Surudi Milli
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Surudi Milli
Surudi Milli
Tajik Anthem Music Sheet.InstrumentalSimple.svg

National anthem of Tajikistan
LyricsGulnazar Keldi
MusicSuleiman Yudakov, 1946
AdoptedSeptember 1994
Preceded by"State Anthem of the Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic"
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"Surudi Milli" (instrumental)

"Surudi Millí" (Tajik: , pronounced [su:d m?l'li:]; lit. 'National Anthem') is the national anthem of Tajikistan, officially adopted on 7 September 1994.[1]


Anthem of the Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic (Instrumental)
Tajikistan anthem (including lyrics)

Upon its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, Tajikistan retained the Soviet-era regional anthem, lyrics and all, as its national anthem for a time before replacing the lyrics in 1994.[2] This was in contrast to other former Soviet states like Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan that appropriated their old Soviet-era regional anthems as national ones but did so without the Soviet lyrics.

The lyrics were written by Gulnazar Keldi and the music was composed by Suleiman Yudakov, the same melody from the "State Anthem of the Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic".

The Cyrillic script is the only official script of the country and the Perso-Arabic script is not well known in the country itself and is just provided as a comparison to the Tajik language since it is a dialect of Persian.

Lyrics and translation

Official lyrics

Cyrillic script Transliteration IPA transcription

? ,
? , ? .
? ? , .

, ,

? ,
? , .

, ,

? ,
? ? ?,
? ? ?, ?.

, ,

Diyori arjmandi mo,
Ba baxti mo sari azizi tu baland bod,
Saodati tu, davlati tu begazand bod.
Zi duriyi zamonaho rasidayem,
Ba zeri parchami tu saf kashidayem, kashidayem.

Zinda bosh, ey Vatan,
Tojikistoni ozodi man!

Baroyi nomu nangi mo
Tu az umedi raftagoni mo nishonayí,
Tu bahri vorison jahoni jovidonayí,
Xazon namerasad ba navbahori tu,
Ki mazra'i vafo buvad kanori tu, kanori tu.

Zinda bosh, ey Vatan,
Tojikistoni ozodi man!

Tu modari yagonayí,
Baqoyi tu buvad baqoyi xonadoni mo,
Maromi tu buvad maromi jismu joni mo,
Zi tu saodati abad nasibi most,
Tu hastivu hama jahon habibi most, habibi most.

Zinda bosh, ey Vatan,
Tojikistoni ozodi man!

[dj: a?dmand m: |]
[ba ba?t m: sa ?azi:z? tu: baland? b:d? |]
[sa:d?at tu: | d?avlat tu: be?gazand? b:d? ?]
[z? d?u:j? zam:nah: rai:d?aje?m |]
[ba ze p?a?tam? tu: saf k?a?i:d?aje?m | k?a?i:d?aje?m ?]

[z?nd?a b:? | e?j vatan |]
[t?:di:kst?:n? :z:d man ?]

[ba:j? n:m? na?g? m:]
[tu: az ?me?d raftag:n? m: n?:nají: |]
[tu: bah v:s:n dah:n? d?:v?d:nají: |]
[?az:n nameasad? ba navbah: tu: |]
[k maz?a vaf: b?vad? k?an: tu: | k?an: tu]

[z?nd?a b:? | e?j vatan |]
[t?:di:kst?:n? :z:d man ?]

[tu: m:d?a jag:nají: |]
[baq:j? tu: b?vad? baq:j? :nad:n? m: |]
[ma:m? tu: b?vad? ma:m? dsmu d?:n? m: |]
[z? tu: sa:d?at abad? nasi:b? m:st |]
[tu: hastv? hama dah:n habi:b? m:st | habi:b? m:st ?]

[z?nd?a b:? | e?j vatan |]
[t?:di:kst?:n? :z:d man ?]

English translation

Our country so beloved,
Happy we are to see thy dignity.
Let thy joy and prosperity fore'er be.
For aeons have we new horizons reached;
Together aligned we stand under thy flag - under thy flag.

Long live my homeland,
My free Tajikistan!

Thou art our symbol tribal,
Thou showest us our hope of the departed,
Thou art for thy sons a world eternal,
Thy spring shall ne'er fade away,
We shall continue to remain loyal to thee - loyal to thee.

Long live my homeland,
My free Tajikistan!

Thou art a mother of us all,
Thou 'long with thy future are our future,
Thine essence is the essence of our bodies and souls,
Thou giv'st us amaranthine happiness,
Because of thee, Tajikistan, we love the world - love the world.

Long live my homeland,
My free Tajikistan!


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