Primetime Emmy Award For Outstanding Art Direction For A Miniseries or Movie
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Primetime Emmy Award For Outstanding Art Direction For A Miniseries or Movie

The Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Art Direction for a Miniseries or Movie is a retired award that was handed out annually at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards. In 2014, the category was restructured into Outstanding Production Design for a Narrative Contemporary or Fantasy Program (One Hour or More) and Outstanding Production Design for a Narrative Period Program (One Hour or More).

Winners and nominations


Year Program Episode(s) Nominees Network
Outstanding Art Direction for a Film Series[1]
You Are There William Ferrari CBS
Four Star Playhouse Duncan Cramer CBS
Medic Ernst Fegté NBC
Robin Hood Peter Proud CBS
Schlitz Playhouse Serge Krizman
Outstanding Art Direction for a Live Series[2]
Playwrights '56 and Producers' Showcase Otis Riggs NBC
Alice in Wonderland and The Good Fairy (Hallmark Hall of Fame) Jan Scott NBC
Climax! James D. Vance CBS
Lux Video Theatre William Craig Smith NBC
The Perry Como Show Don Shirley
The United States Steel Hour Carl Kent CBS
Outstanding Art Direction (Half Hour or Less)[3]
Your Hit Parade Paul Barnes NBC
Adventure Grover Cole CBS
The Dinah Shore Show Franklin Swig NBC
Frontiers of Faith Warren Clymer
G.E. Theatre John J. Lloyd, John Robert Lloyd, John Meehan, Martin Obzina, George Patrick CBS
Outstanding Art Direction (One Hour or More)[4]
Requiem for a Heavyweight (Playhouse 90) Albert Heschong CBS
The Kaiser Aluminum Hour Jan Scott NBC
Kraft Television Theatre Duane McKinney
Omnibus Henry May CBS
The Perry Como Show Don Shirley NBC
Twelfth Night (Hallmark Hall of Fame) Rouben Ter-Arutunian NBC
Climax! Beulah Frankel CBS
The George Gobel Show Robert Kelly NBC
The Perry Como Show Don Shirley
Wagon Train Howard E. Johnson
Outstanding Art Direction for a Live Television Program[6]
An Evening with Fred Astaire Edward Stephenson NBC
The Count of Monte Cristo (DuPont Show of the Month) Bob Wade CBS
Hamlet (DuPont Show of the Month) Bob Markell
Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates (Hallmark Hall of Fame) Jan Scott NBC
Little Moon of Alban (Hallmark Hall of Fame) Warren Clymer
Old Man (Playhouse 90) Walter Scott Herndon CBS
Outstanding Art Direction for a Television Film[7]
Bernadette (Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse) Claudio Guzmán CBS
The Californians "The Man from Paris" Albert M. Pyke NBC
Corporal Hardy (Alcoa-Goodyear Theatre) John T. McCormack CBS
Most Honorable Day (The Loretta Young Show) Frank Sylos NBC
The Texan "The Dutches of Denver" Ralph Berger, Charles F. Pyke CBS


Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction and Scenic Design

Year Program Episode(s) Nominees Network
Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse Ralph Berger, Frank Smith CBS
Alfred Hitchcock Presents John J. Lloyd CBS
The Garry Moore Show Charles Lisanby
Checkmate John J. Lloyd CBS
Perry Como's Kraft Music Hall Gary Smith NBC
24 Hours in a Woman's Life Jac Venza CBS
Perry Como's Kraft Music Hall Gary Smith NBC
The Garry Moore Show Charles Lisanby CBS
The Power and the Glory Burr Smidt
The Twilight Zone Philip Barber
Theatre '62 Jan Scott NBC
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color Carroll Clark, Marvin Aubrey Davis NBC
Bonanza A. Earl Hedrick, Hal Pereira NBC
The Defenders Willard Levitas CBS
The DuPont Show of the Week Jan Scott NBC
The Eleventh Hour George Davis, Merrill Pye
Pygmalion (Hallmark Hall of Fame) Warren Clymer
The Fantasticks (Hallmark Hall of Fame) Warren Clymer NBC
The Danny Kaye Show Edward Stephenson CBS
The Judy Garland Show Robert Kelly, Gary Smith
The Outer Limits Jack Poplin ABC
The Holy Terror (Hallmark Hall of Fame) Warren Clymer NBC
My Name Is Barbra Bill Harp, Tom John CBS
A Carol for Another Christmas (Xerox Specials) Gene Callahan, Jack Wright NBC
The Magnificent Yankee (Hallmark Hall of Fame) Warren Clymer NBC
The Hollywood Palace James Trittipo ABC
The Andy Williams Show Edward Stephenson NBC
Color Me Barbra Tom John CBS
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. George Davis, Merrill Pye, James W. Sullivan NBC
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea William J. Creber ABC
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color "Further Adventures of Gallegher" Carroll Clark, William H. Tuntke NBC
Death of a Salesman Earl Carlson, Tom John CBS
The Fred Astaire Show James Trittipo CBS
Kismet (Armstrong Center Theater) George Gaines, Jan Scott ABC
Elizabeth the Queen (Hallmark Hall of Fame) Warren Clymer NBC
Mission: Impossible "Echo of Yesterday" Bill Ross CBS
The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour "Episode 210" Lucien Hafley, Bill Ross CBS
Mission: Impossible "The Bunker" Lucien Hafley, Bill Ross CBS
Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In Ken Johnson NBC
Star Trek "All Our Yesterdays" John M. Dwyer, Matt Jefferies NBC


