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NCIS Season 7

NCIS (season 7)
NCIS - The 7th Season.jpg
Season 7 U.S. DVD cover
StarringMark Harmon
Michael Weatherly
Cote de Pablo
Pauley Perrette
Sean Murray
Rocky Carroll
David McCallum
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes24
Original networkCBS
Original releaseSeptember 22, 2009 (2009-09-22) -
May 25, 2010 (2010-05-25)
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The seventh season of the police procedural drama NCIS premiered on September 22, 2009 with NCIS: Los Angeles Season 1 premiering afterwards. At the end of season six, Ziva had left the NCIS team in Israel, returning to work as a Mossad officer. In the closing seconds of that season, Ziva was shown to have been captured and tortured for information about NCIS.

In the first episode of season seven, Ziva is rescued by Gibbs, Tony and McGee and upon her return to Washington, she eventually becomes an NCIS agent after resigning from Mossad for good. Much of the season's story arc then focuses on the Mexican Drug War and Colonel Merton Bell (Robert Patrick), a suspected murderer who hired the lawyer M. Allison Hart to represent him. Hart quickly becomes a thorn in Gibbs' side by regularly showing up and protecting possible suspects while they are being investigated, claiming that they were her clients.

The season draws to a close as Gibbs is later kidnapped by someone working for Paloma Reynosa, the daughter of the late Pedro Hernandez, a drug dealer Gibbs himself shot dead twenty years previously as Hernandez had been responsible for killing Gibbs' first wife Shannon and daughter Kelly. While Gibbs is held prisoner, Paloma informs him that he would work for her or she would have everyone he ever knew and cared about die if he did not go through with her demands.

It also ends in a cliffhanger with Paloma herself traveling to Stillwater and confronting Jackson Gibbs in his shop, leaving his fate unknown.

The series aired alongside season one of NCIS: Los Angeles, and the NCIS episode "Endgame" continued on the events that had taken place in the NCIS: Los Angeles episode "Killshot".



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No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
U.S. viewers
1391"Truth or Consequences"Dennis SmithJesse SternSeptember 22, 2009 (2009-09-22)70120.61[1]
The team struggles to move on and find a replacement for Ziva while also searching for answers related to her disappearance. The team believes Ziva to be dead, having been lost at sea on a cargo ship. Tony refused to believe she is dead. After Tony finds evidence, a plan is formed to gather intel and rescue Ziva. Tony and McGee are capture leaving Gibbs to answer questions about his missing team members. Ziva is brought into the room where Tony and McGee are being held. Gibbs and other agents rescue the trio at the last moment.
1402"Reunion"Tony WharmbySteven D. BinderSeptember 29, 2009 (2009-09-29)70221.37[2]
The team investigates a bachelor party where all three guests are murdered and left in very mysterious circumstances. One of the victims is found hanging, another is found drowned in the toilet, the third suffered from alcohol poisoning and all three are found with their heads shaved, post mortem. After a thorough investigation the team zeros in on a suspect, a police officer that had been bullied by the three victims during high school. The way that all three victims were found corresponds with the way they had tormented the cop, right down to shaving his head. They also discover that the three victims had used their Navy connections to set up the illegal sale of a decommissioned aircraft, and that the bachelor party was actually a front for the deal to go down during. The team figures the police officer had finally taken his revenge and not only killed his tormentors, but also stole their profits from the aircraft heist. However, after the officer turns up dead, the team learns that the real culprit also attended the same high school as the original three victims, and had framed the cop so they could steal the money from the aircraft job. Meanwhile, Ziva makes her peace with the rest of the team, and deals with her feelings towards Tony, as she apologizes for ever doubting him.
