Navarrese People's Union
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Navarrese People's Union

The Navarrese People's Union (Spanish: Unión del Pueblo Navarro), abbreviated to UPN, is a regional conservative[2]political party in Navarre, Spain. Until 2008, it was a fraternal party of the People's Party (PP), acting as the latter's Navarrese branch.

UPN is a strong opponent of Basque nationalism, and supports a Spanish regional identity for Navarre with a marginal Basque component and separate from the Basque Country. The party's regionalist tradition dates back to the nineteenth century, in which the Spanish nation is seen to be based on 'regional liberties'.[8]

During the 1991-2008 period, UPN acted as the Navarrese branch of the PP, which, in return, did not run at Navarrese elections as a part of their agreement. During this period, UPN was the largest party in elections for the regional Parliament of Navarre[9] and the ruling party of the Autonomous Community from 1996 to 2015.


The UPN was a Navarrese splinter group of the Union of the Democratic Centre. Its president, Miguel Sanz, has been the head of the Navarrese government since from 1996 to 2015.

Juan Cruz Alli was elected president of the Navarrese government for UPN, but later disagreed with the orientation the party was taking and founded another party Democrats' Convergence of Navarre.

Pacts with the PP

As part of an agreement held over the 1991-2008 period, the PP did not run in any elections in the Navarra Congress Electoral District and People's Party of Navarre (founded in 1989) was dissolved, while UPN were on the same national ticket as the PP at the Spanish national elections. The national Deputies and Senators elected as part of UPN's ticket were part of the PP Parliamentary Group. Also, UPN members were eligible -and indeed chosen- for national leadership positions in the PP.

The pact was terminated in October 2008 as a result of UPN refusal to vote alongside the PP in the Spanish Congress of Deputies to reject the government budget presented by José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero's cabinet. One of the two MPs elected under the UPN-PP ticket refused to follow UPN's instructions and a number of UPN elected representatives defected this party to join the PP.[10][11][12] The new situation led to the PP setting up its own office in Navarre.[13]

The two parties ran separate lists in the 2011 regional elections in Navarre with the UPN receiving 34.5% against the 7.3% that the PP received. On 8 September 2011, the two parties reached an agreement to renew their alliance for the 2011 Spanish general election.[14] Under the agreement, the UPN would take the first and third places on the list for Congress while the PP would have the second. For the Senate, the UPN would have the top two places on the list, with the PP taking the third place. A major factor in the new agreement was the two parties desire to prevent Bildu from winning enough seats to form a parliamentary group.[14]

Electoral performance

Parliament of Navarre

Parliament of Navarre
Election Vote % Score Seats +/- Leader Status in legislature
Status Period
1979 40,764 15.99% 3rd
-- Jesús Aizpún Opposition 1979-1983
1983 62,072 23.34% 2nd
Arrow Blue Right 001.svg0 Balbino Bados None 1983-1984
Opposition 1984-1991
1987 69,419 24.50% 2nd
Green Arrow Up Darker.svg1 Juan Cruz Alli
1991 96,005 34.95% 1st
Green Arrow Up Darker.svg6 Minority government 1991-1995
Minority coalition (CDN-UPN) 1995
1995 93,163 31.35% 1st
Red Arrow Down.svg3 Miguel Sanz Opposition 1995-1996
Minority government 1996-2003
1999 125,497 41.37% 1st
Green Arrow Up Darker.svg5
2003 127,460 41.48% 1st
Green Arrow Up Darker.svg1 Majority coalition (UPN-CDN) 2003-2007
2007 139,122 42.19% 1st
Red Arrow Down.svg1 Minority coalition (UPN-CDN) 2007-2009
Minority government 2009-2011
2011 111,474 34.48% 1st
Red Arrow Down.svg3 Yolanda Barcina Majority coalition (UPN-PSN) 2011-2012
Minority government 2012-2015
2015 92,705 27.44% 1st
Red Arrow Down.svg4 Javier Esparza Opposition 2015-present
2019 Within NA+
Arrow Blue Right 001.svg0

Cortes Generales

Cortes Generales
Election Navarre
Congress Senate
Vote % Score Seats +/- Seats +/-
1979 28,248 11.17% 3rd
1982[a] 76,255 25.59% 2nd
Green Arrow Up Darker.svg1
Green Arrow Up Darker.svg1
1986[b] 80,922 29.63% 2nd
Arrow Blue Right 001.svg0
Arrow Blue Right 001.svg0
1989[c] 92,216 33.18% 1st
Green Arrow Up Darker.svg1
Green Arrow Up Darker.svg2
1993[c] 112,228 36.13% 1st
Arrow Blue Right 001.svg0
Arrow Blue Right 001.svg0
1996[c] 120,335 37.12% 1st
Red Arrow Down.svg1
Arrow Blue Right 001.svg0
2000[c] 150,995 49.89% 1st
Green Arrow Up Darker.svg1
Arrow Blue Right 001.svg0
2004[c] 127,653 37.60% 1st
Red Arrow Down.svg1
Arrow Blue Right 001.svg0
2008[c] 133,059 39.22% 1st
Arrow Blue Right 001.svg0
Arrow Blue Right 001.svg0
2011[c] 126,516 38.21% 1st
Arrow Blue Right 001.svg0
Arrow Blue Right 001.svg0
2015[c] 102,244 28.94% 1st
Arrow Blue Right 001.svg0
Arrow Blue Right 001.svg0
2016[c] 106,976 31.90% 1st
Arrow Blue Right 001.svg0
Arrow Blue Right 001.svg0
2019 Within NA+
Arrow Blue Right 001.svg0
Red Arrow Down.svg2


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