Outstanding Art Direction for a Dramatic Program or Series

Year Program Episode(s) Nominees Network
Shadow Game (CBS Playhouse) Earl Carlson, Jan Scott CBS
The File on Devlin (Hallmark Hall of Fame) James Trittipo NBC
Man on the Moon: The Epic Journey of Apollo XI Wesley Laws, Hugh Gray Raisky CBS
Mission: Impossible Lucien M. Hafley, Gibson Holley
Hamlet (Hallmark Hall of Fame) Peter Roden NBC
Mannix "The Mouse That Died" Fred R. Price, Jan M. Van Tamelen CBS
Montserrat Jan Scott PBS
The Price (Hallmark Hall of Fame) John Clements NBC
Vanished John J. Lloyd, Ruby R. Levitt
The Scarecrow Jan Scott PBS
Look Homeward, Angel (CBS Playhouse) Ben Edwards CBS
Mission: Impossible Lucien M. Hafley, Gibson Holley
The Snow Goose (Hallmark Hall of Fame) Stanley Morris NBC
Much Ado About Nothing Tom John CBS
Another Part of the Forest Jan Scott CBS
Mannix Fred R. Price, Jan M. Van Tamelen
Mission: Impossible Lucien M. Hafley, Gibson Holley
Night of Terror William Campbell ABC
The Red Pony Robert F. Boyle, James Hulsey, John Kurl NBC
The Lie Jan Scott, Charles Kreiner CBS
The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman Michael D. Haller ABC
The Execution of Private Slovik Walter H. Tyler, Richard Friedman NBC

Outstanding Art Direction for a Dramatic Special

Year Program Episode(s) Nominees Network
Love Among the Ruins Carmen Dillon, Tessa Davies ABC
The Legend of Lizzie Borden Jack De Shields, Harry Gordon ABC
Eleanor and Franklin Jan Scott, Antony Mondello ABC
Barbary Coast Jack De Shields, Reg Allen ABC
The Legendary Curse of the Hope Diamond Roy Christopher, Frank Lombardo CBS
Eleanor and Franklin: The White House Years Jan Scott, Anne D. McCulley ABC
Amelia Earhart William H. Tuntke, Richard Friedman NBC
Eccentricities of a Nightingale Trevor Williams, Robert Checchi PBS
The Last of Mrs. Lincoln Roy Christopher, Beulah Frankel
Ziegfeld: The Man and His Women John DeCuir, Richard C. Goddard NBC
The Bastard Loyd S. Papez, Richard Friedman Syndicated
The Gathering Jan Scott, Anne D. McCulley ABC
It Happened One Christmas John J. Lloyd, Hal Gausman
Our Town Roy Christopher, James Shanahan NBC

Outstanding Art Direction for a Miniseries or Movie

Year Program Episode(s) Nominees Network
Studs Lonigan "Part 3" Jan Scott, Bill Harp NBC
Backstairs at the White House "Book One" Richard Y. Haman, Anne D. McCulley NBC
Blind Ambition "Part 3" Michael Baugh, Robert Checchi, Arthur Jeph Parker CBS
Centennial "The Shepherds" Jack Senter, John W. Corso, Sherman Loudermilk, Joseph J. Stone, John M. Dwyer, Robert George Freer NBC
Studs Lonigan "Part 1" Jan Scott, Edward J. McDonald, Bill Harp


