Tae' Language
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Tae' Language
Basa Tae'
Native toIndonesia
EthnicityBugis Luwu
Native speakers
1,000,000 (2010 Census)[1]
Language codes

Tae' is a language spoken in Tana Luwu (Land of Luwu). It is an Austronesian language of Sulawesi, Indonesia, and one of the languages of the ten tribes that inhabit Tana Luwu, South Sulawesi.[] The Tae' language is used by most of the inhabitants of the four districts of Tana Luwu: Luwu, North Luwu, Luwu Timur, and Palopo town. Tae' is part of the South Sulawesi group of languages. It is closely related to Toraja, and more distantly to Mandar, Massenrempulu, and Mamuju. Tae' is used as a lingua franca from south of the border with Buriko Kabupatan Wajo to Malili East Luwu regency, as well as in Tana Toraja and Massenrempulu.

Since Islam as the official religion in official United Luwu, Luwu Government has made Buginese the language of introduction and Tae' is the language in everyday situations.


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