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Wikipedia has thousands of topic lists; some are even lists of other lists. This is a non-comprehensive list of article lists, arranged by topic. For our highest quality lists, see popflock.com Resource: Featured lists.

P literature.svg General reference  (see in all page types)

General reference lists  o Abbreviations o Collective nouns o Common misconceptions o Common misspellings o Etymologies o Lists o Lists of lists o List of lists of lists o Pairs o Postal codes o Unusual articles

Reference of organizations 

Libraries o Types of libraries o Digital library projects o National libraries

Reference works o Almanacs o Dictionaries o Encyclopedias o Free online journals o Newsgroups o Newspapers o Web directories

Research tools and resources o Free software programs o IRC clients o News clients o Periodic table o Search engines

Standards o Common standards o Numbering schemes

International standards o List of International Organization for Standardization standards o ISO 639 language names o ISO 3166 country codes o Time zones o Country calling codes o Internet TLDs o Plastic recycling codes
United States standards o Federal Standard 1037C (Glossary of telecommunication terms) o FIPS country codes o U.S. postal abbreviations
Size, measurement and conversions
SI o SI base units o SI derived units o SI prefix
Unit conversions o Unusual units of measurement o Humorous units of measurement
Orders of magnitude o Length o Area o Volume o Mass o Time
Specific measures o Cooking o Ancient o Paper sizes

P culture.svg Culture and the arts  (see in all page types)

Dance: Dances o Dance styles


Actors and characters: Actors, by television series o Touhou Project characters o Celebrities on The Simpsons o Characters from The Simpsons o Characters from The Sopranos o Characters in 24 o Game show hosts o Guest stars on Friends o Guest stars on Will & Grace o Sesame Street human characters o Sesame Street Muppets o Star Trek races
Music: Concert tours o Musical events o Music genres o Musical instruments o Opera houses o Schools of music
Electronic music: Music genres o Record labels
Musicians and musical groups
Composers: Classical music composers o National Academy of Popular Music/Songwriters Hall of Fame
Bands: Hardcore punk bands
Musicians: Alternative music artists o Ambient artists o Disco artists o Grammy Hall of Fame Award recipients o Hip hop artists o R&B musicians o Soul musicians o List of best-selling music artists
Record labels
Songs and compositions: Albums o Best selling singles by year (UK) o Christmas carols o Christmas number one singles (UK) o Compositions of Johann Sebastian Bach o Famous operas o Operettas
Video game music: Video game musicians
Film: Actors o Directors o Film festivals o Film institutes o Film source material o Film awards
Films: Computer-animated films o Preserved films o Highest-grossing o Most expensive o Rated NC-17 o Film series o Trilogies o Greatest o Worst
By title: # o A o B o C o D o E o F o G o H o I o J-K o L o M o N-O o P o Q-R o S o T o U-V-W o X-Y-Z
By year: 1920s o 1930s o 1940s o 1950s o 1960s o 1970s o 1980s o 1990s o 2000s o 2010s
By genre: Cult o Fantasy o Noir o Horror o Musicals o Science fiction o War o Westerns
Television: by year o Television networks o Television stations o TV stations in North America
Television channels
By country: Australia o Canada o Denmark o Ireland o United Kingdom o United States
By language: Spanish o French o German o Greek o Italian *Tamil
Television programs: Animated series o Lists of anime o UK television series o British TV shows remade for the American market o Children's television series o Comedies o Cult television shows o Dramadies o Most-watched television episodes o Sci-fi TV programs o Spin-off shows o Soap operas o TV shows by city setting
By broadcaster: BBC o ABC o CBS o Fox o MTV o NBC o UPN o Cartoon Network o ANT1 o ERT o MEGA Channel
By program: Invader Zim
By characters: Muppets

Sports: Shared franchise names o Judo techniques o Martial arts (Weapons) o Gay athletes o Sports leagues, Defunct sports leagues o Ski areas o Surfing o List of sports

