Mayor of Memphis, Tennessee
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Mayor of Memphis, Tennessee

This is a list of mayors of Memphis, Tennessee.

Mayor Term
Marcus B. Winchester 1827-1829
Isaac Rawlings 1829-1831
Seth Wheatley 1831-1832
Robert Lawrence 1832-1833
Isaac Rawlings 1833-1836
Enoch Banks 1836-1837
John H. Morgan 1837-1838
Enoch Banks 1838-1839
Thomas Dixon 1839-1841
William Spickernagle 1841-1842
Edwin Hickman 1842-1845
Jesse J. Finley 1845-1846
Edwin Hickman 1846-1847
Enoch Banks 1847-1848
Gardner E. Locke 1848-1849
Edwin Hickman 1849-1852
A. B. Taylor 1852-1855
Addison H. Douglass 1855-1856
Thomas B. Carroll 1856-1857
Richard D. Baugh 1857-1861
John Park 1861-1864
Thomas H. Harris 1864
Channing Richards 1864-1865
John Park 1865-1866
William Lofland 1866-1868
Edgar M. McDavitt 1868
John W. Leftwich 1868-1869
John T. Swayne 1869
John W. Leftwich 1869-1870
John Johnson 1870-1874
John Loague 1874-1876
John R. Flippin 1876-1879
(none)[1] 1879-1895
Walker L. Clapp 1895-1898
Joseph John "JJ" Williams 1898-1906
James H. Malone 1906-1910
Edward Hull "E. H." Crump 1910-1915
George C. Love 1915-1916
Thomas C. Ashcroft 1916-1917
Harry H. Litty 1917-1918
Frank L. Monteverde 1918-1919
Rowlett Paine 1920-1927
Watkins Overton 1928-1939
Edward Hull "E. H." Crump 1940
Joseph P. Boyle 1940
Walter Chandler 1940-1946
Joseph P. Boyle 1946
Sylvanus W. Polk, Sr. 1946-1947
James J. Pleasants, Jr. 1947-1949
Watkins Overton 1949-1953
Frank T. Tobey 1953-1955
Walter Chandler 1955
Edmund Orgill 1956-1959
Henry Loeb 1960-1963
Claude Armour 1963
William B. Ingram 1963-1967
Henry Loeb 1968-1971
J. Wyeth Chandler 1972-1982
J.O. Patterson, Jr. 1982
Wallace Madewell 1982
Richard C. Hackett 1982-1991
W. W. Herenton 1992-2009
Myron Lowery 2009 (pro tem)
A C Wharton 2009-2015
Jim Strickland 2016-present

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  1. ^ As a result of a yellow fever epidemic in 1879, Memphis lost so much of its population that it was disincorporated and was not rechartered until 1895. This accounts for the absence of a mayor during the period 1879-1893. The city leaders during this period were known as President of the Taxing District. They were David T. Porter (1879-1881), John Overton (1881-1883), David P. Hadden (1883-1891), William D. Bethell (1891-1893) and Walter L. Clapp (1893-1895) who then became mayor. See the article History of Memphis, Tennessee for more information.

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