National Register of Historic Places Listings in Forrest County, Mississippi
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National Register of Historic Places Listings in Forrest County, Mississippi
Location of Forrest County in Mississippi

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Forrest County, Mississippi.

This is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Forrest County, Mississippi, United States. Latitude and longitude coordinates are provided for many National Register properties and districts; these locations may be seen together in a map.[1]

There are 20 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted April 3, 2020.[2]
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Current listings

[3] Name on the Register[4] Image Date listed[5] Location City or town Description
1 Beverly Drive-In Theatre
Beverly Drive-In Theatre
July 30, 2008
5320 U.S. Route 49 South at Old Airport Road
31°16?42?N 89°17?16?W / 31.278439°N 89.287719°W / 31.278439; -89.287719 (Beverly Drive-In Theatre)
Hattiesburg Constructed 1948, destroyed by fire October 2010
2 Building 1071
Building 1071
September 2, 1997
Junction of Jackson Avenue and Jackson Avenue West
31°12?04?N 89°13?19?W / 31.201111°N 89.221944°W / 31.201111; -89.221944 (Building 1071)
Camp Shelby At Camp Shelby. Constructed in 1938 to house officers
3 Building 6981, Camp Shelby
Building 6981, Camp Shelby
June 11, 1992
Camp Shelby
31°11?54?N 89°13?28?W / 31.19820°N 89.22439°W / 31.19820; -89.22439 (Building 6981, Camp Shelby)
Camp Shelby Constructed in 1917 as a World War I Ammunition Magazine
4 Burkett's Creek Archeological Site April 14, 2000
Address Restricted
Hattiesburg Prehistoric domestic and industry/processing/extraction site
5 East Sixth Street USO Building
East Sixth Street USO Building
April 6, 2004
305 East Sixth Street
31°20?03?N 89°17?34?W / 31.334233°N 89.29275°W / 31.334233; -89.29275 (East Sixth Street USO Building)
Hattiesburg Constructed in 1942, serves as African American Military History Museum
6 Eaton Elementary School
Eaton Elementary School
July 16, 2008
1105 McInnis Avenue
31°19?26?N 89°16?50?W / 31.323758°N 89.280672°W / 31.323758; -89.280672 (Eaton Elementary School)
Hattiesburg Constructed in 1905, vacant, not in use
7 Hattiesburg Historic Neighborhood District
Hattiesburg Historic Neighborhood District
September 17, 1980
Roughly bounded by railroad tracks, Katie Ave., and Frederick and Hardy Sts.
31°19?13?N 89°17?13?W / 31.320278°N 89.286944°W / 31.320278; -89.286944 (Hattiesburg Historic Neighborhood District)
Hattiesburg Sacred Heart Church is located in the Hattiesburg Historic Neighborhood District
8 Hub City Historic District
Hub City Historic District
August 29, 1980
U.S. Routes 11 and 49; also roughly along Main, Market, Newman and Walnut Sts.
31°19?37?N 89°17?27?W / 31.326944°N 89.290833°W / 31.326944; -89.290833 (Hub City Historic District)
Hattiesburg Second set of boundaries represents a boundary increase of August 9, 2002. McLeod House (circa 1896) is in the Hub City Historic District.
9 Meador Homestead
Meador Homestead
November 5, 2010
6775 U.S. Route 49
31°21?40?N 89°21?03?W / 31.361111°N 89.350833°W / 31.361111; -89.350833 (Meador Homestead)
Hattiesburg Constructed in 1885 as a double pen, dog-trot, log cabin
10 The New York
The New York
April 8, 1999
63 Fruitland Park Rd.
30°54?57?N 89°10?05?W / 30.915872°N 89.168017°W / 30.915872; -89.168017 (The New York)
Fruitland Park Constructed in 1914 using Shingle style architecture
11 North Main Street Historic District
North Main Street Historic District
April 16, 1993
Roughly bounded by Jackson Street, Gordon's Creek, South, North, Providence, and Red Streets, and the Illinois Central railroad tracks
