List of Stadtholders For the Low Countries Provinces
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List of Stadtholders For the Low Countries Provinces

This is a list of stadtholders for the Low Countries provinces.


The stadtholder originally was the representative of the Duchy of Burgundy, and later on, the Habsburg Monarchy in the Seventeen Provinces. After the Dutch Revolt against Habsburg Spain, the function was kept to honor the nobles which represented the Dutch Republic, without allowing the nobles to become monarchs.

Each province elected their own Stadtholder. During the Eighty Years' War, some areas had two stadholders: those nominated by the Habsburgs, and those elected by the individual provinces of the Dutch Republic.

By county, duchy, and lordship

County of Drenthe

Lordship of Frisia

Lordship of Groningen

Duchy of Guelders

Upper Guelders

County of Hainaut

County of Holland, Zeeland, and Utrecht

The stadtholdership of Holland and Zealand has always been combined. Since the office was instituted there in 1528, the stadtholder of Utrecht has been the same as the one of Holland, with one exception. In 1572, William of Orange was elected as the stadtholder, although Philip II had appointed a different one.

During the First Stadtholderless Period, the provinces of Holland, Zealand and Utrecht were governed by their States free from autocratic intervention. The Second Stadtholderless Period in Holland ended when the Frisian stadtholder became hereditary stadtholder for all provinces of the Dutch Republic.

Duchy of Luxemburg

Lordship of Overijssel

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