List of Statues in Western Australia
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List of Statues in Western Australia

This is a list of public art on permanent public display in Perth and other locations in Western Australia.

The list applies only to works of public art accessible in an outdoor public space; it does not include artwork on display inside a museum. Most of the works mentioned are sculptures, although several notable memorials are listed also. Public art may include statues, sculptures, monuments, memorials, murals and mosaics.

In 1989 the Western Australian state government established a "Percent for Art" policy.[1] The scheme which enacts the policy is administered by the Department of Culture and the Arts and requires that up to one percent of the construction budget for new public works over $2,000,000, be expended on public artwork. The Town of Vincent was the first Local government authority to have a similar scheme. It requires that "commercial, non-residential, and/or mixed residential/commercial developments over $1,000,000 are to set aside a minimum of one per cent of the estimated total project cost for the development to be used for public artworks."[2] Over 700 works have been installed under the state government scheme since 1989.[3]

Perth CBD

Includes public artworks in the Perth CBD. Excludes the Northbridge precinct and the Perth Cultural Centre, Kings Park, East Perth and Claisebrook Cove.

Name Image Location Artist Year
"Ascalon"[4] Public art - Ascalon, St Georges Cathedral, Perth.jpg St George's Cathedral, Perth Marcus Canning, Christian de Vietri 2009
Percy Buttons' Aspiration Public art - Percy Buttons Aspiration, Perth.jpg Hay Street Mall, Perth Joan Walsh-Smith & Charles Smith 1996
Aurelia Apartments[5]
South Perth, Western Australia Jon Tarry 2018
Fusion Apartments[6]
Riversdale Road, Burswood, Western Australia Jon Tarry 2016
Bessie Rischbieth Statue[7] E37 Elizabeth Quay (1Feb2016) 39.JPG Elizabeth Quay Jon Tarry 2016
Conic Fugue (Enigma) Public art - Conic Fugue (Enigma).jpg QV1 Building, Corner St Georges Terrace and Milligan Street, Perth Charles O. Perry 1991
"Connect(us)" Connect(us) by Warren Langley (2016).jpg Kings Square, Perth Warren Langley 2016
Sir Charles Court[8] Corner Mount St and St Georges Terrace Tony Jones 2011
"First Contact"[9] E37 Elizabeth Quay (1Feb2016) 14.JPG Elizabeth Quay Laurel Nannup 2015[10]
"Footsteps in Time" St Martins Tower statues.jpg 40-50 St Georges Terrace, Perth Joan Walsh-Smith, Charles Smith 2004
Alexander Forrest AlexanderForrestStatue gobeirne crop.jpg Stirling Gardens entrance, Barrack Street and St Georges Terrace, Perth Pietro Porcelli 1916
"Going Home" (Kangaroos with Briefcases) Public art - Kangaroos with Briefcases.jpg Florence Hummerston Reserve, Corner Mount Street and St Georges Terrace, Perth Anne Neil 1996
"Grow Your Own"[11]

(colloquially named "The Cactus")[12]

