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Side Mythology

In Greek mythology, Side (Ancient Greek 'pomegranate[1]) or Sida was the name of the following figures:

  • Side, eponym of the city of Sidon in Phoenicia. She was the wife of Belus, king of Egypt and the possible mother of his children.[] Otherwise, the wife of Belus was called Achiroe, daughter of the river-god Nilus.[2]
  • Side, one of the Danaïdes, condemned to Tartarus for murdering her husband. From her, a town in Laconia was believed to derived its name from.[3]
  • Side, the first wife of Orion and mother of his daughters Metioche and Menippe.[4] She was cast by Hera into Hades because she rivaled herself to be more beautiful than the goddess.[5] Modern scholars interpreted that the supposed marriage of Orion to Side ('pomegranate') is a mythical expression for the ripening of the fruit at the season when the constellation Orion is visible in the nightly sky.[1]


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