpha 1884 Local, Dartmouth College Traditional
Phi Delta Gamma 1942 CIPFI Puerto Rican
Phi Delta Psi 1977 Unaffiliated national African-American
Phi Delta Theta (Chapters) ? ?

(One man is no man)

1848 Unaffiliated international Originally nonsectarian, traditional
Phi Epsilon Chi Yo soy Phi Epsilon de corazón

(I am Phi Epsilon from the heart)

1943 CIPFI Puerto Rican
Phi Eta Kappa 1906 Local, University of Maine Traditional
Phi Eta Mu 1923 CIPFI Puerto Rican
Phi Gamma Delta (Chapters) / FIJI ?

(Friendship, the Sweetest Influence)

1848 NIC Traditional

(Always ready always joined)

1931 NIC Latino
Phi Kappa Pi ?

(We are raised Canadians in philadelphy)

1913 Unaffiliated, Canadian national Traditional
Phi Kappa Psi (Chapters) 1852 NIC Originally service, traditional
Phi Kappa Sigma (Chapters) STELLIS AEQUUS DURANDO

(Equal to the Stars in Endurance)

1850 NIC Originally secret order, traditional
Phi Kappa Tau (Chapters) ? ?

(Is worthy of the victory)

1906 NIC Traditional
Phi Kappa Theta (Chapters) 1889 NIC Originally Catholic, traditional
Phi Lambda Chi (Chapters) 1925 NIC Traditional
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 1898 NIMC Music
Phi Mu Delta (Chapters) 1918 NIC Originally Commons Club, traditional
Phi Rho Eta 1994 Unaffiliated national African-American
Phi Sigma Alpha (Chapters) OMNE RARUM CARUM

(all that is rare is wanted)

1928 CIPFI Puerto Rican/Hispanic
Phi Sigma Gamma 1915-1916 Unaffiliated national Osteopathic medicine
Phi Sigma Kappa (Chapters) 1873 NIC Traditional
Phi Sigma Nu 1996 Unaffiliated national Native American
Phi Sigma Phi 1988 NIC Traditional
Pi Alpha Phi (Chapters) ? 1929 NAPA Asian
Pi Delta Psi (Chapters) 1994 NAPA Asian
Pi Kappa Alpha 1868 NIC Traditional
Pi Kappa Phi (Chapters) ?

(Nothing shall tear us asunder)

1904 NIC Traditional
Pi Lambda Phi (Chapters) NOSTROS AMEMUS

(love our own)

1895 NIC Traditional
Psi Sigma Phi (Chapters) 1990 NMGC Multicultural
Psi Upsilon (Chapters) ?

(Unto us has befallen a mighty friendship)

1833 NIC Originally a literary society, now traditional
Seal and Serpent 1905 Local, Cornell University Traditional
Sigma Alpha Epsilon (Chapters) ? 1856 NIC Traditional
Sigma Alpha Mu (Chapters) ? 1909 NIC Originally Jewish, now traditional
Sigma Beta Rho (Chapters) 1996 NIC, NAPA Multicultural
Sigma Chi (Chapters) In Hoc Signo Vinces

(In This Sign You Shall Conquer)

1855 NIC Originally literary society, traditional
Sigma Delta Alpha Excelencia Y Lealtad Entre Hermanos

(Excellence and Loyalty Amongst Brothers)

1992 Unaffiliated national Latino
Sigma Lambda Beta (Chapters) 1986 Unaffiliated national Latino
Sigma Nu (Chapters) 1869 NIC Originally anti-hazing, traditional
Sigma Phi Delta (Chapters) 1924 NIC Engineering
Sigma Phi Epsilon (Chapters) 1901 Unaffiliated national Traditional
Sigma Phi Society 1827 NIC Originally secret society, traditional
Sigma Pi (Chapters) ?

(Reverend Faith)

1897 NIC Originally literary society, traditional
Sigma Tau Gamma (Chapters) 1920 NIC Originally literary society, traditional
Sigma Thêta Pi Fraternitas, animi excelsitas ac dignitas

(Fraternity, height and dignity of the soul)

2003 Unaffiliated national Francophone Greek
Tau Delta Phi 1910 NIC Jewish social
Tau Epsilon Phi (Chapters) 1910 NIC Jewish social
Tau Kappa Epsilon (Chapters) 1899 Unaffiliated international Traditional
Tau Phi Sigma 1992 NIC Service and social, multicultural
Tau Psi Omega 1996 MGC Multicultural, community service based
Theta Chi (Chapters) ?

(Assisting Hand)

1856 NIC Traditional/social
Theta Delta Chi (Chapters) ?

(Having united will)

1847 NIC Originally secret society, traditional/social
Theta Xi (Chapters) Juncti Juvant

(United they Serve)

1864 NIC Originally engineering, social
Triangle Fraternity (Chapters) ? Veritas Omnia Vincit

(Truth Conquers All)

1907 NIC Engineering, architecture, and science
Trojan Knights 1921 Local, University of Southern California Traditional
Zeta Beta Tau (Chapters) 1898 NIC Originally Jewish, traditional (no religious affiliation)
Zeta Chi ZX 1905 Local, Baker University Traditional
Zeta Phi Rho 1995 Unaffiliated national Multicultural
Zeta Psi (Chapters) 1847 NIC Traditional/social

Sororities and women's fraternities

Organization Symbol Greek or Latin crest writing[1] Founded Affiliation Traditional emphasis
Alpha Chi Omega ? ?

