Second-level NUTS of Turkey
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Second-level NUTS of Turkey
NUTS of Turkey on first level

As a candidate country of the European Union, Turkey (TR) is included in the Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS). Defined in 2002 in agreement between Eurostat and the Turkish authorities, Turkey's NUTS classifications are officially termed statistical regions, as Turkey is not a member of the EU and Eurostat only defines NUTS for member states.[1] The three NUTS levels are:

Below the NUTS levels, there are two LAU levels:

The NUTS codes are as follows:

Istanbul Region (TR1) Istanbul Subregion (TR10) Istanbul Province (TR100)
West Marmara Region (TR2) Tekirda? Subregion (TR21) Tekirda? Province (TR211)
Edirne Province (TR212)
K?rklareli Province (TR213)
Bal?kesir Subregion (TR22) Bal?kesir Province (TR221)
Çanakkale Province (TR222)
Aegean Region (TR3) Izmir Subregion (TR31) ?zmir Province (TR310)
Ayd?n Subregion (TR32) Ayd?n Province (TR321)
Denizli Province (TR322)
Mu?la Province (TR323)
Manisa Subregion (TR33) Manisa Province (TR331)
Afyonkarahisar Province (TR332)
Kütahya Province (TR333)
U?ak Province (TR334)
East Marmara Region (TR4) Bursa Subregion (TR41) Bursa Province (TR411)
Eski?ehir Province (TR412)
Bilecik Province (TR413)
Kocaeli Subregion (TR42) Kocaeli Province (TR421)
Sakarya Province (TR422)
Düzce Province (TR423)
Bolu Province (TR424)
Yalova Province (TR425)
West Anatolia Region (TR5) Ankara Subregion (TR51) Ankara Province (TR510)
Konya Subregion (TR52) Konya Province (TR521)
Karaman Province (TR522)
Mediterranean Region (TR6) Antalya Subregion (TR61) Antalya Province (TR611)
Isparta Province (TR612)
Burdur Province (TR613)
Adana Subregion (TR62) Adana Province (TR621)
Mersin Province (TR622)
Hatay Subregion (TR63) Hatay Province (TR631)
Kahramanmara? Province (TR632)
Osmaniye Province (TR633)
Central Anatolia Region (TR7) K?r?kkale Subregion (TR71) K?r?kkale Province (TR711)
Aksaray Province (TR712)
Ni?de Province (TR713)
Nev?ehir Province (TR714)
K?r?ehir Province (TR715)
Kayseri Subregion (TR72) Kayseri Province (TR721)
Sivas Province (TR722)
Yozgat Province (TR723)
West Black Sea Region (TR8) Zonguldak Subregion (TR81) Zonguldak Province (TR811)
Karabük Province (TR812)
Bart?n Province (TR813)
Kastamonu Subregion (TR82) Kastamonu Province (TR821)
Çank?r? Province (TR822)
Sinop Province (TR823)
Samsun Subregion (TR83) Samsun Province (TR831)
Tokat Province (TR832)
Çorum Province (TR833)
Amasya Province (TR834)
East Black Sea Region (TR9) Trabzon Subregion (TR90) Trabzon Province (TR901)
Ordu Province (TR902)
Giresun Province (TR903)
Rize Province (TR904)
Artvin Province (TR905)
Gümü?hane Province (TR906)
Northeast Anatolia Region (TRA) Erzurum Subregion (TRA1) Erzurum Province (TRA11)
Erzincan Province (TRA12)
Bayburt Province (TRA13)
A?r? Subregion (TRA2) A?r? Province (TRA21)
Kars Province (TRA22)
I?d?r Province (TRA23)
Ardahan Province (TRA24)
Central East Anatolia Region (TRB) Malatya Subregion (TRB1) Malatya Province (TRB11)
Elaz Province (TRB12)
Bingöl Province (TRB13)
Tunceli Province (TRB14)
Van Subregion (TRB2) Van Province (TRB21)
Mu? Province (TRB22)
Bitlis Province (TRB23)
Hakkâri Province (TRB24)
Southeast Anatolia Region (TRC) Gaziantep Subregion (TRC1) Gaziantep Province (TRC11)
Ad?yaman Province (TRC12)
Kilis Province (TRC13)
?anl?urfa Subregion (TRC2) ?anl?urfa Province (TRC21)
Diyarbak?r Province (TRC22)
Mardin Subregion (TRC3) Mardin Province (TRC31)
Batman Province (TRC32)
rnak Province (TRC33)
Siirt Province (TRC34)

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