OIC perth cbd green sculpture.jpg Forrest Place, Perth James Angus 2011
Gumnut Babies Public art - Gumnut Babies, Stirling Gardens, Perth 2.jpg Stirling Gardens, Perth Claire Bailey, Indra Geidans 2001
Bishop Mathew Hale Public art - Bishop Hale.jpg The Cloisters, St Georges Terrace, Perth Greg James 2008
Talbot Hobbs Public art- Talbot Hobbs, Perth.jpg Supreme Court Gardens, Perth Edward Kohler, Alex Winning 1940
"Irrational Geometrics" IrrationalGeometrics Perth.jpg Kings Square, Perth Pascal Dombis & Gil Percal 2016
"Judith"[13] Howard St Karin Tulloch 1936. Bronze casting in 2008
"Kangaroos on the Terrace"[14] Public art- Kangaroos, Perth2.jpg Stirling Gardens St Georges Terrace Perth Joan Walsh-Smith, Charles Smith 1997
"Memory Markers"[15][16] Public art - Pen Nibs, Stirling Gardens, Perth.jpg Stirling Gardens, Perth Anne Neil 2005
Meteorite (Fire... Water... Earth) HPIM4557.JPG Forrest Place, Perth Malcolm McGregor 2000
Migrants Memorial Public art - Migrants memorial, Perth.jpg Ozone Reserve, Corner Plain Street and Riverside Drive, Perth A.J.N Macdonald & Associates 2008
"Harmony of Minerals Obelisk" aka "The Ore Obelisk" Public art- Ore Obelisk2 Perth.jpg Stirling Gardens, Perth Paul Ritter and Ralph Hibble 1971
"Oushi zokei" (Mobius in space)[17] Public art - Mobius in space, Perth.jpg Elizabeth Quay railway station, Perth Keizo Ushio 2010
Paper Planes Public art - Paper Planes, 237 Adelaide Tce, Perth.jpg 237 Adelaide Terrace, Perth
People in the City Public art - People in the City, Perth.jpg Central Park, Corner Hay and William Streets, Perth Anne Neil 1999
John Septimus Roe Public art - JS Roe, Perth.jpg Corner Victoria Avenue and Adelaide Terrace, Perth Greg James 1990
"Signature Ring"[18] Barrack Square Simon Gauntlett and Matthew Ngui
"Spanda"[19] Elizabeth Quay February 2016 Spanda.JPG Elizabeth Quay Christian de Vietri 2016
Captain James Stirling Public art- James Stirling, Perth.jpg City of Perth Library Clement P Somers 1979
"The Strike" (Miners) Miners statue, Perth Mint.jpg Perth Mint, Perth Greg James 1991
Bronze Swans Public art - Black Swans, Barrack Square, Perth.jpg Swan Bell Tower, Barrack Square, Perth Sue Flavell, Gina Moore 2000
"Totem" Totem by Geoffrey Drake-Brockman (2012).jpg Perth Arena, Perth Geoffrey Drake-Brockman 2012
Unidentified Photographer Public art - Unknown photographer, Barracks Arch, Perth.jpg Barracks Arch, Corner Barrack Street and Elder Street, Perth Anne Neil, Greg James 1996
De Vlamingh Memorial DeVlaminghgedenk.jpg Barrack Square, Perth Joan Walsh-Smith, Charles Smith 2008

Northbridge/Perth Cultural Centre

Public artworks in the Northbridge precinct and around Perth Cultural Centre.

Name Image Location Artist Year
"Arch"[20] Public art - Arch, Northbridge.jpg Corner of Lake and James Streets, Northbridge Lorenna Grant 2010
"Between 1979-1980"[21] Clement Meadmore Perth 01.jpg Art Gallery, Perth Cultural Centre, James Street, Perth Clement Meadmore 1981
Der Rufer (The Caller) Public art - Der Rufer, Perth Cultural Centre.jpg Perth Cultural Centre Gerhard Marcks
Cast by Giesserie Barth, Berlin[22]
"Gateway 2: Coalesce"[23] Public art - Black and White, State Library, Perth.jpg Perth Cultural Centre, James Street, Perth
31°56.970?S 115°51.630?E / 31.949500°S 115.860500°E / -31.949500; 115.860500
Akio Makigawa 1987
"Luminous" Luminous 2015 by Geoffrey Drake-Brockman.jpg Chinatown, Rowe Street, Northbridge Geoffrey Drake-Brockman 2015
"Nexus" Public art - Nexus, Northbridge.jpg Plateia Hellas, Lake Street, Northbridge Simon Gauntlett 2002
"Spiral" Spiral by Geoffrey Drake-Brockman.jpg Perth Police Station, corner of Rowe and Fitzgerald Streets, Northbridge Geoffrey Drake-Brockman 2012
"Unfolding Lives"[24] Public art - Unfolding Lives, Northbridge.jpg Perth Cultural Centre, eastern end of the James Street mall, Northbridge Judith Forrest 2010

East Perth and Claisebrook Cove

Since the late 1980s, a major urban renewal project surrounding Claisebrook Cove has been underway, with abandoned industrial sites levelled and replaced with residential streetscapes and landscaped waterfronts. These have been interspersed with a good collection of public art.

