North Ministry
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North Ministry
North ministry
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Date formed28 January 1770 (1770-01-28)
Date dissolved27 March 1782 (1782-03-27)
People and organisations
MonarchGeorge III
Prime MinisterLord North
Total no. of ministers33 appointments
Member parties
Status in legislature
Opposition partyRockingham Whigs
Legislature term(s)
PredecessorGrafton ministry
SuccessorSecond Rockingham ministry

Lord North was appointed to lead the government of the Kingdom of Great Britain by George III from 1770 to 1782. His ministry oversaw the Falklands Crisis (1770), the Gordon Riots (1780) and the outbreak of the American War of Independence.[3]


Portfolio Minister Took office Left office Party
 Lord North*28 January 1770 (1770-01-28)27 March 1782 (1782-03-27)Tory
Lord Chancellor The Earl Bathurst23 January 1771 (1771-01-23)3 June 1778 (1778-06-03)Tory
 The Lord Thurlow3 June 1778 (1778-06-03)7 April 1783 (1783-04-07)Tory
Lord President of the Council The Earl Gower22 December 1767 (1767-12-22)24 November 1779 (1779-11-24)Tory
 The Earl Bathurst24 November 1779 (1779-11-24)27 March 1782 (1782-03-27)Tory
Lord Privy Seal The Earl of Halifax26 February 1770 (1770-02-26)22 January 1771 (1771-01-22)Tory
 The Earl of Suffolk22 January 1771 (1771-01-22)12 June 1771 (1771-06-12)Independent
 The Duke of Grafton12 June 1771 (1771-06-12)4 November 1775 (1775-11-04)Whig
 The Earl of Dartmouth4 November 1775 (1775-11-04)27 March 1782 (1782-03-27)Independent
Lord Steward The Earl Talbot1761 (1761)27 April 1782 (1782-04-27)Independent
Lord Chamberlain The Earl of Hertford1766 (1766)1782 (1782)Independent
Secretary of State for the Southern Department The Viscount Weymouth21 October 1768 (1768-10-21)12 December 1770 (1770-12-12)Tory
 The Earl of Rochford19 December 1770 (1770-12-19)9 November 1775 (1775-11-09)Independent
 The Viscount Weymouth9 November 1775 (1775-11-09)24 November 1779 (1779-11-24)Tory
 The Earl of Hillsborough24 November 1779 (1779-11-24)27 March 1782 (1782-03-27)Independent
Secretary of State for the Northern Department The Earl of Rochford21 October 1768 (1768-10-21)19 December 1770 (1770-12-19)Independent
 The Earl of Sandwich19 December 1770 (1770-12-19)12 January 1771 (1771-01-12)Whig
 The Earl of Halifax22 January 1771 (1771-01-22)6 June 1771 (1771-06-06)Tory
 The Earl of Suffolk12 June 1771 (1771-06-12)7 March 1779 (1779-03-07)Independent
 The Viscount Stormont27 October 1779 (1779-10-27)27 March 1782 (1782-03-27)Independent
Secretary of State for the Colonies The Earl of Hillsborough27 February 1768 (1768-02-27)27 August 1772 (1772-08-27)Independent
 The Earl of Dartmouth27 August 1772 (1772-08-27)10 November 1775 (1775-11-10)Independent
 Lord George Germain10 November 1775 (1775-11-10)February 1782 (1782-02)Independent
 Welbore EllisFebruary 1782 (1782-02)8 March 1782 (1782-03-08)Independent
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster James Smith-Stanley13 December 1762 (1762-12-13)14 June 1771 (1771-06-14)Independent
 The Earl of Clarendon14 June 1771 (1771-06-14)17 April 1782 (1782-04-17)Whig
First Lord of the Admiralty Sir Edward Hawke1766 (1766)1771 (1771)Independent
 The Earl of Sandwich1771 (1771)1782 (1782)Whig
Master-General of the Ordnance The Viscount TownshendOctober 1772 (1772-10)March 1782 (1782-03)Independent
Lord Lieutenant of Ireland The Viscount Townshend19 August 1767 (1767-08-19)29 October 1772 (1772-10-29)Independent
 The Earl Harcourt29 October 1772 (1772-10-29)7 December 1776 (1776-12-07)Independent
 The Earl of Buckinghamshire7 December 1776 (1776-12-07)29 November 1780 (1780-11-29)Independent
 The Earl of Carlisle29 November 1780 (1780-11-29)8 April 1782 (1782-04-08)Independent



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