Secretary of State of Idaho
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Secretary of State of Idaho
Secretary of State of Idaho
Seal of Idaho.svg
Great Seal of the State of Idaho
Lawerence Denney

since January 5, 2015
StyleThe Honorable
Term lengthFour years
Inaugural holderA. J. Pinkham

The Secretary of State of Idaho is one of the constitutional officers of the U.S. state of Idaho. It is an elected position within the executive branch of the state government. The current Secretary of State is Lawerence Denney.

Duties of the Secretary of State


The Secretary is responsible for the administration of elections and regulation of lobbying and campaign finance.[1]


The Secretary's office registers business entities,[2] files liens under the Uniform Commercial Code,[3] and registers trademarks and service marks within the state.[4]

Administrative & Governmental

The Secretary is the keeper of the Great Seal of Idaho, and as such is responsible for licensing notaries public, as well as authenticating documents and issuing apostilles.[5] The Secretary's office also provides information and publications to the general public, including the Idaho Blue Book, and is also an ex officio member of the Idaho Code Commission.[6] The Secretary also administers the Idaho Will Registry,[7] the Idaho Health Care Directive Registry (for such documents as living wills and medical powers of attorney),[8] and the state's Address Confidentiality Program.[9]

List of Secretaries of State of Idaho

Party designations: (R) = Republican; (D) = Democrat; (S.R.) = Silver Republican

Territorial Government (1863-1890)
Name Appointed
William B. Daniels 03/10/1863
C. DeWitt Smith 07/04/1864
Horace G. Gilson 09/04/1865
S.R. Howlett 07/26/1866
Edward J. Curtis 05/04/1869, reappointed 02/05/1874
Robert A. Sidebotham 04/29/1878
Theodore F. Singiser 12/22/1880
Edward L. Curtis 03/03/1883
David P.B. Pride 07/02/1884
Edward J. Curtis 02/12/1885, reappointed 02/12/1889
State Government (1890 through present)
Name/Party Term of Office Remarks
A.J. Pinkham (R) 01/05/1891 to 01/02/1893 Elected 1890
J.F. Curtis (R) 01/02/1893 to 01/07/1895 Elected 1892
Isaac W. Garrett (R) 01/07/1895 to 01/04/1897 Elected 1894
George Lewis (P-D) 01/04/1897 to 01/02/1899 Elected 1896
M.A. Patrie (R) 01/02/1899 to 01/07/1901 Elected 1898
Charles Bassett (S.R.-D) 01/07/1901 to 01/05/1903 Elected 1900
Will H. Gibson (R) 01/05/1903 to 01/07/1907 Elected 1902; reelected 1904
Robert Lansdon (R) 01/07/1907 to 01/02/1911 Elected 1906; reelected 1908
Wilford L. Gifford (R) 01/02/1911 to 01/04/1915 Elected 1910; reelected 1912
George R. Barker (R) 01/04/1915 to 01/01/1917 Elected 1914
William T. Dougherty (D) 01/01/1917 to 01/06/1919 Elected 1916
Robert O. Jones (R) 01/06/1919 to 01/01/1923 Elected 1918; reelected 1920
F.A. Jeter (R) 01/01/1923 to 01/03/1927 Elected 1922; reelected 1924
Fred E. Lukens (R) 01/03/1927 to 01/02/1933 Elected 1926; reelected 1928, 1930
Franklin Girard (D) 01/02/1933 to 01/03/1937 Elected 1932; reelected 1934
Ira H. Masters (D) 01/03/1937 to 01/02/1939 Elected 1936
George H. Curtis (D) 01/02/1939 to 01/01/1945 Elected 1938; reelected 1940, 1942
Ira H. Masters (D) 01/01/1945 to 01/06/1947 Elected 1944
J.D. (Cy) Price (R) 01/06/1947 to 01/01/1951 Elected 1946
Ira H. Masters (D) 01/01/1951 to 02/19/1956 Elected 1950; reelected 1954; died in office
James H. Young (R) 02/27/1956 to 01/05/1959 Appointed to fill vacancy
Arnold Williams (D) 01/05/1959 to 03/29/1966 Elected 1958; reelected 1962; resigned 3/29/1966
Louis E. Clapp (D) 03/29/1966 to 01/02/1967 Appointed to fill vacancy
Edson H. Deal (R) 01/02/1967 to 04/22/1967 Elected 1966; died in office
Pete T. Cenarrusa (R) 05/01/1967 to 01/06/2003 Appointed to fill vacancy; Elected 1970; reelected 1974, 1978, 1982, 1986, 1990, 1994, 1998
Ben Ysursa (R) 01/06/2003 to 01/05/2015 Elected 2002; reelected 2006, 2010
Lawerence Denney (R) 01/05/2015 Elected 2014; reelected 2018

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