Year Program Episode(s) Nominees Network
Gauguin the Savage Wilfred Shingleton, Julian Sacks, Jean Taillandier, Cheryal Kearney, Robert Christidès CBS
All Quiet on the Western Front John Stoll, Karel Vacek CBS
Brave New World Tom H. John, Mary Ann Biddle NBC
The Ordeal of Dr. Mudd Jack De Shields, Ira Bates CBS
Orphan Train Jan Scott, Bill Harp
The Silent Lovers Michael Baugh, Jerry Adams NBC
East of Eden "Part 3" Ray Storey, Dennis W. Peeples, Dave L. Love ABC
Marilyn: The Untold Story Jan Scott, Sydney Z. Litwack, Bill Harp ABC
Masada "Part 4" Jack Senter, George Renne, Kuli Sander, Joseph J. Stone, Edward M. Parker
Playing for Time Robert Gundlach, Gary Jones CBS
Sh?gun "Part 5" Joseph R. Jennings, Yoshinobu Nishioka, Tom Pedigo, Shoichi Yasuda NBC
The Letter James Hulsey, Jerry Adams ABC
Brideshead Revisited "Et in Arcadia Ego" Peter Phillips PBS
Inside the Third Reich Rolf Zehetbauer, Kuli Sander, Herbert Strabel ABC
Marco Polo "Part 2" Luciano Ricceri, Bruno Cesari NBC
The Thorn Birds "Part 1" Robert MacKichan, Jerry Adams ABC
The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby "Part 4" John Napier Syndicated
Little Gloria... Happy at Last Stuart Wurtzel, Guy J. Comtois, Enrico Campana, Doug Kraner, Maurice Leblanc NBC
The Scarlet Pimpernel Tony Curtis, Carolyn Scott CBS
The Winds of War "The Winds Rise" Jackson De Govia, John V. Cartwright, Malcolm Middleton, Michael Minor, Francesco Chianese, Hertha Hareiter, Thomas L. Roysden ABC
A Streetcar Named Desire James Hulsey, George R. Nelson ABC
Chiefs "Part 2" Charles C. Bennett, Victor Kempster CBS
The Day After Peter Wooley, Mary Ann Good ABC
The First Olympics: Athens 1896 Michael Stringer, Fred Carter, Petros Kapouralis, Terry Parr NBC
Invitation to Hell Hub Braden, Bill Harp ABC
The Master of Ballantrae John Biggs, Derek Nice CBS
Evergreen "Part 1" Jan Scott, Charles C. Bennett, David Davis, Robert Drumheller, Jacques M. Bradette NBC
Christopher Columbus Mario Chiari, Francesco Frigeri, Enzo Eusepi CBS
A Death in California Hub Braden, Donald J. Remacle ABC
The Jewel in the Crown "The Regimental Silver" Vic Symonds, Alan Pickford PBS
My Wicked, Wicked Ways: The Legend of Errol Flynn Albert Heschong, Richard Berger, Dave L. Love CBS
Death of a Salesman Tony Walton, John Kasarda, Robert J. Franco CBS
An Early Frost James Hulsey, Hal Gausman NBC
The Long Hot Summer "Part 1" Jan Scott, Keith Hein
Peter the Great "Part 1" Aleksandr Popov, John Blezard, Freddi Dobsak
The Two Mrs. Grenvilles "Part 2" Malcolm Middleton, Herbert Westbrook, Harry Cordwell NBC
Escape from Sobibor Allan Starski, Vlastimir Gavrik, Milorad Kalanj, Miodrag Miric CBS
Fresno "Part 1" Tommy Goetz, Mary Ann Good, Charles B. Pierce
Lyndon Johnston Ben Edwards, Mike Patterson PBS
There Must Be a Pony James J. Agazzi, Ross Bellah, Audrey A. Blasdel, Jerry Adams ABC
Foxfire Jan Scott, Erica Rogalla CBS
Lincoln "Part 1" Paul Peters, Lynn Smart NBC
Noble House "Part 1" Robert W. Laing, Francesco Chianese, George Richardson, Hugh Scaife
I'll Be Home for Christmas Jan Scott, Jack Taylor, Edward J. McDonald NBC
Around the World in 80 Days "Part 1" Vladislav Lasic, Mike Porter, Ian Watson, Jonathan Cheung, Roger Hulme, Chung Yee Fung, Svetislav Todorovic NBC
I Never Sang for My Father Roy Christopher, Greg Richman PBS
Lonesome Dove "The Return" Cary White, Michael J. Sullivan CBS
War and Remembrance "Part 12" Guy J. Comtois, Veronica Hadfield, William Cruse, Norm Baron, Jean-Michel Hugon, Francesco Chianese, Hari Pischinger, Wally White, Don K. Ivey, Richard Reams, Jeff Haley, Malcolm Stone ABC