Name Image Location Artist Year
"Channel Markers"/"Marker Seats" Public art - Channel markers, Claisebrook.jpg Claisebrook Cove Malcolm McGregor 1995
"Impossible Triangle" Public art - Impossible Triangle, Claisebrook.jpg East Parade Roundabout, East Perth Brian MacKay, Ahmad Abas 1999
Peter Pan Public art - Peter Pan, Queens Gardens, Perth.jpg Queens Gardens, East Perth George Frampton 1929
Concrete Poem Sculpture (Spiral Sculpture) Public art - concrete poem spiral, claisebrook.jpg Claisebrook Cove Rob Finlayson, PlanE
Edmund Rice Public art - Edmund Rice, Trinity College, Perth.jpg Centenary Park, Trinity College, East Perth
"Sea Queen" Public art - Sea Queen, Claisebrook.jpg Claisebrook Cove Tony Jones
"Shimmer" 6.6m x 4.9m x 8.0m, stainless steel[25] Shimmer, Claisebrook Cove.jpg Claisebrook Cove SURF (Jurek Wybraniec/Stephen Neille) 2012
"Shoreline Marker Posts" Public art - River Posts, Claisebrook.jpg Claisebrook Cove Malcolm McGregor 1995
"Standing Figure" Public art - Standing Figure, Claisebrook.jpg Claisebrook Cove Tony Jones
"The Red Surveyor" Public art - Red Surveyor, Claisebrook.jpg Corner Saunders and Glyde Streets, Claisebrook Cove Jon Tarry
Bronze figures (unknown title) Public art - 99 Plain St Perth.jpg 99 Plain Street, East Perth

Kings Park

The following list includes public artworks in Kings Park which is located on the outskirts of the Perth CBD. Kings Park was established as a public park in 1872 and contains a varied collection of public artworks ranging from early 20th century war monuments to life-sized dinosaur models. It is said to contain "more memorials, statues and honour avenues than any other park in Australia".[26]

Name Image Location Artist Year
Bali Memorial Public art - Bali Memorial, Kings Park.jpg Fraser Avenue, Kings Park David Jones, Kevin Draper 2003
The South African War Memorial
(originally "Fallen Soldiers Memorial")[27]
Public art - Boer War memorial, Kings Park Perth.jpg Fraser Avenue, Kings Park James White 1901
Bullockornis Bullockornis Kings Park SMC.jpg Synergy Park Land, Kings Park
Centenary of Western Australian Women's Suffrage Memorial Western Australia Botanic Garden, Kings Park Tony Jones 1999
Cenotaph, Eternal Flame and War Memorial Kings Park War Memorial Sunrise 2.jpg Fraser Avenue, Kings Park Designed by Sir J. Talbot Hobbs 1929
Arnold Cook Memorial Public Art-Arnold Cook, Kings Park, Western Australia.jpg Entrance to the Ivy Watson Playground, Kings Park
31°57?08?S 115°50?16?E / 31.95222°S 115.83778°E / -31.95222; 115.83778
Greg James 1989
Edith Dircksey Cowan Memorial Edith Dircksey Cowan Memorial2.jpg Fraser Avenue and Kings Park Road, Kings Park W. Ogilvy 1934
Diprotodon[28] Public art - Diprotodon, Kings Park Perth.jpg Synergy Park Land, Kings Park Travis Tischler 2010
Floral Clock Public art - Floral Clock, Kings Park.jpg Fraser Avenue, Kings Park Bequest from Frank Wittenoom 1962
"Lord Forrest" John Forrest statue at Kings Park.jpg Fraser Avenue and Lovekin Drive, Kings Park Sir Edgar Betram MacKennal 1927
Muttaburrasaurus Public art - Muttaburrasaurus, Kings Park Perth.jpg Synergy Park Land, Kings Park
George Leake Fountain Public art - George Leake Fountain, Kings Park, Perth.jpg Fraser Avenue, Kings Park 1902
Phytosaur[28] Public art - Phytosaur, Kings Park Perth.jpg Synergy Park Land, Kings Park Travis Tischler 2010
Pioneer Women's Memorial Public art - Pioneer Womens Memorial, Kings Park Perth.jpg Forrest Drive, Kings Park Margaret Priest 1968
Queen Victoria Public art - Queen Victoria, Kings Park Perth.jpg Fraser Avenue, Kings Park Francis John Williamson 1903
Vietnam Memorial Public art - Vietnam memorial pavilion, Kings Park Perth.jpg Synergy Park Land, Kings Park 2002
"Wood Be Good" Public Art-unnamed wood carving, ivy watson playground, kings park.jpg Ivy Watson Playground, Kings Park

South Perth

Public artworks within the City of South Perth.

Name Image Location Artist Year
Aurelian Modulations Aurelian Modulations - Public Art, South Perth, Western Australia.jpg 96 Mill Point Road, South Perth Jon Tarry[29] 2018


Public artworks within the City of Fremantle.

