Pennsylvania's 28th Congressional District
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Pennsylvania's 28th Congressional District

Pennsylvania's 28th congressional district was one of Pennsylvania's districts of the United States House of Representatives.

List of representatives

Representative Party Years Cong
District home Note
District created in 1889
James Kerr (Pennsylvania Congressman).jpg James Kerr Democrat March 4, 1889 - March 3, 1891 51st Clearfield Unsuccessful candidate for renomination
George F. Kribbs (Pennsylvania Congressman).jpg George F. Kribbs Democrat March 4, 1891 - March 3, 1895 52nd
Clarion Unsuccessful candidate for renomination
William Carlile Arnold.jpg William C. Arnold Republican March 4, 1895 - March 3, 1899 54th
Curwensville Not a candidate for reelection
James Knox Polk Hall (Pennsylvania Congressman).jpg James K.P. Hall Democrat March 4, 1899 - November 29, 1902 56th
Ridgway Resigned after being elected to the Pennsylvania State Senate
vacant November 29, 1902 - March 3, 1903
Joseph C. Sibley (Pennsylvania Congressman).jpg Joseph C. Sibley Republican March 4, 1903 - March 3, 1907 58th
Franklin Redistricted from the 27th district, Not a candidate for renomination
Nelson Platt Wheeler (Pennsylvania Congressman).jpg Nelson P. Wheeler Republican March 4, 1907 - March 3, 1911 60th
Endeavor Unsuccessful candidate for renomination in 1910, but the primary election was contested. His opponent subsequently withdrew and he was tendered the congressional nomination, but declined
PeterMooreSpeer.jpg Peter M. Speer Republican March 4, 1911 - March 3, 1913 62nd Oil City Unsuccessful candidate for reelection
Willis James Hulings (Pennsylvania Congressman).jpg Willis J. Hulings Progressive March 4, 1913 - March 3, 1915 63rd Oil City Unsuccessful candidate for reelection
Samuel Henry Miller (Pennsylvania Congressman).jpg Samuel H. Miller Republican March 4, 1915 - March 3, 1917 64th Mercer Declined to be a candidate for renomination
Orrin Dubbs Bleakley circa 1915.jpg Orrin D. Bleakley Republican March 4, 1917 - April 3, 1917 65th Franklin Resigned having never qualified. The seat then remained vacant.
vacant April 4, 1917 - November 5, 1917
EarlHanleyBeshlin.jpg Earl H. Beshlin Democrat November 6, 1917 - March 3, 1919 65th Warren Unsuccessful candidate for reelection
Willis James Hulings (Pennsylvania Congressman).jpg Willis J. Hulings Republican March 4, 1919 - March 3, 1921 66th Oil City Unsuccessful candidate for reelection
Harris J. Bixler (Pennsylvania Congressman).jpg Harris J. Bixler Republican March 4, 1921 - March 3, 1927 67th
Duncannon Unsuccessful candidate for renomination
No image.svg Thomas C. Cochran Republican March 4, 1927 - March 3, 1933 70th
Mercer Redistricted to the 20th district
No image.svg William M. Berlin Democrat March 4, 1933 - January 3, 1937 73rd
Greensburg Unsuccessful candidate for renomination
Robert G. Allen.jpg Robert G. Allen Democrat January 3, 1937 - January 3, 1941 75th
Greensburg Unsuccessful candidate for renomination
Augustine B. Kelley (Pennsylvania Congressman).jpg Augustine B. Kelley Democrat January 3, 1941 - January 3, 1945 77th
Greensburg Redistricted to the 27th district
No image.svg Robert L. Rodgers Republican January 3, 1945 - January 3, 1947 79th Erie Redistricted from the 29th district, Unsuccessful candidate for renomination
Carroll Kearns.jpg Carroll D. Kearns Republican January 3, 1947 - January 3, 1953 80th
New Castle Redistricted to the 24th district
Herman P. Eberharter (Pennsylvania Congressman).jpg Herman P. Eberharter Democrat January 3, 1953 - September 9, 1958 83rd
Pittsburgh Redistricted from the 32nd district, Died
vacant September 9, 1958 - January 3, 1959
William S. Moorhead.jpeg William S. Moorhead Democrat January 3, 1959 - January 3, 1963 86th
Pittsburgh Redistricted to the 14th district
District eliminated in 1963


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