1413"The Inside Man"Thomas J. WrightGeorge Schenck & Frank CardeaOctober 6, 2009 (2009-10-06)70320.70[3]
When political blogger Matt Burns is found dead after being pushed off a bridge while following up on a tip, NCIS takes a special interest in his murder investigation. On his blog, Burns had accused NCIS of covering up the murder of a young Naval officer, Rod Arnett, whom Burns suspected of insider trading. NCIS concluded that Arnett's car accident was just that, an unfortunate car accident. However, unable to oversee jurisdiction over the Burns murder, NCIS reopens Arnett's case. Things become even more complicated when they exhume Arnett's body only to find that his body had been stolen. The team suspects that Burns stole Arnett's body so that he could fuel the conspiracy that NCIS was covering up a murder. It's discovered that Arnett gave insider information to an unassuming sandwich shop owner that he befriended while taking the train everyday. Hoping no one would ever suspect the two of them as conspiring together they agreed to split the $2 million earning. As it turns out, the sandwich shop owner, afraid his scheme with Arnett was about to be exposed, placed the tip to Burns and met him at the bridge to kill him. In the meantime, Ziva resigns from Mossad as she wishes to become a full NCIS Special Agent, but, in order for this to happen, Gibbs needs to sign a consent form. The episode ends without revealing whether Gibbs signs the form.
1424"Good Cop, Bad Cop"Leslie LibmanTeleplay by: Jesse Stern
Story by: David J. North
October 13, 2009 (2009-10-13)70421.04[4]
When the bones of a dead Staff Sergeant turned mercenary are found halfway around the world, Ziva is forced to recount the events leading up to her captivity as the accuracy of her report comes into question. Matters are further complicated when Mossad Officer Malachi Ben-Gidon's arrival at NCIS threatens to brand Ziva as the killer.
1435"Code of Conduct"Terrence O'HaraTeleplay by: Reed Steiner & Christopher J. Waild
Story by: Christopher J. Waild
October 20, 2009 (2009-10-20)70521.25[5]
On Halloween night the team investigates what looks to be the unfortunate suicide of Lance Corporal James Korby who is found dead in his car. However, they soon discover that Korby was murdered as his organs were frozen with liquid nitrogen and that when he attempted to breathe, the nitrogen entered his lungs, suffocating him. However it's also discovered that Korby has scar-tissue from a previous poisoning and Gibbs suspect that the entire squad, fed up with Korby's jokes, attempted to kill him. Someone got Korby to drink the nitrogen and staged his death to look like a suicide. Tony can't shake the hunch that Sara, Korby's wife and a three-time marine widower, is involved, suspecting her of being a Black Widow. It's soon revealed that Private Singer, who belonged to Korby's unit, was having an affair with Korby's wife Sara. Sara also confesses to coming home to confront Korby right around the time of the crime but getting cold feet at the last second. Just as Tony is about to cuff Sara for Korby's murder, Gibbs realizes that Sara had nothing to do with Korby's death because there was someone else with a real motive: Rachel, Korby and Sara's teenage stepdaughter. Having been about to cash in on a pretty hefty trust fund and inheritance, Rachel knew the only way she could do it was by murdering Korby and then framing Sara for his death. In the meantime, Ziva attempts to come to terms with her new role as an NCIS Special Agent and the Probie of the team as Tony begins referring to her as Probie, something she begs him not to do for her sanity but Tony continues to do it anyway. Later, in true Halloween style, Ziva gets her own back on Tony by pretending to bow down to him and as a gift gives him a cup of coffee but when Tony drinks it and smiles at her, it's shown that his teeth have turned blue.
1446"Outlaws and In-Laws"Tony WharmbyJesse SternNovember 3, 2009 (2009-11-03)70620.18[6]
When Gibbs' boat mysteriously shows up in the San Diego harbor with two dead men in it, Vance, Gibbs and Ducky travel to San Diego knowing this investigation needs to be handled with extreme sensitivity. It turns out Gibbs dropped his boat off to Franks in Mexico but Franks is nowhere to be found. Franks shows up at Gibbs' house with his daughter in law, Leyla (Franks' deceased son's wife), and granddaughter in tow. It is revealed that the two dead men worked for a private military company that was hired by Leyla's mother, Shada, a powerful tribal leader in Iraq, to kidnap and bring back her daughter and granddaughter to Iraq. It was her way of trying to re-establish a relationship with her estranged daughter. Franks takes full responsibility for the shooting but further investigation reveals that it was Leyla who shot and killed the men when she saw them approaching Franks. In the end, the private military company, headed by Col. Merton Bell, is also held responsible for bounty hunting in Mexico, and Leyla and her mother come to terms.