Name Image Location Artist Year
The Explorers' Monument (Maitland Brown Memorial) Explorers' Monument.JPG Esplanade Park, Fremantle Pietro Porcelli 1913
Child Migrant Statue Child Migrant statue, Fremantle.JPG Victoria Quay, Fremantle Joan Walsh-Smith, Charles Smith 2006
John Curtin John Curtin, Fremantle, Western Australia.jpg Kings Square, Fremantle Joan Walsh-Smith, Charles Smith 2005
Sir Hughie Edwards Statue of Hughie Edwards in Fremantle.jpg Kings Square, Fremantle Andrew Kay 2002
The Fishermen Fremantle fishing boat harbour.jpg Fishing Boat Harbour, Fremantle Greg James, Jon Tarry 2004
John Gerovich ("Mark of the Century") Gerovich statue.jpg Fremantle Oval, Fremantle Robert Hitchcock 2006
"Iris Series" 20 Ord Street, Fremantle Greg James 2009
C. Y. O'Connor CY OConnor Statue Fremantle.jpg Fremantle Port Authority entrance, Fremantle Pietro Porcelli 1911
Ribbon Sculpture Ribbon Sculpture.jpg Challenger TAFE, Fremantle
Sculptor Pietro Porcelli Pietro Porcelli, Fremantle.jpg Kings Square, Fremantle Greg James 1993
Bon Scott BonScottStatue3 gobeirne.jpg Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour, Fremantle Greg James 2008
Vasco da Gama (Portuguese Memorial) Esplanade Park, Fremantle Ciare Bailey, Edgar Nailor, John Kirkness 1997
Southern Crossing Victoria Quay Tony Jones and Ben Jones 2002
Tom Edwards Memorial Kings Square, Fremantle Pietro Porcelli 1919

Other metropolitan

Public artworks in the Perth metropolitan area and outside the Perth CBD and Kings Park.

