Mawanda of Buganda
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Mawanda of Buganda
Ssekabaka Mawanda Sebanakitta
Kabaka of Buganda
Reign1738 - 1740
PredecessorKikulwe of Buganda
SuccessorMwanga I of Buganda
Serinnya Busiro
Spouse1. Nabakyaala Kikome
2. Nabakyaala Nabunnya
3. Lady Nabuuso
4. Lady Nakasinde
5. Lady Namisango
6. Lady Nang'onzi
7. Lady Nankonyo
FatherNdawula of Buganda
MotherNamasole Nakidde Luyiga

Mawanda Sebanakitta was Kabaka (King) of the Kingdom of Buganda, between 1738 and 1740. He was the twenty second (22nd) Kabaka of Buganda.

Claim to the throne

He was the third son of Kabaka Ndawula Nsobya, the 19th Kabaka of Buganda. His mother was Nakidde Luyiga of the Ngo clan, the fourth (4th) of his father's seven (7) wives. Mawanda killed his brother Kabaka Kikulwe Mawuba and seized the throne around 1738. He established his capital at Katakala.[1]

Married life

He is recorded to have married seven (7) wives:

  • Naabakyaala Kikome, the Kaddulubaale, daughter of Gabunga, of the Mamba clan
  • Naabakyaala Nabunnya Nassaza, daughter of Masembe, of the Nsenene clan
  • Nabuuso, daughter of Gunju, of the Butiko clan.
  • Nakasinde, daughter of Namwaama, of the Kkobe clan
  • Namisango, daughter of Sebugwaawo, of the Musu clan
  • Nang'onzi, daughter of Mbaziira, of the Nnyonyi clan
  • Nankonyo, daughter of Kagenda, of the Mamba clan


His children included the following:

  • Prince (Omulangira) Mulere, whose mother was Nabunnya. He rebelled against Kabaka Kyabaggu but was defeated and captured. He was killed by being burned alive at Buyinja.
  • Prince (Omulangira) Bbengo, whose mother was Kikome. He rebelled against Kabaka Kyabaggu but was defeated and captured. He was killed by being burned alive at Bbuye.
  • Prince (Omulangira) Waswa, whose mother was Nakasinde. He was a twin with Nakato.
  • Prince (Omulangira) Kirabe, whose mother was Nang'onzi.
  • Princess (Omumbejja) Nakato, whose mother was Nakasinde. She was a twin with Waswa.
  • Princess (Omumbejja) Namirembe, whose mother was Nankonyo.

The final years

A group of princes in the royal court conspired to murder Kabaka Mawanda in 1740. The group included Prince Mwanga Sebanakitta, who ascended the throne after Kabaka Mawanda's demise. Kabaka Mawanda was buried at Meerera at first, but was exhumed in 1864 and re-buried at Serinnya.[2]

Succession table

Preceded by
Kikulwe Mawuba
King of Buganda
Succeeded by
Mwanga Sebanakitta

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