Lydian Augmented Scale
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Lydian Augmented Scale
Lydian augmented scale on C About this sound Play .
Lydian augmented scale
Modes I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII
Component pitches
C, D, E, F?, G?, A, B
Number of pitch classes 7
Forte number 7-34
Complement 5-34

In music, the Lydian augmented scale (Lydian ?5 scale) is the third mode of the ascending melodic minor scale or jazz minor scale.

Starting on C, the notes would be as follows:

C  - D  - E  - F? - G? - A  - B  - C

Generically the whole and half steps are:

-  W -  W -  W -  W -  H -  W -  H -

The scale may be thought of as a major scale with an augmented fourth and fifth, or as the relative to the melodic minor ascending scale (C Lydian augmented and A melodic minor ascending share the same notes).

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