1457"Endgame"James Whitmore Jr.Gary GlasbergNovember 10, 2009 (2009-11-10)70720.96[7]
When a doctor is found murdered, Director Vance shows up at the crime scene, claiming he's seen the type of murder before. The director confirms that the killer was a North Korean assassin, named Lee Wuan Kai (first seen in the NCIS: Los Angeles episode "Killshot"). The team finds that Kai has left her DNA on the victim's body for them. The director is completely surprised and shocked when Kai calls him at home and is sitting in front of his driveway. As the investigation continues, the team discovers that Kai is in town to kill a North Korean official. Meanwhile, McGee's new love interest, Amanda, turns out to be working for the North Korean government, and is shot by Kai before dying in McGee's arms. They discover that Kai is in D.C. to kill all the men who made her into an assassin as a child. Vance returns to his home to find Kai pointing a gun at his wife. Kai reveals that she is there because she wants Vance to kill her in order to finally end her pain. The director lowers his gun to help her, but his wife finishes the job instead.
1468"Power Down"Thomas J. WrightSteven D. Binder & David J. NorthNovember 17, 2009 (2009-11-17)70820.34[8]
Shortly after an attack on an internet service provider, the power to all of Washington DC is down. When the body of a Navy Armed Forces Entertainment worker is found at the site of the attack, NCIS is called in. However, without power, the team cannot use their modern electronics and must solve the case the old fashioned way. They finally discover that the dead USO worker was in fact an undercover National Security Agency agent, one of the two people who had universal access to every retinal scanner in the United States. They then arrest one of the security guards at the service provider, as he is the true mastermind. He kidnapped the agent to gain access to the server room and cut power to the entire city so that he could secretly steal top secret personal and military data and sell it off the black market. The team then reflects on how much richer life is without electronics, until power is restored and they dive right back into their computers except for Gibbs who is more than happy to take a break from electronics for a change.
1479"Child's Play"William WebbReed SteinerNovember 24, 2009 (2009-11-24)70920.35[9]
After the body of a Marine is discovered in a corn field, the team investigates at a military intelligence base that uses genius children to crack military codes. The team discovers that one of the children is making collages that contain codes with important military secrets in them, secrets that are being sold. A second dead body points to the woman running the organization, but when the young girl escapes from the safe house (Ducky's house) and runs home to her mother, the team must race to save her from her would-be murderer. Meanwhile, Ducky attempts to convince Gibbs and the team to spend Thanksgiving at his house, in spite of previously made plans.
14810"Faith"Arvin BrownGary GlasbergDecember 15, 2009 (2009-12-15)71020.69[10]
The team works to solve the murder of a Reverend's son and they soon figure out he may be involved in a hate crime. Gibbs' father returns for Christmas and Gibbs tries to figure out why he has a sudden change in behavior right before the holidays. An old friend of Abby asks McGee for a favour - her nephew (who is living with her) wants to see his mother for Christmas, who is currently on a Marine ship in the Indian Ocean, but only McGee can make it happen. Gibbs figures out that it was the victim's brother who was the culprit, since he couldn't accept his brother's conversion to Islam. Gibbs also discovers that his father killed a man attempting to rob his store and he came to ask for advice on how to deal with killing another man.
14911"Ignition"Dennis SmithJesse SternJanuary 5, 2010 (2010-01-05)71121.37[11]
The episode starts with two forest rangers finding a body at the site of a forest fire. The team investigates and finds out that the pilot was flying a jet-pack and crashed. An attorney who dislikes Gibbs tries to keep him from talking to her clients. Ducky discovers that the victim had been poisoned and was already dead long before he put the jetpack on, leading to the team to suspect a third party. They figure out that it was the commanding officer, who stole technology from private companies and the Navy to build his own jet-pack and killed the victim to keep him quiet. Later, Gibbs discovers that the sly attorney was sent by an old enemy. This episode ties in with Episode 7 x 06.
