Sortie (siege Warfare)
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Sortie Siege Warfare

In siege warfare, a sortie, or sudden issuing of troops against the enemy from a defensive position, can be launched against the besiegers by the defenders. If the sortie is through a sally port, the terms either to sortie or to sally can be used.

Purposes of sorties include harassment of enemy troops, destruction of siege weaponry and engineering works,[1] joining the relief force, etc.

Sir John Thomas Jones, analyzing a number of sorties wrote: [2]

"The events of these sieges show that a bold and vigorous sortie in might carry destruction through every part of a besieger's approaches where the guard is injudiciously disposed and ill commanded; that if due precautions have been observed in forming the approaches posting the defenders any sortie from a besieged place must be with loss in their advance when the approaches are still distant; or when the approaches are near should a sortie succeed in into them by a sudden rush the assailants must inevitably be out again in a moment with terrible slaughter"


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