Baseball: Highest paid baseball players o Major league baseball players o Lifetime home run leaders o Triple crown
AL Gold Glove Winners at: Pitcher | Catcher | 1st Base | 2nd Base | Shortstop | 3rd Base | Outfield
NL Gold Glove Winners at: Pitcher | Catcher | 1st Base | 2nd Base | Shortstop | 3rd Base | Outfield
Football (soccer): Football teams o 100 Greatest Living Football Players o Football clubs in France o Women's association football clubs o National association football teams by nickname
Olympics: IOC country codes o Olympic medalists

Gaming: Games, by year (non-video) o Board game publishers o Japanese board games o Mancala variants o Miniature wargames

Chess: Games o Terms o Openings o World records o Players o World championship matches o Tournaments o Books
Video games: Arcade games o Console palettes

Literature: By year o Publishers o Scientific journals

Books: (By genre o Banned books) o Writers o Literary awards o List of best-selling books
Fiction: Fairy tales o Fictional characters o Fictional computers o Fictional robots and androids
Comics: Manga o List of best-selling manga o Comic strips
Comic books
DC Comics: Characters o Elseworlds o Justice League members o Legion of Super-Heroes members o Superman enemies o Locations of the DC Universe
Marvel Comics: Characters o X-Men o Avengers
Fictional places: Fictional countries o Fictional planets o Imaginary universes o Middle-earth
Major themes: Adultery o Family o Sadomasochism o School o Science fiction o Smuggling o Travel
Magazines: Men's o Women's o Teen o Newspapers o Fictional magazines o By circulation o Anomalous phenomena

Mythology: Celtic mythological beings o Demigods o Greek mythological characters o Nordic Gods

Other: Artworks known in English by a foreign title o Colors o Public Art o Calendars o Gardening o Goethe-Institut locations o Headgear o Holidays o Knots o Mascots o Museums o Paintings (most expensive) o Recordings o

P countries-vector.svg Geography and places  (see in all page types)

P medicine.svg Health and fitness   (see in all page types)

Acronyms in healthcare o Abbreviations  (for medical organizations and personnel) o Alternative medicine o Pharmaceutical Drugs o Psychiatric drugs (by condition treated) o Psychotherapies o Reference ranges for common blood tests o Surgical procedures o Symptoms
Genetic disorders o Infectious diseases o Mental illnesses o Notifiable diseases o Neurological disorders o List of DSM-IV codes
Foods and Nutrition
Antioxidants in food o B vitamins o Beverages o Cuisines (African o Americas o Asian o European o Oceanic) o Diets o Foods (Food origins o Fruit o Herbs and spices o Meat o Nuts o Prepared foods o Seafood o Seeds o Vegetables) o Food additives (Codex Alimentarius) o Macronutrients o Micronutrients o Nootropics (smart drugs) o Poor nutrition

Klepsydra-pt.svg History and events  (see in all page types)


General: Archeological sites (By country, By continent and age) o Civil wars o Cyclones o Extinct states o Famous deaths by cause o Guerrilla movements o Historians (by subfield) o Historical anniversaries o Historical sites o Inventors killed by their own inventions o Missing treasure o Defunct buildings (Spain) o Roman sites (Spain, UK) o World records in chess
Time periods: On this day (December 2) o Months o This Year (2020) o By decade, century, or millennium

