Morgan King
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Morgan King

Morgan King
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Background information
Born (1961-03-28) 28 March 1961 (age 57)
OriginPetticoat Lane, Spitalfields, London
GenresElectronic, Synth Pop, Ambient, Alternative, House,
Musician, Writer, Producer, Photographer
InstrumentsVocals, Drums, Percussion, Synthesizers, Drum Machines
LabelsAccidental Music
Morgan King, Clubland, Obiman, Soundsource Illustration, Manic MC's,

Morgan King is a Grammy award winning, English singer, writer, record producer and photographer.

Musical career

Born in Spitalfields, London, Morgan's musical career began in 1979 as drummer for Manchester band Illustration, who were subsequently signed by the indie label, "Some Bizzare" featuring on the Some Bizzare Album. After several years immersed in the UK indie scene, Morgan's musical direction changed considerably with the advent of house music in the late 1980s. In 1988, Morgan moved to Chicago and started writing with Kym Mazelle and Marshall Jefferson on Kym's first album, "Crazy", which was released the following year. In 1989, Morgan joined his third band, the Manic MCs who had a UK top thirty hit with their first release, "Mental".

In 1990, Morgan started collaborating with BTech record's Jan Ekholm after being introduced by DJ/Production duo Quartz, working in Sweden on a series of Dance releases under various pseudonyms, including Technoir, Backbeat, Groovement, Bassrace and others. "Clubland" originally formed by Dave Rawlings and Ronnie Herel of Quartz with Jan Ekholm. During the first album Quartz left and the two remaining members were joined by Zemya Hamilton on vocals. Clubland recorded three albums, winning a Swedish Grammy for their second album "Adventures Beyond Clubland", plus received three gold discs. Together they also topped the US Billboard Dance chart three times with "Lets Get Busy", "Hold On (Tighter to Love)" and "Hypnotized" respectively. It was also during this period he recorded his solo record, the Balearic Anthem "I Am Free".

In 1991, Morgan partnered with Nick Hook to form Om records in London and the band "Soundsource", who subsequently achieved success with the House / Rap track "Take Me Up", later recycled by "Lock 'N Load" for their 2000 top ten UK hit "Blow Ya Mind". This single was followed up by the 1992 club hit "One High". Again, Morgan started writing and recording under a variety of pseudonyms at Om including, Al Hambra, VFN Experience, Om and Obiman. Obiman went on to feature on the seminal Cafe Del Mar compilation series. On the same album he also co-wrote and produced Jose Padilla's first solo recording "Agua".

Around 1994/1995, Morgan took a break from the music scene, eventually resurfacing in 2003 to co-write Trybe's "Sarah Said" with Fragma. In 2007 he opened his Accidental Music label so he could make his archive available in the digital realm for the first time and to collaborate on new dance projects. Also around the same time he became a professional photographer after he was invited to do a one off project in Iran. To date he is still working as a solo artist recording and playing live, plus in 2012 he joined Lene Lovich as part of her band.

Selected discography

Morgan King


  • Grains & Grams - 2016 Accidental Music


  • I'm Free - 1991 BTech records
  • I Am Free - 1993 Om Records
  • I'm Free - 1998 Excession Records
  • I'm Free (Anniversary Edition) - 2011 Accidental Music
  • I'm Free (Anniversary Edition2) - 2012 Accidental Music
  • Boy Called George - 2012 Morgan King Media
  • Breathing in Air - 2014 Accidental Music
  • Grains & Grams - 2016 Accidental Music
  • Alien - 2016 Accidental Music
  • Sex Shop - 2018 Accidental Music
  • Janet & John - 2018 Accidental Music


  • Zero - 2012 Morgan King Media

Morgan King & Lene Lovich


  • Retrospective - 2018 Accidental Music

Morgan King / La Serrena

(Morgan King) Singles

  • I'm Free - 1992 Sony

With Clubland

(King / Ekholm / Hamilton)


  • Themes From Outer Clubland - 1991
  • Adventures Beyond Clubland - 1992
  • Secrets of Inner Clubland (Clubland featuring Zemya Hamilton) - 1995

Selected Singles

  • Let's Get Busy (Pump It Up) - 1990 US Hot Dance No. 1 UK No. 86
  • Hold On (Tighter To Love) - 1991 US Billboard "Hot Dance" No. 1, US No. 79
  • (I'm Under) Love Strain - 1992
  • Come Rain Come Shine - US Hot Dance No. 39 1992
  • Hypnotized - 1992 US Hot Dance No. 1
  • Set Me Free - 1992 US Hot Dance No. 1, US No. 90
  • Peace of Luv - 1995
  • Gimme Love, Gimme All - 1995

With Manic MC's

(King / Cottle / Hudd)


  • Mental - 1989 RCA UK No. 30
  • The Beat - 1990 UK No. 96 MCA

With Soundsource

(King / Hook)


  • Take Me Up - 1991 FFRR UK No. 62
  • One High - 1992 Om records


Single: Rising - Om records 1993

Compilation: On the Rocks - Included on Cafe Del Mar Vol 1 album React Records 1994

Single: On the Rocks - Accidental Music 2016

Single: The Dunes - Accidental Music 2016

With VFN Experience

(Nasty / King)

Single: Vol 1 - Om whites 1994

Morgan King & Max Julien


  • Lifetime of Understanding - 2009 Deepsound Records
  • Building A Dream - 2011 Accidental Music

Morgan King Vs Charma


  • Justify - 2010 Accidental Music
  • Justify (Dirty Rhythm Syndicate Remixes) - 2011 Accidental Music

Morgan King Vs Lyla D'Souza


  • I Want Now - 2010 Accidental Music


  • Backbeat - Love and Happiness (Gasmatron mix) 1991
  • Clubland - Ride the Groove (With Billy Nasty) 1992
  • Clubland - Hypnotized (The Soundsource Seduction) 1992
  • Alhambra - Sonar Remix (with Nick Hook) 1992
  • MDA - Take an E (Roofon remix) (with Nasty / Hodgson) 1992
  • Hypernature - Flow "The Morgan King mixes" (King Full Force Effect, Kingdub and Kingdeep mixes)1992
  • Elimar - Prosody II (Morgan King Reprise) 2007
  • Sami Dee - Da Fly (Morgan King Remix) 2008
  • Max Julien feat Yohan Knight - We're the Angels Alive! (Morgan King Remix) 2008
  • Marco Zappala feat Claudio Pinhero - Wherever You Go (Morgan King Remix) 2009
  • Clubland - Let's Get Busy (Morgan King Remix) 2009

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