Parse Thicket
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Parse Thicket

A Parse Thicket is a graph that represents the syntactic structure of a paragraph of text in natural language processing. A Parse Thicket includes Parse tree for each sentence for this paragraph plus some arcs for other relations between words other than syntactic.[1] Parse thickets can be constructed for both constituency parse trees and dependency parse trees. The relations which link parse trees within a Parse Thicket are:[2]

To assess similarity between texts, such as a question and its candidate answers, parse thickets can be generalized [3]

In the image of parse thicket coreferences and entity-entity links are shown in solid red, and rhetoric/speech act relations are shown in dotted red. ETAP parser and tree visualization software is used.[4]

Parse Thicket

To compute generalization of two parse thickets, one needs to find their maximum common sub-graph (sub-thicket).[5]

Generalizing two parse thickets
A fragment showing particular cases of generalizing


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