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Manasses or Manasseh (;[1]Hebrew: ‎, M?na?e) is a biblical Hebrew name for men. It is the given name of seven people of the Bible, the name of a tribe of Israel, and the name of one of the apocryphal writings. The name is also used in the modern world.

Biblical individuals

Son of Joseph

Manasses[a] was the eldest son of Joseph and the Egyptian Asenath (Genesis 41:50-51; 46:20). The name means "he that causes to forget"; Joseph assigned the reason for its bestowal: "God hath made me to forget all my toils, and my father's house" (Genesis 41:51). Jacob blessed Manasses (Genesis 48); but gave preference to the younger son Ephraim, despite the father's protestations in favour of Manasses. By this blessing, Jacob put Manasses and Ephraim in the same class with Ruben and Simeon (verses 3-5), and gave foundation for the admission of the tribes of Manasses and Ephraim.

Husband of Judith

Manasses, Judith's husband, died of sunstroke in Bethulia (Judith 8:2-3).

Story of Ahikar

Manasses was a character in the Story of Ahikar (not in Vulgata, but in Septuagint) told by Tobit on the point of death. The Vatican Manuscript mentions Manasses (Manassês) as one "who gave alms and escaped the snare of death". The Sinaitic Manuscript mentions no one, but clearly refers the almsgiving and escape to Achiacharus (Ahikar). The reading of the Vatican Manuscript may be an error.

Sons of Ezra's companions

Manasses was a son of Bani, one of the companions of Esdras who married foreign wives (Ezra 10:30).

Another Manasses was the son of Hasom, another of the same companions of Esdras (Ezra 10:33).

Ancestor of Jonathan

Manasses (according to k'thibh of Massoretic Text and Septuagint) was ancestor of Jonathan, a priest of the tribe of Dan (Judges 18:30). The Vulgate and k'ri of the Massoretic Text give Moses, the correct reading.

King of Judah

Manasseh was the thirteenth King of Judah, and son and successor to Hezekiah (2 Kings 20:21 sq.).

Other notable people

Notable people bearing the regnal, religious, or given name Manasses, Manasseh or Menashe include:

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