South American Games
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South American Games
South American Games
First event1978 in La Paz, Bolivia
Occur everyfour years
Last event2018 in Cochabamba, Bolivia
PurposeMulti sport event for nations on the South American continent

The South American Games (also known as ODESUR Games; Spanish: Juegos Sudamericanos; Portuguese: Jogos Sul-Americanos), formerly the Southern Cross Games (Spanish: Juegos Cruz del Sur) is a regional multi-sport event held between nations from South America, organized by the South American Sports Organization (Organización Deportiva Sudamericana, ODESUR).[1]

The first Games were held in 1978 in La Paz, Bolivia. They have since been held every four years, with the most recent edition in 2018 in Cochabamba, Bolivia. The Games have had an equivalent to the Olympic Flame since their inception: the South American Flame, which is relayed from Tiahuanaco, Bolivia, to the host city.[2]

For the XI edition in 2018 there were two bids: Cochabamba, Bolivia, and Barquisimeto, Venezuela, with the final hosting decision in favour of Cochabamba in 2011. Starting with the 2014 edition, the South American Para Games are held for South American Paralympic athletes. Just like the Olympic Games, the host city for the South American Games is also the host for Para-South American Games.

The detailed history of the South American Games together with an extensive list of medal winners was published in a book written (in Spanish) by Argentinian journalist Ernesto Rodríguez III with support of the Argentine Olympic Committee under the auspices of the Ministry of Education in collaboration with the Sports Secretary of Argentina.[3]


Year Games Host City Host Country Opened by Dates Athletes Nations Sports Top medalling
1978 I La Paz  Bolivia Juan Pereda 3 November - 12 November 480 8 16  Argentina
1982 II Rosario  Argentina Reynaldo Bignone 26 November - 5 December 961 10 19  Argentina
1986 III Santiago  Chile Augusto Pinochet 28 November - 8 December 969 10 17  Argentina
1990 IV Lima  Peru Alberto Fujimori 1 December - 10 December 1,070 10 16  Argentina
1994 V Valencia  Venezuela Rafael Caldera 19 November - 28 November 1,599 14 19  Argentina
1998 VI Cuenca  Ecuador Gustavo Noboa 21 October - 31 October 1,525 14 24  Argentina
2002 VII Multiple Cities  Brazil 1 August - 11 August 2,069 13 24  Brazil
2006 VIII Buenos Aires  Argentina Néstor Kirchner 9 November - 19 November 2,938 15 28  Argentina
2010 IX Medellín  Colombia Álvaro Uribe 19 March - 30 March 3,751 15 31  Colombia
2014 X Santiago  Chile Sebastián Piñera 7 March - 18 March 3,499 14 33  Brazil
2018 XI Cochabamba  Bolivia Evo Morales 26 May - 8 June 4,010 14 35  Colombia
2022 XII TBA[4] TBA

Para Games

Year Games Host City Host Country Opened by Dates Athletes Nations Sports Top medalling
2014 I Santiago[5]  Chile 26 March - 30 March 600+ 8 7  Argentina
2018 II Cochabamba[6]  Bolivia Cancelled

Youth Games

Year Games Host City Host Country Opened by Dates Athletes Nations Sports Top medalling
2013 I Lima  Peru 20 September - 29 September 1200 14 19  Brazil
2017 II Santiago  Chile 29 September - 8 October 1279 14 20  Brazil
2021 III Rosario  Argentina

Beach Games

Year Games Host City Host Country Opened by Dates Athletes Nations Sports Top medalling
2009 I Punta del Este/Montevideo  Uruguay 3-13 December 12 9  Brazil
2011 II Manta  Ecuador 2-12 December 675 13 10  Brazil
2014 III Vargas  Venezuela 14-24 May 12 10  Venezuela
2017 - Pimentel  Peru Cancelled
2019 IV Rosario  Argentina 14-23 March 14 13  Argentina

All-time medal count

The total medal count for all the Games until 2018 is tabulated below. This table is sorted by the number of gold medals earned by each country. The number of silver medals is taken into consideration next, and then the number of bronze medals.

