Military Ranks of Serbia
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Military Ranks of Serbia

This is a list of military ranks used by the Serbian Armed Forces. Although a landlocked country, Serbia maintains a river flotilla (small river navy) of about 31 vessels on the Danube river.

Current ranks

Commissioned officers

The rank insignia for commissioned officers for the army, River Flotilla and air force respectively.


The rank insignia for enlisted personnel for the army, River Flotilla and air force respectively.

Historical ranks

Structure of the Military ranks of Kingdom of Serbia (until 1918)
King of Yugoslavia special Vojvoda (Serbia and Yugoslavia) insignia with dynasty coat of arms and royal monogram


There were only three ranks in pre-World War I Serbia: General (from 1872), Army General (from 1900 to 1901) and Vojvoda (from 1901). Four ranks were introduced in Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes in 1923, and lasted until 1945. There were only two types of shoulder cords: with double-headed eagle and coat of arms of Kingdom of SHS or Kingdom of Yugoslavia for Vojvoda and without for all other General ranks. The different general grades were indicated by 6-pointed stars on the cuffs. Also the backing cloth for the shoulder cords was light blue for army general (was honorary rank in the period from 1900-1901) and divisional generals and in a colour of service for brigadier general. During the Middle Ages, the Vojvoda was a military commander rank and a noble titule. In the Balkan Wars and World War I this title was used to designate the highest military rank in Serbian Army and later Royal Yugoslav Army (above the General - as equalent of Field Marshal in other armies). This rank was introduced by the law on the Organization of the Army Kingdom of Serbia in 1901. It has been awarded only during the war for: special merits of top generals. The first Vojvoda was promoted by the Great military decree of the Kingdom of Serbia on 20 October 1912. Only four people ever officially held that military rank: Radomir Putnik (got it in 1912), Stepa Stepanovi? (1914), ?ivojin Mi?i? (1914) and Petar Bojovi? (1918). Honorary title but not military rank held only French General Louis Franchet d'Espérey (1921). After unification of the Kingdom of Serbia into Kingdom SHS (later Kingdom Yugoslavia), no further officers were promoted to rank of Vojvoda. King of Yugoslavia held the rank of Supreme Commander and wear special Vojvoda uniform.

Ranks for SHS and Yugoslavia

Flag officer ranks

Ranks Vojvoda Army general Divisional General Brigadier General
Epaulette SrpskiCinovi18.PNG OF-9, OF-8 Armijski djeneral 1918-1945.png OF-7 Divizijski djeneral 1918-1945.PNG OF-6 Brigadni djeneral 1918-1945.PNG
Rank flag Flag of rank of Marshal of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.svg Standard of Army General of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.svg Standard of Division General of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.svg Standard of Brigade General of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.svg
Ranks in Serbian ?
Armijski ?eneral
? ?
Divizijski ?eneral
Brigadni ?eneral


Ranks Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Major Captain, 1st class Captain, 2nd class Lieutenant Sub-Lieutenant
Epaulette OF-5 Pukovnik 1908-1945.PNG OF-4 Potpukovnik 1908-1945.PNG OF-3 Major 1908-1945.PNG OF-2A Kapetan I klase 1908-1945.PNG OF-2B Kapetan II klase 1908-1945.PNG OF-1A Poru?nik 1908-1945.PNG OF-1B Potporu?nik 1908-1945.PNG
Ranks in Serbian


? I
Kapetan I klase
? II
Kapetan II klase



Soldiers and NCOs

Ranks Sergeant-Major, 1st class Sergeant-Major, 2nd class Sergeant-Major, 3rd class Sergeant Junior Sergeant Corporal Private
Epaulette OR-8 Narednik-Vodnik I klase 1908-1945.PNG OR-7 Narednik-Vodnik II klase 1908-1945.PNG OR-6 Narednik-Vodnik III klase 1908-1945.png OR-4 Narednik 1908-1945.PNG OR-3 Podnarednik 1908-1945.PNG OR-2 Kaplar 1908-1945.PNG OR-1 Redov 1908-1945.png
Ranks in Serbian - I
Narednik-Vodnik I klase
- II
Narednik-Vodnik II klase
Narednik-Vodnik III klase





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