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Origin France
2001 - present
Labels Minority
Members Eddy Gronfier
Thomas Pieds

One-T is an animated band created in 2000 by Eddy Gronfier and Thomas Pieds. Eddy Gronfier produces the music while Thomas Pieds creates the artwork and visuals. It is currently unknown whether or not this project is still in effect.

The Concept

The concept of One-T is to create a lively world, living through the texts of songs, album artwork and video clips. This world is the symbol of the Next Generation, living between drugs, sex and electronic music. One-T is composed of several characters:

One-T (main character): A 13-year-old boy who takes drugs and insults his new-age parents. Despite his young age, he dreams of becoming a DJ and wants to unite all teenagers around the world against the war in Iraq, and continue to produce his influences in different languages.

Nine-T: A young Latino and best friend of One-T. He organizes events in his father's bar.

Fat-T: A fat Latino MC, who appeared in "Hamburguesa".

E: A gifted Japanese computer hacker. He lives with his twin sister Ee and never goes outside.

Ee: The twin sister of E. Her personality is the complete opposite of E's.

Cool-T: Another friend of One-T, but of African descent. At the end of the "Music is the One-T ODC" music video, he gets shot by Travoltino, which is the subject of "The Magic Key". Later he is kicked out of heaven, and returns to Earth.

Bull-T: One-T's pet dog. Bull-T was genetically manipulated to never bark loudly or be mean.

The enemies of One-T:

Travoltino: A mobster and television personality. He owns a record company, a TV channel, a newspaper, and a nightclub, where it is difficult to enter without being "jet-set." He is the enemy of One-T, and is the one who shot Cool-T.

Acidman: An inventor and dealer of his own drugs. His work is funded by Travoltino. Acidman is currently wanted by the police.


One-T made their first appearance in France during the summer of 2001, with the release of the hit single "Music Is The One-T ODC". The single was a success and was ranked the 82nd best-selling single over the year of 2001. It was followed shortly by the single "Bein' a Star".

One-T returned to the dance music scene in the summer of 2003 with their single "The Magic Key", which introduced One-T's best friend, Cool-T, as the rap singer in the song. The title reached 9th place of the best-selling singles and is ranked the 22nd best-selling single for 2003. "The Magic Key" was also well received in Germany, where it reached 5th place of the best-selling singles, and Denmark, 4th place. Their first full-length album, The One-T ODC, was released on July 2003.

Several singles followed over the years, including the theme song for Starsky & Hutch, and Kamasutra, released in early 2005.

One-T's second studio album, The One-T's ABC, was released in early 2006 as a digital album, and was available only on a few legal downloading sites, such as iTunes. In 2007, the album was released physically and garnered much success in France and the rest of Europe.

The Creators

The cartoon characters in this band were created to conceal the real people behind this project. The people behind this project are Eddy Gronfier, responsible for the musical part of the project, is a former radio host (on NRJ, Fun Radio, Maxximum, M40 Rock ....), jingle producer (on RTL, Skyrock, M40, Radio Scoop ...), radio director (The monsters on Skyrock, Charly and Lulu on RTL 2 ...), and composer/ remixer of One-T, and Thomas Pieds, author of the concept and the song lyrics, is also the director of the One-T music videos. Before One-T, Thomas was already directing music videos, TV ads and TV series.



Year Chart Statistics Singles
2003 The One-T ODC
  • Studio Album
  • Released: July 2003
  • French Peak Position: #72[1]
2006 The One-T's ABC
  • Studio Album
  • Released: 2006 (Digital), 2007 (physical)
  • "Kamasutra"
  • "Hamburguesa"
  • "U!!!"
  • "Tomorrow's War"


Charts Statistics

Music Is The One-T ODC (aka Odyssey)

  • Released: July 2001
  • Peak position (France): #12
  • Certification: Silver
  • Sells: 200 000
  • Trivia: The song contains a theme from "Má hra" (from their 1971 album "Nová syntéza") by Blue Effect, a Czechoslovakian progressive rock band.

Bein' A Star

  • Released: November 2002
  • Peak position (France) : #59
One-T + Cool-T

The Magic Key

  • Released: July 2003
  • Peak Position: #9 (Fr.), #5 (Ger.), #4 (Dan.)
  • Certification: Gold (France, Germany)
  • Sells: 247 000 (France), 250 000 (Germany)
  • Trivia: The song contains a theme from "Má hra" (from their 1971 album "Nová syntéza") by Blue Effect, a Czechoslovakian progressive rock band.

No. 3 of the most played songs on European radio and television during 2003 summer. One of the longest-running singles in 2003 French Charts (41 weeks).


Starsky & Hutch

  • Released: May 2004
  • Peak Position: #16 (Fr.)
  • Triva: This song was used as the main song from the 2004 Starsky & Hutch movie.

It is the first song ever released by One-T's best friend (Cool-T). One-T produced the single.



  • Released: November 2004
  • Peak Position: #40 (Fr.)
  • Trivia: One-T produced this single.
One-T feat. Fat-T & Cool-T


  • Released: 2005 (Digital Single only)


  • Released: November 2005 (Digital Single only)
One-T + Cool-T

Tomorrow's War

  • Released: April 2006 (Digital Single)
  • 2007 (Physical Single)


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