15012"Flesh and Blood"Arvin BrownGeorge Schenck & Frank CardeaJanuary 12, 2010 (2010-01-12)71220.85[12]
A Saudi prince training with the Navy flight school escapes an assassination attempt when his chauffeur and car were bombed while parked on base. Tasked with both the investigation and protecting the prince, the team and other agencies face a delicate diplomatic situation as the bombing appears to be the work of terrorists. The team also discovers that the prince is a less than popular figure with his flight instructors and is estranged from his older brother, an official at the Saudi Embassy, who believes his brother's "Western ways" was the cause of the attack. Meanwhile, Tony's father appears, much to his discomfort. It turns out that DiNozzo Sr. is a business associate of the prince's father, leading to questions about whether Tony can remain impartial to the case.
15113"Jet Lag"Tony WharmbyChristopher J. WaildJanuary 26, 2010 (2010-01-26)71320.22[13]
Whilst transporting a government witness back from Paris, Tony and Ziva learn from Gibbs and McGee that there is a hitman on their flight intending to kill the witness. Gibbs and McGee work the case of a special ops commander, found dead by this housekeeper, who was supposed to be the hitman. With the help of the rest of the team on the ground, as well as a botched attempt on the witness's life, Tony and Ziva deduce that the assassin is one of the flight attendants. After successfully apprehending her, they discover that the man who hired her was in fact the witness's fiance, who would be implicated in her testimony. Whilst attempting to arrest him, Gibbs' right arm is broken, forcing him to do everything with his left hand for the time being.
15214"Masquerade"James Whitmore Jr.Steven D. BinderFebruary 2, 2010 (2010-02-02)71419.23[14]
A Marine is found dead in a car which exploded after being chased by police and traces of radioactive substances are found on the wreckage. The team finds themselves in a race against time when a terrorist group threatens to detonate more "dirty bombs" in the D.C. area. As the team tries to track down the bombs, their investigation is hampered when Hart returns to represent one of their suspects. Despite this, they manage to discover that the entire bomb plot was an elaborate hoax set up by a private intelligence agency to scare Congress into approving a bill that would award private defense contractors billions of dollars in funding.
15315"Jack-Knife"Dennis SmithJesse SternFebruary 9, 2010 (2010-02-09)71519.75[15]
Damon Werth, the Marine from the episode "Corporal Punishment", seeks Gibbs' help when his friend is found murdered in a dumpster. Gibbs learns from Fornell that their suspects are part of a syndicate illegally trafficking expensive car parts which the FBI has been investigating for some time. Werth and Ziva go undercover while the rest of the team hit the road to track down the ringleader of the operation and find out who was responsible for the murder of Werth's friend.
15416"Mother's Day"Tony WharmbyGary Glasberg & Reed SteinerMarch 2, 2010 (2010-03-02)71619.67[16]
Secrets arise when Gibbs' former mother-in-law Joanne Fielding (Gena Rowlands) surfaces as a witness in a murder investigation. At first, the crime appears to be a simple robbery gone awry, but deeper investigation reveals that there's more to the story. The victim, a Navy captain, was involved with the same drug cartel that killed Gibbs' first wife and child. His mother-in-law eventually admits that she killed the captain in revenge for her daughter and granddaughter's death, and Gibbs' tells her he murdered their real killer as well. Despite the confession, Gibbs cannot bring himself to arrest his own mother-in-law. He convinces Allison Hart to defend her, and then purposely makes crucial legal mistakes on arresting her (not reading her her rights, questioning her without legal counsel) so that Hart is forced to prevent the arrest. Vance later informs the team that the case is closed without giving an explanation.
15517"Double Identity"Mark HorowitzGeorge Schenck & Frank CardeaMarch 9, 2010 (2010-03-09)71719.58[17]
Gibbs and the team investigate the shooting of a Marine and uncovers more to his life than anyone would have ever imagined. The Marine had been declared MIA after a reconnaissance mission in Afghanistan, somehow obtained millions of dollars, and married another woman under a false identity. Things get suspicious when the team realize that the other Marines in the mission gave the exact same testimony word for word. It is also shown that Ducky's mother has passed on, sometime in 2010.
15618"Jurisdiction"Terrence O'HaraLee David ZlotoffMarch 16, 2010 (2010-03-16)71818.00[18]
NCIS and the Coast Guard Investigative Service (CGIS) join forces when a Navy diver seeking sunken treasure is murdered. Both teams suspect a wealthy doctor who was funding the treasure hunting expedition is the culprit, but the evidence just doesn't add up. The similarities between Gibbs and CGIS Special Agent in Charge Abigail Borin amuse the team.
