Promptuarii Iconum Insigniorum
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Promptuarii Iconum Insigniorum
An image in Promptuarium Iconum Insigniorum depicting Eleazar
Illustration of Terah in Promptuarium Iconum Insigniorum

Promptuarium Iconum Insigniorum (full title: Prima pars Promptuarii iconum insigniorum à seculo hominum, subiectis eorum vitis, per compendium ex probatissimis autoribus desumptis; About this soundpronunciation ) is an iconography book by Guillaume Rouillé.


It was published in Lyon, France, in 1553. The work includes portraits designed as medals, and brief biographies of many notable figures. Although Julian Sharman, author of The Library of Mary Queen of Scots, judges the work to be "not one of much numismatic interest",[1] he notes that, "This work has been pronounced to be one of the marvels of early wood-engraving."[2] The book includes a total of 950 woodcut portraits. Many of the figures portrayed are of English origin.[3] The images begin with Adam and Eve. In the preface, the publisher praises the work.[4]

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