Name Image Location Artist Year
Aboriginal Family Public Art-Aboriginal Family, Minim Cove, Perth.jpg Minim Cove, Mosman Park Greg James 1999
"Asteroids"[30] Public Art-Asteroids, Nedlands 009.jpg Broadway and The Avenue Roundabout, Nedlands Rick Vermey 2001
Bibbulmun Yorga woman and her dog Bibbulman Yorga woman and dog, Joondalup.jpg Neil Hawkins Park, Joondalup Ron Corbett
Norman Brearley Norman Brearley bust.jpg Perth Airport Gerard Darwin
Catalpa Memorial Catalpa Memorial.jpg Esplanade Road, Rockingham, Western Australia Joan Walsh-Smith, Charles Smith 2005
Henry Camfield Burswood Park, Henry Camfield.jpg Burswood Park Joan Walsh-Smith, Charles Smith 1992
Centaur Memorial (1874 shipwreck) Public art - Centaur Memorial, North Beach Perth.jpg North Beach Kevin Hayes 1979
"Centrefold"[31] Public Art-Centrefold, Cottesloe.jpg Marine Parade (north end), Cottesloe Mark Grey-Smith 2006
Dr Arnold Cook and Dreena Public art - Arnold Cook, Association for the Blind, Vic Park, Perth.jpg VisAbility (formerly the Association for the Blind), Kitchener Avenue, Victoria Park Greg James 2007
"Curl" Curl by Geoffrey Drake-Brockman.jpg Carter Lane Park, Subiaco Geoffrey Drake-Brockman 2015
John Curtin Cottesloe Civic Centre, Cottesloe Peter Gelencsér 1987
"The Dancer"[32] Public Art-The Dancer, Nedlands 001.jpg Sir Lawrence Jackson Courtyard, University of Western Australia Greg James 1979
Mary Durack and child, "the Storyteller" Public art - Mary Durack storyteller, Burswood, Perth.jpg Burswood Park, Burswood Joan Walsh-Smith, Charles Smith 1995
"Eliza" Eliza (artwork) 003.jpg Matilda Bay Tony Jones 2007
"Feathers" Public Art-Feathers, Swanbourne.jpg North Street and Marine Parade Roundabout, Swanbourne Anne Neil 2004
"Fledglings" Public Art-Fledglings, Shenton College, Perth.jpg Shenton College, Shenton Park Greg James 2000
May Gibbs Public art - May Gibbs, South Perth.jpg Windsor Park, South Perth Joan Walsh-Smith, Charles Smith 2005
"Girl With Two Dolphins" Public art - Girl with Two Dolphins, Galleria, Morley.jpg Centro Galleria, Morley Andrew Kay 1996
Gumnut Fountains (4 locations) ForrestField.jpg o Corner Kalamunda and Canning Roads, Kalamunda
o Corner Hale and Morrison Roads, Forrestfield
o Corner Kalamunda and Newburn Roads, High Wycombe
o City of Kalamunda offices entrance statement, 2 Railway Road, Kalamunda
Joan Walsh-Smith, Charles Smith -
Paddy Hannan Burswood Park, Paddy Hannan.jpg Burswood Park, Burswood Joan Walsh-Smith, Charles Smith 1998
"Here Birdy Birdy!"[33] Public art - Here Birdy, Inglewood Library.jpg Public Library, Inglewood Clare Bailey 2004
3 Children, "Hopscotch" Burswood Park, Hopscotch.jpg Burswood Park Joan Walsh-Smith, Charles Smith 1995
"Interlace" Interlace by Geoffrey Drake-Brockman.jpg Central Walk, Joondalup Geoffrey Drake-Brockman 2015
"Iris Metropolitan" Public art -Iris Metropolitan, Mt Lawley.jpg 81 Walcott Street, Mount Lawley Greg James 2008
unnamed Islamic artwork[34] Public art-Islamic sculpture, Bayswater, Western Australia.jpg Riverside Gardens, Bayswater Arif Satar. Commissioned by Dar Al Shifar (Inc.) 2005
"Lina"[33] Public art - Lina, City of Stirling Offices, Cedric Street, Stirling.jpg City of Stirling Offices, Cedric Street, Stirling Tony Jones 2005
"Lotus"[35] Edith Cowan University, Joondalup Nigel Helyer 2006
"Marble Bun"[35] Edith Cowan University, Joondalup Rodney Glick 2004
"Nurture and Growth" Scotch College, Swanbourne Greg James 1997
C. Y. O'Connor CyOconna.JPG C. Y. O'Connor Beach, North Coogee Tony Jones 1999
Herb Elliott and Shirley Strickland, "the Olympians" Burswood Park, Olympians.jpg Burswood Park, Burswood Joan Walsh-Smith, Charles Smith 2001
"Oneness"[35] Edith Cowan University, Joondalup Ron Gomboc 2003
"Pas de deux" Public art - pas de deux.jpg Belmont City College, Belmont Greg James 2000
"Peace" - Memorial to Fallen Soldiers Midland Workshops Memorial, Western Australia.jpg Midland Railway Workshops, Midland Pietro Porcelli 1925
Pitman and Walsh Memorial (marble) Pitman and Walsh Memorial, Perth.jpg Joondalup Police Academy.
Originally installed at The Police Barracks in James Street, Perth.
Constable Douglas Cummings (uncertain), official draftsman of the Police Traffic Department.[36] 1929[37]
"Readwrite" Readwrite by Geoffrey Drake-Brockman Image 2.jpg NEXTDC Data Centre, Malaga Geoffrey Drake-Brockman 2014
"Roundabout"[31] Public Art- Roundabout, Cottesloe.jpg Marine Parade (south end), Cottesloe Jennifer Cochrane 2007
Scouting monument Scout mem jamb 1979 1980 perry lakes gnangarra.jpg Perry Lakes 1982
"Sky Marker" Public art- Sky Pointer, Perth Airport.jpg Tarlton Crescent, Perth Airport Jon Tarry 2007
"Water Wing" Public art- Water Wing, Perth Airport.jpg Tarlton Crescent, Perth Airport Jon Tarry 2007
"Seed Carrier" Public art- Seed Carrier, Perth Airport.jpg Tarlton Crescent, Perth Airport Jon Tarry 2007
Socrates UWASocrates gobeirne.jpg University of Western Australia, Nedlands
"Speakers" Public art - Speakers, Vic Park Railway Station, Perth.jpg Victoria Park railway station 2010
"Spirit of the Community" Public art - Spirit of the Community, Belmont.jpg Belmont Civic Centre, Belmont Andrew Kay 1999
Tribanga III Station Street, Cottesloe Clara Hali 2008
unnamed bronze Public art - 356 Oxford Street, Leederville.jpg 356 Oxford Street, Leederville
unnamed bronze JoondalupPoliceAcademy 007.jpg Joondalup Police Academy
"Waterlines"[33] Public art - Waterlines, Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre, Perth.jpg Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre, Inglewood Tony Jones 2001
Vlamingh Memorial[38] Public Art-Vlamingh memorial, Cottesloe, Western Australia.jpg Cottesloe
Willem de Vlamingh Public art - Willem de Vlamingh, Burswood.jpg Burswood Park, Burswood Joan Walsh-Smith, Charles Smith
Aboriginal Tribal Leader Yagan Yagan Statue, Western Australia.jpg Heirisson Island, Perth Robert Hitchcock 1984


Includes artworks in Western Australian country and regional centres.