Timelines of events

By chronology: Big Bang o Ancient Mesopotamia o Ancient Greece o Rome o Roman Empire o French Revolution o World War I o World War II (Evacuations)  o Space Race o Cold War
By event type: Battles o Coups d'état and coup attempts o Disasters (By death toll) o Earthquakes o Epidemics o Famous speeches o Fires o Foreign policy doctrines o Helicopter prison escapes o Invasions o Inventions o Industrial disasters oJudgments of the Constitutional Court of South Africa o Kidnappings o Massacres o Military disasters o Musical events o Military operations o Natural disasters o Nobel Prizes o Nuclear accidents o Power outages o Recessions o Revolutions and rebellions o Riots o Roman Governorships of Britain o Scientific discoveries o Sieges o Space Shuttle missions o Strikes o Tariffs o Terrorism o Ticker-tape parades in New York City o Treaties o United States Supreme Court cases o UN peacekeeping missions o Wars
By field: Agriculture o Archaeology o Architecture o Art o Aviation o Biology o Chemistry o Communication o Computing o Evolution o Film o Geography o Human evolution o Invention o Literature o Mathematics o Medicine o Meteorology o Photography o Physics o Poetry o Psychology o Science o Scientific discoveries o Scientific experiments o Scientific thought o Scientific method o Sociology o Transport

P Human activities.svg Human activities  (see in all page types)

P mathematics.svg Mathematics and logic  (see in all page types)

Mathematics lists  o Probability

Basic mathematics o Trigonometric identities
Algebra o Algebraic structures o Reciprocity laws o Cohomology theories
Calculus and analysis o Integrals o Mathematical series o Vector spaces
Geometry and topology o Geometric shapes o Algebraic surfaces o Points
Logic o First-order theories o Large cardinal properties o Paradoxes
Number theory o Prime numbers
Differential equations o Nonlinear partial differential equations
Game theory o Games
Operations research o Knapsack problems

Methodology o Graphical methods o Mathematics-based methods o Rules of inference

Mathematical statements o Algorithms o Axioms o Conjectures o Erd?s conjectures o Combinatorial principles o Equations o Formulae involving pi o Mathematical identities o Inequalities o Lemmas o Mathematical proofs o NP-complete problems o Statements undecidable in ZFC o Mathematical symbols o Undecidable problems o Theorems (Fundamental theorems)

General concepts o Dualities o Transforms o Recursion

Mathematical objects o Mathematical examples o Curves o Complex reflection groups o Complexity classes o Examples in general topology o Finite simple groups o Fourier-related transforms o Mathematical functions o Mathematical knots and links o Manifolds o Mathematical shapes o Matrices o Numbers o Polygons, polyhedra and polytopes o Regular polytopes o Simple Lie groups o Small groups o Special functions and eponyms o Algebraic surfaces o Surfaces o Table of Lie groups

P physics.svg Natural and physical sciences  (see in all page types)

List of sciences o Superseded scientific theories

Biology  o Biological journals o Causes of death o Feeding behaviours o Human anatomy o Muscles o Protective human features o Gene families o Latin and Greek words commonly used in systematic names

Species and specimens - The World's 25 Most Endangered Primates o Domesticated animals o List of dinosaurs o Genera in Caesalpinioideae o Genera in Faboideae o Genera in Mimosoideae o Quercus species (oak) o Smilax species o Birds by region o Mammals by region o Utricularia species o Cryptids
Plants o Arecaceae Genera (palm tree family) o Acer species (maple) o Sequoia groves o Domesticated plants o Edible seeds o Famous trees o Fruits o Garden plants o Herbs o Vegetables
Insects o Insects of Britain
Fish o Fish in Sweden
Diseases - Banana and plantain diseases o Sweet potato diseases

