New Libertarian Manifesto
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New Libertarian Manifesto

New Libertarian Manifesto is a libertarian philosophical treatise by Samuel Edward Konkin III. It is the first explanation of agorism, a philosophy created by Konkin. Konkin proffers various arguments of how a free society would function as well as examples of existing gray and black markets. It contains criticisms of using political (i.e. activist or legislative) or violent means and advocates non-politics with non-voting as a strategy. Finally, Konkin describes the steps of using the black market to dismantle the state, a strategy known as counter-economics.

The work was first printed by Anarchosamisdat Press in October 1980, and subsequently by Koman Publishing Co. in February 1983 and by KoPubCo in 2006.[1] Konkin declared the book to be a "black market best-seller".[2]


Libertarian Robert LeFevre hailed the work "for its position respecting consistency, objective and method" and claimed that "it will have and deserves to have a compelling influences upon members of the 'old' left."[1]


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  • Rothbard, Murray. Strategy of the New Libertarian Alliance, Number One, May Day 1981, 3-11; reprinted as "The Anti-Party Mentality" in Libertarian Vanguard, Aug.-Sep. 1981.

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