31°20?07?N 89°17?57?W / 31.335278°N 89.299167°W / 31.335278; -89.299167 (North Main Street Historic District)
Hattiesburg The Montague House (built circa 1905) is in the North Main Street Historic District.
12 Oaks Historic District
Oaks Historic District
March 4, 1993
Roughly bounded by Hardy, Second, Railroad, and 11th Avenues
31°19?13?N 89°17?59?W / 31.320278°N 89.299722°W / 31.320278; -89.299722 (Oaks Historic District)
Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Public School Administration Building, formerly Camp Elementary (built circa 1907), is located in Oaks Historic District.
13 Old Hattiesburg High School
Old Hattiesburg High School
May 29, 1987
846 Main Street
31°19?45?N 89°17?44?W / 31.329167°N 89.295556°W / 31.329167; -89.295556 (Old Hattiesburg High School)
Hattiesburg Constructed circa 1911, partially destroyed by arson 2007
14 Parkhaven Historic District
Parkhaven Historic District
August 9, 2002
Roughly along S. 22nd Ave. and S. 21st Ave., from Hardy to Mamie Sts.
31°19?18?N 89°19?24?W / 31.321667°N 89.323333°W / 31.321667; -89.323333 (Parkhaven Historic District)
Hattiesburg Parkhaven Arch (circa 1925) at Hardy Street and 22nd Street is in the Parkhaven Historic District.
15 Saenger Theatre
Saenger Theatre
May 29, 1979
Corner of Forrest and Front Streets
31°19?32?N 89°17?25?W / 31.325556°N 89.290278°W / 31.325556; -89.290278 (Saenger Theatre)
Hattiesburg Constructed circa 1929, Art Deco architectural style, used as civic theater and auditorium
16 Tall Pines
Tall Pines
October 16, 1980
South of Hattiesburg off Memorial Drive
31°16?34?N 89°17?30?W / 31.276111°N 89.291667°W / 31.276111; -89.291667 (Tall Pines)
Hattiesburg Constructed circa 1925 as country house for Paul B. Johnson, Sr.
17 Temple B'nai Israel January 25, 2018
901 Mamie St.
31°19?10?N 89°18?30?W / 31.319509°N 89.308196°W / 31.319509; -89.308196 (Temple B'nai Israel)
18 The University of Southern Mississippi Historic District
The University of Southern Mississippi Historic District
March 10, 2010
118 College Dr.
31°19?47?N 89°17?44?W / 31.329697°N 89.295483°W / 31.329697; -89.295483 (The University of Southern Mississippi Historic District)
19 U.S. District Courthouse
U.S. District Courthouse
September 18, 1973
200 W. Pine St.
31°19?33?N 89°17?28?W / 31.325833°N 89.291111°W / 31.325833; -89.291111 (U.S. District Courthouse)
Hattiesburg Constructed in 1910 as Post Office, renovated in 1939 to serve as Courthouse. Now used as the Hattiesburg Municipal Court.
20 U.S. Post Office
U.S. Post Office
April 21, 1983
115 W. Pine Street
31°19?36?N 89°17?28?W / 31.326667°N 89.291111°W / 31.326667; -89.291111 (U.S. Post Office)
Hattiesburg Constructed in 1934, Art Deco architectural style

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  1. ^ The latitude and longitude information provided in this table was derived originally from the National Register Information System, which has been found to be fairly accurate for about 99% of listings. Some locations in this table may have been corrected to current GPS standards.
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  3. ^ Numbers represent an ordering by significant words. Various colorings, defined here, differentiate National Historic Landmarks and historic districts from other NRHP buildings, structures, sites or objects.
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  5. ^ The eight-digit number below each date is the number assigned to each location in the National Register Information System database, which can be viewed by clicking the number.

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