Physical science

Telescopes o Telescope types o Optical telescopes o Largest optical reflecting telescopes o Largest optical refracting telescopes o Largest optical telescopes historically o Space telescopes o X-ray space telescopes o Proposed space observatories o Astronomical interferometers at visible and infrared wavelengths o Largest infrared telescopes o Solar telescopes o Highest astronomical observatories
Astronomical objects o Constellations o Constellations by area o Exoplanets o Supernovae o Supernova remnants o Brown dwarfs o Gamma-ray bursts o Black holes o Voids o Most distant astronomical objects o Astronomical objects named after people o Interstellar and circumstellar molecules
Objects o Size o Gravitationally rounded o Meteor showers o Moons o Tallest mountains o Geological features o Largest lakes and seas o Extraterrestrial volcanoes o Minor planets o Minor planet moons o Trans-Neptunian objects o Unnumbered minor planets o Possible dwarf planets o Comets by type o Numbered comets o Extremes o Objects at Lagrangian points o Hypothetical objects
Mercury o Mercury-crossing asteroids o Geological features o Craters o Albedo features o
Venus o Venus-crossing asteroids o Mountains o Geological features o Craters o Terrae o Coronae
Moon o Craters o Features o Mountains o mountains by height o Maria o Valleys o Lists of eclipses
Mars o Mars-crossing asteroids o Rocks o Craters o Mountains o Mountains by height o Valles o Meteorites o Areas of chaos terrain o Chasmata o Catenae o Plains o Terrae o Labes
Geological features on Phobos o Geological features on Deimos
Asteroids o Noteworthy asteroids o Aten asteroids o Apollo asteroids o Amor asteroids o Apohele asteroids o Asteroids with moons o Centaurs o Asteroids named after important people o Exceptional asteroids o Near-Earth asteroids by distance from Sun o Asteroid groups
Jupiter o Jupiter-crossing asteroids o Moons o Geological features on Jupiter's inner moons o Jupiter trojans (Trojan camp) o Jupiter trojans (Greek camp) o Events
Io o Mountains on Io o Geological features o Volcanic features
Europa o Geological features o Craters
Ganymede o Geological features o Craters
Callisto o Geological features o Craters
Saturn o Saturn-crossing asteroids o Geological features on Saturn's smaller moons o Geological features on Mimas o Geological features on Enceladus o Geological features on Tethys o Geological features on Dione o Geological features on Rhea o Geological features on Iapetus
Uranus o Uranus-crossing asteroids o Geological features on Puck o Geological features on Miranda o Geological features on Ariel o Geological features on Titania o Geological features on Oberon o Craters on Umbriel
Neptune o Neptune-crossing asteroids o Moons o Geological features on Triton
Stars o By constellation o Brightest o Nearest bright o Most luminous o Most massive o Largest o Hottest o Least massive o Nearest o Traditional star names o Arabic star names o Chinese star names o Named after people o Variable o Semiregular variable o With proplyds o X-ray pulsars
Nebulae o Dark nebulae o Diffuse nebulae o Planetary nebulae o Protoplanetary nebulae
Star clusters o Globular clusters o Open clusters o Stellar streams
Galaxies o nearest galaxies o galaxies named after people o Spiral galaxies o polar-ring galaxies o quasars
Other astronomical lists o Astronomical catalogues o Astronomical symbols o Astronomical societies o Future astronomical events o Astronomical instruments o Astronomical instrument makers
Chemistry  o Biomolecules o Compounds o Enthalpy change of formation o Functional groups o Isotope table (divided) o Isotope table (complete) o Stable isotopes o Standard electrode potentials
Elements o by number o by symbol o Periodic table
Earth sciences
Geology  o Birthstones o Earthquakes o Landforms o Minerals o Oil fields o Uranium mines o Rocks o Tectonic plates o Volcanoes o Global Boundary Stratotype Sections and Points
Meteorology o Tropical cyclone names o Weather o Clouds o Precipitation
Physics  o Artificial Radiation Belts o Colors o Cycles o Equations in classical mechanics o Laws in science o Letters used in mathematics and science o Noise o Particles o Relativistic equations o Satellites which have provided data on the magnetosphere o Resistivities

P vip.svg People and self  (see in all page types)

Socrates blue version2.png Philosophy and thinking  (see in all page types)

P religion.png Religion and belief systems  (see in all page types)

P social sciences.png Society and social sciences  (see in all page types)

Business: Corporate assets o Product failures o Strikes o Stock market indices o Store brands o Traded commodities o U.S. states by unemployment rate o European sovereign-debt crisis: List of acronyms

Businesses, organizations, and companies: Assets owned by Microsoft Corporation o Assets owned by The Coca-Cola Company o British natural gas companies o Cooperatives o Banks o Department stores o Employee-owned companieso Employer associations o Fictional Microsoft companies o Stock exchanges o Supermarkets o Think tanks o Trade unions
Business people: Business theorists o Economists