South American Games medal count
Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Argentina 884 761 727 2372
2  Brazil 739 601 551 1891
3  Venezuela 535 469 500 1504
4  Colombia 503 423 400 1326
5  Chile 354 455 536 1345
6  Peru 190 271 362 823
7  Ecuador 188 244 371 803
8  Uruguay 68 115 146 329
9  Bolivia 35 84 156 275
10  Paraguay 19 44 61 124
11  Panama 13 18 28 59
12  Suriname 9 3 12 24
13  Netherlands Antilles 7 7 17 31
14  Guyana 2 4 13 19
15  Aruba 0 4 14 18
Total 3546 3503 3894 10943


Disciplines from the same sport are grouped under the same color:

     Aquatics -      Cycling -      Football -      Gymnastics -      Roller sports -      Volleyball

Sport (discipline) Body 78 82 86 90 94 98 02 06 10 14 18
World South America
Diving Diving pictogram.svg FINA ASUA X X X X X
Open water swimming Open water swimming pictogram.svg X X X X
Swimming Swimming pictogram.svg X X X X X X X X X X
Synchronized swimming Synchronized swimming pictogram.svg X X X X X
Water polo Water polo pictogram.svg X X
Archery Archery pictogram.svg FITA AAF X X X X X X
Athletics Athletics pictogram.svg IAAF CONSUDATLE X X X X X X X X X X X
Badminton Badminton pictogram.svg BWF BPA X X X
Baseball Baseball pictogram.svg IBAF COPABE X X X X X
Basketball Basketball pictogram.svg FIBA ABASU X X X X X X
Basque pelota Basque pelota pictogram.svg FIPV X
Bocce Bocce pictogram.svg CMSB X
Bodybuilding Bodybuilding pictogram.svg IFBB IFBBSud America X
Bowling Bowling pictogram.svg FIQ PABCON X X X X X X X X X
Boxing Boxing pictogram.svg AIBA AMBC X X X X X X X X X X X
Canoeing Canoeing (flatwater) pictogram.svg ICF COPAC X X X X X X X
BMX racing Cycling (BMX) pictogram.svg UCI COPACI X X X X
Mountain biking Cycling (mountain biking) pictogram.svg X X X X X X
Road cycling Cycling (road) pictogram.svg X X X X X X X X X X X
Track cycling Cycling (track) pictogram.svg X X X X X X X X X X
Equestrian Equestrian pictogram.svg FEI PAEC X X X X X X
Fencing Fencing pictogram.svg FIE CPE X X X X X X X X X X X
Field hockey Field hockey pictogram.svg FIH PAHF X X X
Football Football pictogram.svg FIFA CONMEBOL X X X X X X X
Futsal Futsal pictogram.svg X X X X X X
Golf Golf pictogram.svg IGF FSG X X X
Artistic gymnastics Gymnastics (artistic) pictogram.svg FIG CONSUGI X X X X X X X X X X X
Rhythmic gymnastics Gymnastics (rhythmic) pictogram.svg X X X X X X X X
Trampoline Gymnastics (trampoline) pictogram.svg X
Handball Handball pictogram.svg IHF PATHF X X X X X
Judo Judo pictogram.svg IJF PJC X X X X X X X X X X X
Karate Karate pictogram.svg WKF PKF X X X X X X X
Modern pentathlon Modern pentathlon pictogram.svg UIPM X X
Racquetball Racquets pictogram.svg IRF PARC X X
Artistic roller skating Artistic roller skating pictogram.svg FIRS CPRS X X X X X X X
Roller hockey Roller hockey pictogram.svg X X
Roller speed skating Speed rolling pictogram.jpg X X X X X X X
Rowing Rowing pictogram.svg FISA X X X X X X X
Rugby sevens Rugby union pictogram.svg IRB CONSUR X X
Sailing Sailing pictogram.svg ISAF SASC X X X X X X X X X
Scuba diving Scuba.png X
Shooting Shooting pictogram.svg ISSF CAT X X X X X X X X X X X
Softball Softball pictogram.svg ISF CONPASA X X X
Squash Squash pictogram.svg WSF FPS X X
Table tennis Table tennis pictogram.svg ITTF LATTU X X X X X X X X X
Taekwondo Taekwondo pictogram.svg WTF PATU X X X X X X X X X
Tennis Tennis pictogram.svg ITF COSAT X X X X X X X X X X X
Triathlon Triathlon pictogram.svg ITU PATCO X X X X X X
Beach volleyball Volleyball (beach) pictogram.svg FIVB CSV X X X
Indoor volleyball Volleyball (indoor) pictogram.svg X X X X X
Water skiing Water skiing pictogram.svg IWWF IWWF Pan Am X X X X
Weightlifting Weightlifting pictogram.svg IWF PAWC X X X X X X X X X X X
Wrestling Wrestling pictogram.svg UWW CPLA X X X X X X X X X X X
Total events 171 249 193 260 296 357 380 463 486 317 373


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