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QRZ.com is an amateur radio callsign website, which houses almost every callsign in the world. Founded by Fred L Lloyd in 1992, a huge amount of effort was put in to work with the FCC database, to create a CD-ROM with all callsigns issued.[1] The company now runs a website, containing almost every callsign in the world, and the CD-ROM is carried on board the International Space Station, and was aboard the Russian Mir space station during its life. It is one of the most recognized websites for amateur radio enthusiasts.[2] Information is pulled directly from the FCC database, and from databases of other nations if these databases are online.[2] In addition to the information pulled from government databases, users are allowed to edit entries for accuracy and currency.[3]

Many add information about their station, antennas, other hobbies etc.

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QRZ is amateur radio code also known as a Q code for "Who is calling me?". This matches the purpose of the site, which is to assist the lookup of radio callsigns.[2]


The website features a forums page, where amateur radio operators can add products they would like to sell, or general topics and Q&A. The website offers registered users a webpage where they can post pictures of their ham radio shack, and tell cool facts about themselves. Their page also provides their email address, and mailing address for other radio amateurs to send them QSL cards.[4] It is one of the starting places to find a local amateur radio club.[2]


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