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Welcome to the Vietnam portal / Chào m?ng b?n n v?i Ch? Vi?t Nam Dragon of Vietnam

Location of Vietnam in Indochina
Vietnam (Vietnamese: Vi?t Nam, [vî?t n?:m] ), officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, (Vietnamese: C?ng hòa Xã h?i ch? ngh?a Vi?t Nam) is a country in Southeast Asia and the easternmost country on the Indochinese Peninsula. With an estimated 96.2 million inhabitants as of 2019, it is the 15th most populous country in the world. Vietnam shares its land borders with China to the north, and Laos and Cambodia to the west. It shares its maritime borders with Thailand through the Gulf of Thailand, and the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia through the South China Sea. Its capital city is Hanoi, and its most populous city is Ho Chi Minh City, also known by its former name of Saigon.

Archaeological excavations indicate that Vietnam was inhabited as early as the Paleolithic age. The ancient Vietnamese nation, which was centered on the Red River valley and nearby coastal areas, was annexed by the Han dynasty in the 2nd century BC, which subsequently made Vietnam a division of Imperial China for over a millennium. The first independent monarchy emerged in the 10th century AD. This paved the way for successive imperial dynasties as the nation expanded southward until the Indochina Peninsula was colonised by the French in the late 19th century. Modern Vietnam was born upon the Proclamation of Independence from France in 1945. Following Vietnamese victory against the French in the First Indochina War, which ended in 1954, the nation was divided into two rival states: communist North and anti-communist South. Conflicts intensified in the Vietnam War, which saw extensive US intervention in support of South Vietnam and ended with North Vietnamese victory in 1975.

After North and South Vietnam were reunified as a communist state under a unitary socialist government in 1976, the country became economically and politically isolated until 1986, when the Communist Party initiated a series of economic and political reforms that facilitated Vietnamese integration into world politics and the global economy. As a result of the successful reforms, Vietnam has enjoyed a high GDP growth rate, consistently ranked among the fastest-growing countries in the world. It nevertheless faces challenges including corruption, pollution, poverty, inadequate social welfare and a poor human rights record, including increasing persecution of religious groups and human rights advocates and intensifying restrictions on civil liberties. By 2010, Vietnam had established diplomatic relations with 178 countries. It is a member of such international organisations as the United Nations (UN), the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum, and the World Trade Organization (WTO). (Full article...)

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N?i Bài International Airport (IATA: HAN, ICAO: VVNB) (Vietnamese: Sân bay qu?c t? N?i Bài) in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is the largest airport in Vietnam in terms of total capacity. It is also the second busiest airport in Vietnam after Tan Son Nhat International Airport. It is the main airport serving Hanoi, replacing the role of Gia Lam Airport. The airport consists of two passenger terminals. Terminal 1 serves domestic flights, and the newly built Terminal 2 (inaugurated on 4 January 2015) serves all international flights to and from Hanoi. The airport is currently the main hub of the flag carrier Vietnam Airlines, and budget carriers Bamboo Airways, Jetstar Pacific and Vietjet Air.

The airport is located in Phu Minh Commune in Sóc S?n District, about 35 kilometres (21 miles) northeast of downtown Hanoi, via the new Nh?t Tân Bridge (also inaugurated on 4 January 2015). It can also be reached by National Road 3, which connects it with the eastern suburbs of Hanoi. The airport is also close to some satellite cities of Hanoi such as V?nh Yên, B?c Ninh and Thái Nguyên. The airport served a total of 13 million passengers in 2013, despite having a capacity of only 9 million at the time. The new international terminal, which had its first commercial flight on 25 December 2014 and went into full operation on 31 December 2014, has boosted the airport's total capacity to 20 million passengers per year. In 2018, the airport served 28 million passengers.

The airport's IATA code, HAN, is derived from the city's current name of Hanoi . (Full article...)
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20 November 2020 - APEC Malaysia 2020
Leaders from the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation host a virtual summit in Malaysia to seek ways to revive their economies. U.S. President Donald Trump participates in the event for the first time since 2017. (ABC News)
15 November 2020 -
Fifteen Asia-Pacific nations sign the world's largest free-trade agreement in Vietnam. It replaces the Trans-Pacific Partnership, from which the administration of Donald Trump withdrew the United States in early 2017. (DW) (Financial Times)
14 November 2020 - 2020 Pacific typhoon season
Around 468,000 people are to be evacuated in Vietnam ahead of the landfall of Typhoon Vamco, which has already killed 53 people in the Philippines. Prime Minister Nguy?n Xuân Phúc warns people of the seriousness of the storm. (Reuters)
29 October 2020 - 2020 Central Vietnam floods
Landslides and flash floods caused by Typhoon Molave leave at least 35 people dead and over 50 others missing in central Vietnam. (ABC News)
19 October 2020 - Japan-Vietnam relations
Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga says that the country has agreed with Vietnam to boost their defense ties and resume flights amid Chinese influence in the regions. (AP)
18 October 2020 - 2020 Central Vietnam floods
A landslide caused by heavy rain in central Vietnam hits an army barracks, killing at least 14 soldiers and leaving others missing. (The Independent)


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