Name Image Location Artist Year
Aboriginal Female Pearl Diver[39] Foreshore, Broome Joan Walsh-Smith, Charles Smith 2010
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Middleton Beach, Albany
Antony Gormley Statues, Lake Ballard Lake Ballard WA.jpg Lake Ballard Antony Gormley 2003
Nicholas Baudin Nicolas Baudin Albany.jpg Albany Peter Gelencser 2005
Nicholas Baudin Baudin bust busselton gnangarra 05.JPG Busselton Peter Gelencser 2005
David Brand Shire of Irwin office foyer, Dongara
"Fish (the sea in her belly)" Fish (statue), Busselton Jetty, 2015 (02).JPG Busselton Jetty Nicole Mickle 2011
Lord Forrest Forrest bust LeBuse gnangarra.JPG Bunbury Mark Le Buse 1979
"Box Jellies" Geraldton Lotteries House - Sanford St, Geraldton Peter Zappa 2010
"Brother and Sister" Publicart-brother and sister, bunbury2.jpg Roundabout on Victoria Street, Bunbury Russell Sheridan
Camel Train (Tin Camels) Prinsep Street Roundabout, Norseman
"Circus Train - Slow Down" Leschenault Inlet Foreshore, Bunbury Alex Mickle, Nicole Mickle 2010
Desert Mounted Corps Memorial Desert Mounted Corps.jpg Mount Clarence, Albany Charles Gilbert, Paul Montford, Sir Bertram Mackennal 1968
"Red Dog" (The Pilbara Wanderer) Dampier Red Dog, Western Australia (cropped).jpg High Street, Dampier
Sir John Forrest St Paul's Place, Corner Victoria and Stephens Streets, Bunbury Mark Lebuse 1979
Paddy Hannan Kalgoorlie John MacLeod 1929
Hard Hat Pearl Diver Carnarvon Street, Broome Joan Walsh-Smith, Charles Smith 1999
Miners Monument Corner Burt and Lane Streets, Boulder Clement. P. Somers 1984
Mokare Mokare statue.jpg Albany Terry Humble 1997
"The Navigators" ("Gateway"/"Four Winds Monument") Australind Bypass Roundabout Bunbury Jon Tarry 2000
"Norseman" (Prospectors horse) Corner Roberts and Ramsay Streets, Norseman Robert Hitchcock
Onslow War Memorial Onslow Joan Walsh-Smith, Charles Smith 2006
"Patrick" (pelican) Mandurah Terrace, Mandurah Claire Bailey
Frederick Henry Piesse Public art - GH Piesse, Katanning.jpg Austral Terrace, Katanning Pietro Porcelli 1916
Brigadier A.W. Potts Public art - Brigadier A.W. Potts, Kojonup.jpg Kojonup Greg James 2007
"Shirely Shell"[40] Transperth Mandurah Station decoration.jpg Mandurah railway station, Mandurah
32°31?38?S 115°44?48?E / 32.527148°S 115.746621°E / -32.527148; 115.746621
Coral Lowry 2007
HMAS Sydney Memorial Western Australia - Geraldton - HMAS Sydney Memorial - 0097.jpg Mount Scott Park, Corner George Road and Brede Street, Geraldton Joan Walsh-Smith, Charles Smith 2001
Taking Tea (sculpture) Absolon Street, Dumbleyung Philip Shelton 2013
"Water Dance"[41] Water Dance.JPG Forrest Highway, Lake Clifton
32°37.860?S 115°48.884?E / 32.631000°S 115.814733°E / -32.631000; 115.814733
Anne Neil 2009
Unnamed sculpture Publicart-ocean road cervantes.jpg Indian Ocean Drive near Cervantes 2010
"Whale Tail" Whale Tail, Esperance, 2018 (01).jpg Waterfront, Esperance Cindy Poole and Jason Wooldridge 2014


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  • Public art a feature of Perth and Fremantle. In Transwa Express, Mar-Apr 2004, p. 4-5,

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