Monohydrogen Phosphate
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Monohydrogen Phosphate
Monohydrogen phosphate anion.

Monohydrogen phosphate is the inorganic ion with the formula [HPO4]2-. Its formula can also be written as [PO3(OH)]2-, which shows the presence of a O-H bond. Together with dihydrogen phosphate, monohydrogen phosphate occurs widely in natural systems. Their salts are used in fertilizers and in cooking.[1] Most monohydrogenphosphate salts are colorless, water soluble, and nontoxic.

Acid-base equilibria

Monohydrogenphosphate is an intermediate in the multistep conversion of phosphoric acid to phosphate:

Equilibrium Disassociation constant, pKa[2]
H3PO4 ? + H+ pKa1 = 2.14[a]
? + H+ pKa2 = 7.20
? + H+ pKa3 = 12.37
  1. ^ Values are at 25°C and 0 ionic strength.



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