15719"Guilty Pleasure"James Whitmore Jr.Reed Steiner & Christopher J. WaildApril 6, 2010 (2010-04-06)71916.45[19]
Gibbs uses Holly Snow (previously seen in the episode: "Jet Lag") to investigate a murder in the world of call girls, causing tensions within the team. After finding the body of a murdered Navy reporter, the team finds out that he was interviewing a prostitute who used to work for Holly Snow and that there have been a string of similar murders. Holly makes a deal with Gibbs to help his investigation and they track down the prostitute, who reveals that the killer is jealous of her seeing other men. At first the team believes that the killer is one of her clients, but find out it is actually her boyfriend, who is the attorney representing her. The killer kidnaps Holly, blaming her for getting his girlfriend into a life of prostitution and seeing other men. However, he is shot dead by Gibbs before he can harm her. The episode ends with Gibbs and Holly having a simple dinner together as part of their deal. Meanwhile, Tony and McGee have a serious argument. When Tony works together with Det. Philip McCadden, McGee becomes jealous with their friendship.
15820"Moonlighting"Thomas J. WrightSteven D. Binder & Jesse SternApril 27, 2010 (2010-04-27)72016.29[20]
When the NCIS team finds a dead Navy petty officer and FBI informant, they call in Agent Fornell to assist with the investigation. Fornell reveals that a string of similar security leaks have been occurring, and they trace the source to a private security company. They also discover that their NCIS polygraph specialist, Susan Grady, works part time at the same company. After retrieving her, the security company's office is destroyed in an explosion and Susan reveals that she stole some polygraph data for personal use. Abby manages to deduce that the killers inadvertently killed themselves in the explosion, leading Gibbs and Fornell to the real mastermind: a federal judge they both had interviewed during the investigation. She went on a secret crusade to kill informants who would take reduced sentences in return for their testimony, and wanted to destroy the polygraph data as it might implicate her involvement.
15921"Obsession"Tony WharmbyGeorge Schenck & Frank CardeaMay 4, 2010 (2010-05-04)72115.10[21]
DiNozzo finds himself captivated by a woman he's never met while investigating the death of her brother. The woman is the world-renowned reporter Dana Hutton, who has disappeared shortly after her brother's death. At first, the team believes that the murder may be connected with the siblings' work on investigating Private Military Contractors, but begin to suspect that the KGB may be involved when they discovered Dana's brother was killed by a Ricin pellet. It soon turns out that the man who brought Dana Hutton and her brother up was a KGB asset codenamed "Yuri" who owned a bank account on which the KGB stashed $10 million for use in their US intelligence operations. DiNozzo manages to contact Dana and gain her trust, and she helps the team recover Yuri's KGB documents and money, but reveals she had been injected with ricin as well. With the documents, the team find the operative who killed the Huttons as being one of the KGB agents who didn't return to Russia after the Cold War ended and who wanted to get her hands on the money that Yuri had stashed away.
16022"Borderland"Terrence O'HaraSteven D. BinderMay 11, 2010 (2010-05-11)72217.23[22]
After finding a dead Marine with his feet cut off, as well as a truck full of dismembered feet, the team begins to believe that a serial killer is loose. Meanwhile, Abby is invited to provide a forensic science lecture in Mexico by Alejandro Rivera, and McGee goes along as an escort. While there, Abby is tasked to solve an old case involving the murder of a drug dealer 20 years ago, and Abby eventually finds out the drug dealer was the one murdered by Gibbs. Back in the United States, the team deduces that the Marine was the killer, acting as a hit man to kill rival drug dealers and kept their feet as proof. One of the drug dealers is apprehended and she admits that she killed him in self defense. Finally, Abby confronts Gibbs about the murder, which Gibbs admits to. They both agree that somebody is trying to dig up Gibbs' past, but Abby is conflicted on whether to drop the case or pursue it and asks Gibbs whether he will love her regardless of what she does.