Year Program Episode(s) Nominees Network
The Phantom of the Opera "Part 2" Timian Alsaker, Jacques Bufnoir NBC
Blind Faith "Part 2" Jan Scott, Anthony Brockliss, Bill Harp NBC
Caroline? Jan Scott, Joseph Litsch CBS
Great Expectations "Part 1" Keith Wilson, Stephen Bream Disney
The Kennedys of Massachusetts "Part 1" Jan Scott, Jack Taylor, Paul W. Gorfine, Jeff Haley, Tracey A. Doyle ABC
The Josephine Baker Story József Romvári, Dean Tschetter HBO
The Flash "Pilot" Dean Edward Mitzner, Jeanette M. Gunn CBS
An Inconvenient Woman "Part 1" Stephen Storer, Mimi Gramatky, Sharon Viljoen ABC
Sarah, Plain and Tall Ed Wittstein, Robert Checchi CBS
Young Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Jackal Gavin Bocquet, Keith Pain, Lucy Richardson, Maggie Gray ABC
Cruel Doubt "Part 2" Jan Scott, Sandy Getzler, Donald Krafft NBC
Homefront "Pilot" Dean Edward Mitzner, Anne D. McCulley ABC
I'll Fly Away "Pilot" James Hulsey, Joseph Litsch NBC
Miss Rose White Fred Harpman, Robert Checchi
Stalin Keith Wilson, Vladimir Murzin, Alistair Kay, Vladimir Bashkin, Peter Drozd, Eugene Kamaev, Vladimir Rybin, Yuri Shuyer, Valery Tsvetkov, Alexander Kazmischev HBO
Barbarians at the Gate Linda Pearl, Michael Armani, Jan K. Bergstrom, Karen O'Hara HBO
Citizen Cohn Stephen Marsh, Gary Kosko, Diana Stoughton
Sinatra "Part 1" Veronica Hadfield, Richard L. Johnson, Cindy Carr, Robin Royce CBS
Wild Palms "Part 2" Dins Danielsen, Mark Zuelzke, Suzette Sheets ABC
Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All "Part 1" Charles C. Bennett, Amy McGary CBS
And the Band Played On Victoria Paul, Lee Mayman, Diana Allen Williams HBO
Gypsy Jackson De Govia, John R. Jensen, K.C. Fox CBS
Stephen King's The Stand "Part 4" Susan Benjamin, Nelson Coates, Michael Perry, Burton Rencher ABC
Zelda Roger Cain, Ronald Fauteux TNT
Scarlett "Part 1" Rodger Maus, Brian Ackland-Snow, Josie MacAvin, Joseph Litsch CBS
Buffalo Girls Cary White, Michael J. Sullivan, Alistair Kay, Barbara Haberecht CBS
In Search of Dr. Seuss Thomas A. Walsh, Ricardo Morin, Thomas P. Wilkins, Leslie E. Rollins TNT
Joseph "Part 1" Enrico Sabbatini, Paolo Biagetti
Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story "Part 2" James J. Agazzi, Sandy Getzler, Donald Krafft NBC
The Piano Lesson James William Newport, Tim Saternow, Diana Stoughton CBS
Gulliver's Travels Roger Hall, John Fenner, Alan Tomkins, Frederic Evard, Rosalind Shingleton NBC
Andersonville Michael Z. Hanan, Edward L. Rubin, Douglas A. Mowat TNT
Harvest of Fire Jan Scott, Paul Steffensen, Erica Rogalla CBS
Rasputin Miljen Kreka Kljakovic, Branimir Babic, Yury Pashigorev, Lóránt Jávor, Aleksandar Denic, Livia Balogh HBO
A Streetcar Named Desire Fred Harpman, Janet Stokes, Tom Pedigo CBS
Emma Don Taylor, Jo Graysmark, John Bush A&E
The Hunchback Trevor Williams, József Romvári, András Maros TNT
Mrs. Santa Claus Hub Braden, Mary Dodson, Ellen Totleben CBS
The Odyssey Roger Hall, John King, Frederic Evard, Karen Brookes NBC
Weapons of Mass Distraction Charles Rosen, Chas. Butcher, Charles William Breen, Stephanie Ziemer, Linda Spheeris HBO
Merlin "Part 1" Roger Hall, John King, Michael Boone, Karen Brookes NBC
Armistead Maupin's More Tales of the City "Part 2" Normand Sarazin, Lise Ethier, Anne Grenier Showtime
Buffalo Soldiers Michael Baugh, William Vail TNT
From the Earth to the Moon "Le Voyage Dans La Lune" Richard Toyon, Kitty Doris-Bates, Seth Reed, Amy Wells, Michele Poulik HBO
Moby Dick Leslie Binns, Andrew Walpole, Peter Kendall, Jill Eden USA
The Rat Pack Hilda Stark, Kathleen M. McKernin, Linda Spheeris HBO
Alice in Wonderland Roger Hall, Alan Tomkins, Rosalind Shingleton, Karen Brookes HBO
Cleopatra "Part 1" Martin Hitchcock, Frank Walsh, Judy Farr ABC
Horatio Hornblower "The Fire Ships" Andrew Mollo, Mike Joyce, Jan Chaney, Christian Huband A&E
Joan of Arc "Part 1" Michael Joy, Shannon Grover, Martin Martinec CBS
Winchell Marcia Hinds, Bo Johnson, Cindy Coburn HBO