Economics: Economists

National accounts: Countries by nominal GDP o Countries by nominal GDP per capita o Countries by PPP GDP o Countries by PPP GDP per capita

Education: Academic disciplines o Fields of doctoral studies o Admissions tests o Universities and colleges o Schools by country o School and university in literature

Environmental issues

Law: Case law o Civics o International public law

Linguistics: Languages o English words o Acronyms o Consonants o Vowels (table) o Hieroglyphs o EmoticonsFrench words and phrases used by English speakers o Phonetics o Shibboleths o Symbols o Writing systems

Organizations: British professional bodies o Civic, fraternal, service, and professional organizations o Employer associations o Environmental organizations o LGBT-related organizations o Trade unions o United States Mints o Women's organizations

Politics: by country o List of California suffragists o Political parties (Generic names of political parties) o National legislatures o National anthems o Green topics o Intelligence agencies o Secret police organizations o United Nations member states o United States federal agencies o Current members of the United States Congress o List of US Presidents with facial hairMicronationsScandals with "-gate" suffix

Psychology (Lists): Autism o Clinical Psychologists o Cognitive biases o Credentials in psychology o DSM-IV Codes o DSM-IV Codes (alphabetical) o Diagnostic classification and rating scales o Drugs o Emotions o Famous figures in psychiatry o Fictional psychiatrists o Mental illnesses o Memory biases o NLP-related articles o neurological disorders o Psychiatric drugs o Psychiatric drugs by condition treated o Psychology disciplines o Psychological schools o Psychologists o Psychotherapies o Publications in psychology o Scientific journals in psychology o Web experiments

Social psychology: Social psychologists

Sociology: Children's rights o Ethnic groups o Feminism o Feminist economists o Lifestyles o Social science journals o Sociologists o Subfields of sociology o Timeline of sociology o Youth rights

Society: Guide Dog Schools o Honorary societies o Prizes, medals, and awards

Urban studies: Public utilities

P train.svg Technology and applied sciences  (see in all page types)

Technologies: Emerging Technology

Architecture and Construction

Buildings and structures: Tallest (London) o Irish buildings o Demolished landmarks in Spain o Historic landmarks
Lighthouses and lightvessels: Belgium o Canada o France o Germany o Italy o Sweden o United States
Windmills: UK
Watermills: UK
Energy infrastructure: Largest o Coal o Fuel oil o Natural gas o Nuclear o Hydroelectric o Geothermal o Photovoltaic o Solar thermal o Tidal o Wind (Onshore o Offshore)
Water infrastructure: Largest o Reservoirs and dams o Tallest o Canals

Computing: AMD microprocessors o Intel microprocessors o Intel chipsets o Software bugs o Open source software packages o GNU packages o Operating systems o Unixes o Unix programs o Machines running CP/M o IBM products o UNIVAC products o Microcomputers o Graphics file formats o Test automation o Screen readers

Internet and World Wide Web: TCP and UDP port numbers o Internet top-level domains o Newsgroups o HTTP status codes o XML and HTML characters o Digital library projects o Colors o HTML editors o Wikis
Web technologies: Java APIs o .NET APIs o Web 2.0 o Ajax
Computer science: Algorithms o Data structures o Publications o Open problems
Programming languages: Alphabetical list o Categorical list o Chronological list o Generational list
Character sets and encodings: ASCII o EBCDIC o ISO 646 o ISO 8859-1 o ISO 8859-2 o ISO 8859-3 o ISO 8859-8 o ISO 8859-11 o ISO 8859-15 o Unicode o UTF-7 o UTF-8 o UTF-16 o UTF-32 o Windows-1252


Engineering: Branches

Events: List of years in science: 2020 in science and technology o Timeline of historic inventions




