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The complete data for Methionine
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General information
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Chemical formula: C5H11NO2S 
Molar mass: 149.21 g·mol-1
Systematic name:
(S)2-amino-4-methylsulfanyl-butanoic acid
Abbreviations: M, Met
Database data
InChI=InChI=1/C5H11NO2S/c1-9-3-2-4(6)5(7)8/h4H,2-3,6H2,1H3,(H,7,8)/f/h7H (L)
1/C5H11NO2S/c1-9-3-2-4(6)5(7)8/h4H,2-3,6H2,1H3,(H,7,8)/t4-/m0/s1/f/h7H (D)
 ATC: N/A CAS: 63-68-3 DrugBank: N/A EINECS:  PubChem: 6137 (L)a
Physical properties
Crystal data
Spectral data
Phase behavior
Solid properties
ρsolid: 1.340
Tm: 281 °C
Liquid properties
Gas properties
Hazard properties
MSDS N/AMain hazards:
- N/A
NFPA 704
Flammability (red): no hazard codeHealth (blue): no hazard codeReactivity (yellow): no hazard codeSpecial hazards (white): no codeNFPA 704 four-colored diamond
Flash point
- N/A
R/S statement
R: N/A
S: N/A
RTECS number:
Chemical properties
XLogP: pI: 5.74pKa: 2.16, 9.08Tautomers: Hydrogen bond:
Pharmacological properties
Except where noted otherwise, data are given for materials in their standard state (at 25 °C, 100 kPa)


  1. ^a 63-68-3 EINECS for L-Methionine
  2. ^a CID 876 from PubChem
  3. ^a CID 6137 from PubChem

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