Year Program Episode(s) Nominees Network
Introducing Dorothy Dandridge James H. Spencer, A. Leslie Thomas, Robert Greenfield HBO
Annie Stephen Hendrickson, Edward L. Rubin, Archie D'Amico ABC
Arabian Nights "Part 2" Tony Burrough, Choi Ho Man, Dominic Smithers
Gepetto Charles Wood, Mark Zuelzke, Garrett Lewis
RKO 281 Maria Djurkovic, Lucinda Thomson, Tatiana Macdonald HBO
Anne Frank: The Whole Story "Part 2" Ondrej Nekvasil, Jan Vlasák, Marie Raskova ABC
Horatio Hornblower "Mutiny" Rob Harris, Peter Wenham, Matthew Robinson A&E
Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows "Part 1" Dan Davis, Ian Hall, Stephanie Ziemer ABC
On Golden Pond Eugene Lee, Matthew C. Jacobs, Joe Bevacqua CBS
61* Rusty Smith, Denise Hudson, Anne D. McCulley HBO
James Dean Robert Pearson, Marc Dabe, Leslie McCarthy-Frankenheimer TNT
Band of Brothers "The Breaking Point" Anthony Pratt, Don Dossett, Alan Tomkins, Kevin Phipps, Desmond Crowe, Malcolm Stone HBO
Dinotopia "Part 1" Walter P. Martishius, Malcolm Middleton, Jim Morahan, Peter Walpole ABC
The Mists of Avalon "Part 1" Rodger Maus, Jaromír Svarc, Vlasta Svoboda, Barbora Bucharova TNT
Stephen King's Rose Red "Part 2" Craig Stearns, Randy Moore, Maggie Martin ABC
Hitler: The Rise of Evil "Part 1" Marek Dobrowolski, Martin Martinec, Albrecht Konrad, Karel Vanásek CBS
Live from Baghdad Richard Hoover, Matthew C. Jacobs, Brian Kasch HBO
Meredith Willson's The Music Man Stephen Hendrickson, Edward Bonutto, Caroline George-Kohne ABC
My House in Umbria Luciana Arrighi, Christina Onori, Alessandra Querzola HBO
Napoléon "Part 2" Richard Cunin, Réal Proulx A&E
Angels in America Stuart Wurtzel, John Kasarda, George DeTitta Jr. HBO
And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself Herbert Pinter, Bernardo Trujillo, Jay Aroesty HBO
Horatio Hornblower "Loyalty" & "Duty" Rob Harris, Peter Wenham, Paul Cross, Stephen Campbell, Tina Jones A&E
Ike: Countdown to D-Day Ralph Davies, Nick Bassett, Andy McLaren, Jill Cormack
The Lion in Winter Roger Hall, János Szabolcs, István Tóth Showtime
The Lost Prince John Paul Kelly, Emma MacDevitt, Sara Wan PBS
Warm Springs Sarah Knowles, Scott Ritenour, Thomas Minton, Frank Galline HBO
Empire Falls Stuart Wurtzel, John Kasarda, Maria Nay HBO
Faith of My Fathers Vincent M. Cresciman, Raymond Pumilia A&E
The Life and Death of Peter Sellers Norman Garwood, Chris Lowe, Lucy Richardson, John Ralph, Maggie Gray HBO
Elizabeth I Eve Stewart, Leon McCarthy, Sarah Whittle HBO
Bleak House Simon Elliott, Bill Crutcher PBS
The Girl in the Café Candida Otton, Andrea Coathupe HBO
Into the West Marek Dobrowolski, Rick Roberts, Guy Barnes, Paul Healy, Wendy Ozols-Barnes TNT
Stephen King's Desperation Phil Dagort, Jason Weil, Marcia Calosio ABC
Jane Eyre Grenville Horner, Patrick Rolfe, Clare Andrade PBS
Broken Trail Ken Rempel, Bill Ives, Paul Healy AMC
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee Ian D. Thomas, Douglasann Menchions, Paul Healy HBO
Return to Halloweentown Edward L. Rubin, Ken Kirchner Disney
The Starter Wife Tracey Gallacher, Brian Edmonds, Rolland Pike USA
John Adams Gemma Jackson, David Crank, Christina Moore, Kathy Lucas, Sarah Whittle HBO
The Andromeda Strain Jerry Wanek, Dan Hermansen, Merlin Dervisevic A&E
Cranford Donal Woods, Trisha Edwards PBS
Recount Patti Podesta, Christopher Tandon, Anuradha Mehta HBO
Tin Man Michael Joy, Paolo G. Venturi, Mark Lane Sci-Fi
Grey Gardens Kalina Ivanov, Brandt Gordon, Norma Jean Sanders HBO
Little Dorrit James Merifield, Paul Ghirardani, Deborah Wilson PBS
Generation Kill Rob Harris, Mickey Lennon, Emilia Roux HBO
Into the Storm Luciana Arrighi, Paul Ghirardani, Ian Whittaker
Taking Chance Dan Leigh, James Donahue, Ron von Blomberg