(Together Let Us Seek the Heights[3])

1885 NPC Originally music, now traditional
Alpha Delta Chi Katoptriozomai

(Reflected in mirror)

(Greek in Latin characters writing)

1925 Unaffiliated Christian
Alpha Delta Pi

(We live for each other)

1851 NPC Originally secret society, traditional
Alpha Epsilon Phi ? 1909 NPC Originally Jewish, traditional
Alpha Gamma Delta (Chapters) ? 1904 NPC Traditional
Alpha Kappa Alpha ? 1908 NPHC African-American
alpha Kappa Delta Phi ? 1990 NAPA Asian
Alpha Nu Omega 1988 UCCFS Christian
Alpha Omega Epsilon (Chapters) 1983 PFA Professional and social; engineering and technical sciences
Alpha Omicron Pi 1897 NPC Traditional
Alpha Phi

(Union hand in hand)

1872 NPC Traditional
Alpha Phi Gamma [sic] 1994 NAPA Asian
Alpha Pi Omega 1994 Unaffiliated Native American
Alpha Pi Phi[4] , , 2009 Unaffiliated international Traditional
Alpha Sigma Alpha (Chapters) ?

(Aspire, seek, attain)

1901 NPC Traditional
Alpha Sigma Kappa 1989 Unaffiliated national Math, architecture, engineering, and science
Alpha Sigma Rho 1998 NAPA Asian
Alpha Sigma Tau ? 1899 NPC Traditional
Alpha Xi Delta ?

("Realize your potential")

1893 NPC Traditional

(Life, Learning and Friendship)

1965 Unaffiliated Traditional
Ceres 1984 Unaffiliated Agricultural
Chi Delta Theta 1989 Asian, multicultural
Chi Eta Phi 1932 Unaffiliated Nursing
Chi Omega 1895 NPC Traditional
Chi Upsilon Sigma 1980 NALFO Latina
Delta Alpha Theta[5] 2005 Unaffiliated National Traditional
Delta Delta Delta ? ?

(Let us steadfastly love one another)

1888 NPC Traditional
Delta Gamma 1873 NPC Traditional
Delta Kappa Delta 1999 NAPA South Asian
Delta Pi[6] 1989 Unaffiliated National Jewish, Traditional
Delta Phi Epsilon ESSE QUAM VIDERI

(To be rather than to seem to be)

1917 NPC Non-sectarian
Delta Phi Nu[7] 2008 Unaffiliated National Traditional
Delta Phi Omega 1998 NAPA South Asian
Delta Psi Delta[8] 1991 Unaffiliated National Traditional
Delta Psi Epsilon ? [sic] 1999 UCCFS Christian
Delta Sigma Chi 1996 Unaffiliated national Multicultural
Delta Sigma Theta ? [sic] 1913 NPHC African-American
Delta Tau Lambda 1994 Unaffiliated national Latina
Delta Theta Tau 1903 Unaffiliated national Multicultural
Delta Xi Nu 1997 Unaffiliated national Multicultural
Delta Xi Phi 1994 NMGC Multicultural
Delta Zeta ?

(Via strong fire)

1902 NPC Traditional
Eta Gamma Delta 1928 CIPFI Puerto Rican
Gamma Alpha Omega Nos Una Crescemus

(United We Will Grow)

1993 NALFO Latina
Gamma Eta 1995 NMGC Multicultural
Gamma Phi Beta 1874 NPC Traditional
Gamma Rho Lambda 2003 Unaffiliated national LGBTQ
Kappa Alpha Theta ? ? 1870 NPC Traditional
Kappa Beta Gamma 1917 Unaffiliated international Traditional
Kappa Delta ?

(Seeking the good)

1897 NPC Traditional
Kappa Delta Chi 1987 NALFO Latina
Kappa Kappa Gamma 1870 NPC Traditional
Kappa Sigma Psi[9] 2016 Unaffiliated national Multicultural/Traditional

(Sisterhood, Service, Diversity)

1995 NAPA Asian
Kappa Theta Epsilon ?

(Reach New Heights)

(Latin phrase written in Greek characters)

2009 Unaffiliated national Lesbian
Lambda Pi Chi 1988 NALFO Latina
Lambda Pi Upsilon 1992 NALFO Latina
Lambda Psi Delta 1997 NMGC Multicultural
Lambda Sigma Gamma 1986 NMGC Multicultural
Lambda Tau Omega 1988 NMGC Multicultural
Lambda Theta Alpha 1975 NALFO Latina
Lambda Theta Nu 1986 NALFO Latina
Mu Alpha Phi 1927 CIPFI Puerto Rican
Mu Epsilon Theta 1987 Unaffiliated national Catholic
Mu Sigma Upsilon Mujeres Siempre Unidas

