Super Invader (video Game)
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Super Invader Video Game

Super Invader (also called Super Invasion and Apple Invader[3]) is a clone of Space Invaders, written by Japanese programmer M. Hata for the Apple II and published by Creative Computing Software.[4][5]


The game was released in November 1979, and by June 1982 had sold 20,000 copies to tie with Ultima and Castle Wolfenstein for seventh on Computer Gaming Worlds list of top sellers.[1] It received the award for "Most Popular Program of 1978-1980 for the Apple Computer" in a Softalk readers poll.[6] The magazine later described the game as the "progenitor of home arcades."[7]

Super Invader was also released as Cosmos Mission in September 1980 by California Pacific,[8] debuting at 24 on Softalk's list of bestselling Apple II software.[9]


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