Mk 47 Striker
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Mk 47 Striker
Mk 47 grenade launcher
TypeAutomatic grenade launcher
Place of originUnited States
Service history
In service2005-present
Production history
DesignerNaval Surface Warfare Center, Crane
DesignedEarly 2000s
ManufacturerGeneral Dynamics - Armament and Technical Products
VariantsMk47 Mod 0, Mk47 Mod 1
MassGun: 39.6 pounds (18.0 kg)
Length37 inches (940 mm)
Barrel length24.02 inches (610 mm)
Width10.04 inches (255 mm)
Height8.07 inches (205 mm)

Feed systemBelt
SightsAN/PAS-13 Heavy Thermal Weapon Sight, by Raytheon

The Mk 47 or Striker 40[2] is a 40mm automatic grenade launcher with an integrated fire control system, capable of launching smart programmable 40mm air burst grenades in addition to various unguided rounds.


A soldier assigned to U.S. Army Special Operations Command demonstrates firing positions on the Mk 47 Striker during joint forces weapons training in a tactical training area in Amman, Jordan, Aug. 28, 2019.

The Mk 47 has the latest sensing, targeting and ballistics technology. The Lightweight Video Sight produced by Raytheon, the Mk 47's sophisticated fire control system utilizes the latest in laser rangefinding, I2 night vision and ballistic computer technology.

In addition to being able to fire all NATO standard high velocity 40mm rounds like the Mk 19 grenade launcher, it can fire MK285 smart grenades that can be programmed to air burst after a set distance. A computerized sight allows the user to set this distance.

Program timeline

  • July 2006: General Dynamics awarded $23 million contract for Mk 47 Mod 0 production. The award is part of a five-year Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity contract with a total potential value of $82 million. Work will be completed at General Dynamics' facility in Saco, Maine. General Dynamics is partnered with Raytheon (Dallas, Texas/Forest, Miss.) to build the Lightweight Video System (LVS) Fire Control. Program administration will be conducted at General Dynamics' Vermont-based Burlington Technology Center.[3]
  • February 2009: General Dynamics awarded $12 million contract for Mk 47 Mod 0 production.[4]


The US military and the Israel Defence Forces have fielded limited numbers of MK 47 Mod 0 systems, with approximately 1,500 in US service.[5]

  •  Australia: Mk 47 Mod 1 Australian Defence Force $47 million contract for 200 designated Light Weight Automatic Grenade Launcher (LWAGL), to be delivered to the ADF from the third quarter of 2016 until mid 2017 to replace Mk-19. Fitted with the Lightweight Video Sight (LVS2) sighting system with integrated colour video and thermal imaging.[6][7][8]
  •  Israel: Mk 47 Mod 0 Israel Defense Forces $24.9 million contract signed in 2010 for 130. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in January 2012 and be completed by August 2012 to replace Mk 19.[9][10][11]
  •  United States: Mk 47 Mod 0 US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) units, including both Army and Navy, in service in Iraq and Afghanistan from 2006 designated the Advanced Lightweight Grenade Launcher (ALGL). Now being used by USSOCOM units in Syria.[12][13]

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