(Women Always United)

1981 NMGC Multicultural
National Society of Pershing Angels 1962 Unaffiliated Military drill
Omega Phi Beta 1989 NALFO Multicultural
Omega Phi Chi 1988 NMGC Multicultural
Omicron Epsilon Pi 2000 Unaffiliated African American
Phi Beta Chi Amor Via Vitae in Christo

(Love through Life in Christ)

1978 Unaffiliated national Lutheran
Phi Mu (Chapters) Les Soeurs Fideles

(The Faithful Sisters)

1852 NPC Traditional
Phi Sigma Rho ?

(Together we are building the future)

1984 Unaffiliated national Engineering
Phi Sigma Sigma (Chapters) ?

(Aim high)

1913 NPC Non-sectarian
Pi Beta Phi (Chapters) 1867 NPC Originally secret, traditional
Sigma Alpha 1978 PFA Agriculture
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi ? 1998 Unaffiliated national Jewish
Sigma Alpha Omega 1998 Unaffiliated national Christian
Sigma Delta Tau Patriae Multae Spes Una

(One Hope of Many People)

1917 NPC Non-sectarian
Sigma Gamma Rho 1922 NPHC African-American
Sigma Iota Alpha Semper Unum et Inseparabilis

(Always One and Inseparable)

1990 NALFO Latina
Sigma Kappa 1874 NPC Traditional
Sigma Lambda Alpha 1992 Unaffiliated national Latina
Sigma Lambda Gamma (Chapters) 1990 Unaffiliated national Latina
Sigma Lambda Upsilon 1987 NALFO Latina
Sigma Omicron Epsilon 1997 Unaffiliated Native American
Sigma Omicron Pi 1930 NAPA Asian
Sigma Phi Lambda 1988 Unaffiliated national Christian
Sigma Phi Omega 1949 Unaffiliated national Asian
Sigma Pi Alpha 1996 Unaffiliated Chicana/Latina
Sigma Psi Zeta 1994 NAPA Asian
Sigma Sigma Sigma ?

(Faithful unto death)

1898 NPC Traditional
Tau Sigma Phi[10] 2007 Unaffiliated National Traditional
Theta Nu Xi 1997 NMGC Multicultural
Theta Phi Alpha 1912 NPC Originally Catholic, traditional
Zeta Chi Phi 2003 Unaffiliated national Multicultural
Zeta Phi Beta ? ?

(labour always wins)

1920 NPHC African-American
Zeta Sigma Chi ?




I am keeping the dream alive


1991 Unaffiliated national Multicultural
Zeta Tau Alpha 1898 NPC Traditional

Coeducational fraternities

Coeducational fraternities permit both male and female members.

Organization Symbol Greek or Latin crest writing[1] Founded Affiliation Traditional emphasis
Alpha Nu Omega (Chapters) 1988 UCCFS Christian coed fraternity
Alpha Theta 1920 Local, Dartmouth College Traditional
Alpha Delta Phi Society 1832 Unaffiliated national Literary and traditional
Alpha Psi Lambda 1985 NALFO Latino
St. Anthony Hall (Delta Psi) 1847 Unaffiliated national Literary and social
Lambda Lambda Lambda Insisto Duodecim

(Follow the Twelve)

2006 Unaffiliated national Traditional
Theta Delta Sigma ? 2001 Unaffiliated national Multicultural
Delta Lambda Psi 2005 Local, University of California at Santa Cruz LGBTQ
Delta Omicron Continenter nitentes consequimur

(Continually striving we attain)

1909 NIMC Music
Zeta Delta Xi 1852 Local, Brown University Traditional
Kappa Gamma Psi 1913 Local, Ithaca College Performing arts
Phi Tau 1905 Local, Dartmouth College Traditional
Psi Upsilon ?

(Unto us has befallen a mighty friendship)

1833 NIC Traditional

Defunct national organizations

Organization Symbol Operated/merged
Alpha Delta Theta 1919 - 1939, Phi Mu
Alpha Kappa Psi 1900 - 1920
Beta Phi Alpha 1919 - 1941, Delta Zeta
Delta Kappa Fraternity 1920 - 1964, Sigma Pi
Delta Sigma Epsilon 1914 - 1956, Delta Zeta
Iota Alpha Pi 1903 - 1971
Kappa Phi Lambda 1862 - 1874
Lambda Omega 1915 - 1933, Delta Zeta
Pi Delta Kappa 1907 - 1913, Chi Omega
Pi Kappa Sigma 1894 - 1959, Sigma Kappa
Pi Lambda Sigma 1903 - 1959, Beta Phi Mu
Sigma Iota 1904 - 1931, Phi Iota Alpha
Phi Omega Pi 1922 - 1946, Delta Zeta
Phi Lambda Alpha 1919 - 1931, Phi Iota Alpha
Theta Kappa Nu 1924 - 1939, Lambda Chi Alpha
Theta Upsilon 1921 - 1962, Delta Zeta

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