Year Program Episode(s) Nominees Network
The Pacific Tom Conroy, Colman Corish, Crispian Sallis HBO
Georgia O'Keeffe Stephen Altman, John Bucklin, Helen Britten Lifetime
Return to Cranford Donal Woods, Mark Kebby, Trisha Edwards PBS
Temple Grandin Richard Hoover, Meghan C. Rogers, Gabriella Villarreal HBO
You Don't Know Jack Mark Ricker, Amy Fritz, Rena DeAngelo
Mildred Pierce Mark Friedberg, Peter Rogness, Ellen Christiansen HBO
Downton Abbey Donal Woods, Charmian Adams, Gina Cromwell PBS
The Kennedys Rocco Matteo, Mun Ying Kwun, Enrico Campana Reelz
Upstairs Downstairs Eve Stewart, David Hindle, Julia Castle PBS
Great Expectations David Roger, Paul Ghirardani, Jo Kornstein PBS
American Horror Story "Open House" Mark Worthington, Edward L. Rubin, Ellen Brill FX
"Pilot" Beth A. Rubino, Charles M. Lagola, Ellen Brill
Hatfields & McCoys Derek R. Hill, Serban Porupca, John B. Vertrees, Sally Black History
Hemingway & Gellhorn Geoffrey Kirkland, Nanci Noblett, Jim Erickson HBO
Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia Arwel Jones, Dafydd Shurmer, Joelle Rumbelow PBS
Behind the Candelabra Howard Cummings, Patrick M. Sullivan Jr., Barbara Munch HBO
American Horror Story: Asylum "I Am Anne Frank, Part 2" Mark Worthington, Andrew Murdock, Ellen Brill FX
"Welcome to Briarcliff" Mark Worthington, Edward L. Rubin, Ellen Brill
Phil Spector Patrizia von Brandenstein, Fredda Slavin, Diane Lederman HBO
Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden Guy Barnes, Rosario Provenza, Wendy Ozols-Barnes Nat Geo


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