Military strategies: Thirty-Six Strategies o Military tactics
Air forces of the world
Military air bases: Royal Air Force o Royal Canadian Air Force o US Air Force o US Army o US Coast Guard o US Marine Corps o US Navy
Air force commands: Royal Air Force o USAAF NAF Component Commands
Aircraft groups: Royal Air Force
Aircraft squadrons: British Army Air Corps o British Fleet Air Arm o Royal Air Force o US Air Force o US Army o US Marine Corps o US Navy
Aircraft wings: Royal Navy o US Navy
Armies of the world
Armies (by number) o Military corps (by number o by name) o Military divisions (by number o by name)
United Kingdom: Regiments of Foot o Regiments (1881) o Regiments (1903) o Regiments (1922) o Regiments (1962) o Regiments (1994) o British Forces in the American Revolutionary War
United States of America: Armies o Corps o Divisions o Defense contractors o Military bases
Navies of the world: Fleets
Military groups in WWI and WWII
Australia: Divisions in WWI o WWII
Britain: Groups in WWII o Armies in WWI o WWII o Corps in WWI o Divisions in WWI o WWII
Canada: Divisions in WWII
Germany: Prisoner of War Camps in WWII
India: Corps in WWII o Divisions in WWII
Poland: Divisions in WWII
United States of America: Groups in WWII
Terrorists of the world: Terrorist groups o Terrorist incidents
Military bases
Military events: Battles o Guerrilla movements o Invasions o Military missions, operations, and projects o Terrorist incidents o Wars
Weapons and miscellaneous topics
Military technology and equipment: Weapons o Aircraft weapons o World War II weapons o Missiles o Armoured fighting vehicles o NATO reporting names o Swords
Artillery: By country o WWIILargest cannons by caliber
Military aircraft: Luftwaffe o Soviet Union and CIS o United States o British Army Air Corps o Royal Air Force o Fleet Air Arm o Israeli o Australian Air Force o Australian Navy o Canadian Air Force o Canadian Navy o New Zealand Air Force and Navy o South African o Irish o French Air Force o NATO reporting names for misc aircraft o NATO reporting names for transport aircraft o US X-planes
Naval technology
By era/war: World War II
By type: Aircraft Carriers o Battleships o Cruisers o Destroyers o LSTs
By operator: Australia o Canada o Germany o India o Japan o Netherlands o United Kingdom o Royal Fleet Auxiliary (UK) o United States o Military Sealift Command (US) o Soviet Union

Space exploration: Unmanned space missions o Human spaceflights o (by program) o Space disasters o Astronauts o Timeline of astronauts by nationality o List of NRO Launches

Transportation: Transport museums

Aviation: Aircraft o Manufacturers o Engines o Engine manufacturers o Weapons o By date and use
Aviation accidents o By airline o By location o By year
Airports o FR o BE o GR o JP o PL o UK o AU o IN o AS o SP o PH o BA o PK o TH o US
Land transport
Automobiles: Manufacturers o Trucks
List of convoy codes
Cycles: Bicycle parts
Rail transport
Heritage railways
Light-rail transit o Melbourne tram routes o Metros o London Underground stations o closed London Underground stations o Melbourne railway stations o closed Melbourne railway stations o List of famous trains o List of railway stations - UK o closed New York City Subway stations
Road systems
Roads and highways: US Interstates o UK motorways o Highways in Australia o List of U.S. Routes o US state highwayso Roads and Transport Authority serving Dubai
Bridges: UK o US o AG o IN o PL o SP o CH o DM o NW o SK o NK o CN o AS o IR o MG o TR o AR o GR o Largest
Tunnels: NL o CL o NZ o UK o US o CH o AU o IR o IC o ALB o CN o SP o Germany o Switzerland o Sweden o Slovakia o Portugal o Brazil o Croatia o The Alps
Nautical / Shipping technology: Ships o Fictional ships o Sailboats o Marinas
Space transport: Spacecraft o List of unmanned spacecraft by program o List of Solar System probes o List of landings on extraterrestrial bodies

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