16123"Patriot Down"Dennis SmithGary GlasbergMay 18, 2010 (2010-05-18)72315.96[23]
The team is shocked when they discover that a charred corpse found on the beach is that of Special Agent Lara Macy, a fellow NCIS agent and a close friend of Gibbs. They find that the last case Macy worked on before her death was a case regarding the rape of a Navy sailor. While they manage to find the rapist, the case is completely unrelated to the murder. Meanwhile, Abby confronts Gibbs about the murder he committed in Mexico, asking him what to do, and Gibbs simply tells her to do her job and file the full report. Gibbs soon becomes convinced that Colonel Bell is responsible and leaves for Mexico. When he finally arrives, he finds Mike Franks' house has been burned to the ground, with the bodies of several of Bell's men on-site; Gibbs had previously suspected that Bell's men were headed there and sent Franks a warning: Rule 44 ("hide the women and children"). Gibbs is then captured by one of Bell's henchmen, disgraced Army Ranger Jason Paul Dean (Dylan Bruno) who is also the one responsible for killing Lara Macy. While there, Dean then reveals that the body that Gibbs thought was Franks is in fact Colonel Bell. Gibbs is then knocked unconscious before he can ask Dean who he's really working for.
16224"Rule Fifty-One"Dennis SmithJesse SternMay 25, 2010 (2010-05-25)72416.30[24]
Gibbs' captor and Jason Paul Dean's employer is revealed to be Paloma Reynosa, the leader of the Reynosa drug Cartel. Her reason for having Gibbs brought to Mexico is clear: she wants revenge against him for robbing her of her father and threatens to kill everyone Gibbs has ever met, starting with Mike Franks and ending with his father if he does not start working on her behalf. When Alejandro arrives, Gibbs figures out that the two are siblings and also the children of the drug dealer, Pedro Hernandez, whom Gibbs gunned down nearly twenty years previously in revenge for Hernandez ordering the deaths of Gibbs' first wife, Shannon and young daughter, Kelly. Alejandro reopened the case of his father's murder in an attempt to keep Gibbs out of his sister's reach whilst still delivering justice, but things are complicated by the loss of Abby's report from "Patriot Down" - which has been intercepted by Allison Hart to prevent it from reaching Mexico. Meanwhile, Ziva has passed her citizenship test and is expecting Tony and Gibbs to attend her citizenship ceremony. Tony is forced to break his promise to her when the situation escalates, and he is tasked with shadowing Rivera, meeting Mike Franks during the assignment. The episode ends with Paloma traveling to Pennsylvania and entering the store owned by Jackson Gibbs, ending the episode in a cliffhanger and leaving his fate unknown.


Episode Ratings
Original airdate Viewers
Night Week
"Truth or Consequences" September 22, 2009 20.60[25] 1 1
"Reunion" September 29, 2009 21.37[2] 1 1
"The Inside Man" October 6, 2009 20.70[3] 1 1
"Good Cop, Bad Cop" October 13, 2009 21.04[4] 1 1
"Code Of Conduct" October 20, 2009 21.25[5] 1 1
"Outlaws and In-Laws" November 3, 2009 20.18[6] 1 3
"Endgame" November 10, 2009 20.96[7] 1 2
"Power Down" November 17, 2009 20.34[8] 1 1
"Child's Play" November 24, 2009 20.27[9] 1 2
"Faith" December 15, 2009 20.69[10] 1 1
"Ignition" January 5, 2010 21.37[11] 1 4
"Flesh and Blood" January 12, 2010 20.85[12] 2 5
"Jet Lag" January 26, 2010 20.22[13] 2 4
"Masquerade" February 2, 2010 19.23[14] 2 6
"Jack-Knife" February 9, 2010 19.75[15] 2 6
"Mother's Day" March 2, 2010 19.67[16] 2 5
"Double Identity" March 9, 2010 19.58[17] 2 3
"Jurisdiction" March 16, 2010 18.00[18] 2 3
"Guilty Pleasure" April 6, 2010 16.45[19] 2 5
"Moonlighting" April 27, 2010 16.29[20] 2 4
"Obsession" May 4, 2010 15.10[21] 2 5
"Borderland" May 11, 2010 17.23[22] 2 4
"Patriot Down" May 18, 2010 15.96[23] 2 4
"Rule Fifty-One" May 25, 2010 16.30[24] 3 5


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